Apple Watch Strap How And How To Clean It

Apple Watch Strap How And How To Clean It

A wristwatch these days is more a fashion accessory than a device showing the exact time. And even this fact applies fully to smart watches. Because of their appearance, manufacturers pay no less (and sometimes more) attention (and money) than functionality, reliability, and other no less practical parameters. Apple Watch is one of the most illustrative examples of this.

I must say that most of the users themselves also prefer that their smart watches also look beautiful and / or at least neat as long as possible.

Therefore, the user constantly wipes the case and screen of their Apple Watch, sometimes gives the watch for polishing, if there are a lot of scratches on them, less often changes the protective glass if it is covered with completely “terrible” scratches or cracks.

In fact, the Apple Watch, like any other mobile device that is actively used every day, and like any wristwatch that is worn daily, very quickly become a real magnet for various unpleasant substances, colloquially referred to as dirt. And if their case and screen can be put in order, as a rule, you can simply use a damp cloth, then in most cases cleaning the strap is a little more complicated.

But the dirty spots on the strap of Apple Watch cool spoil the look of smart watches. And light straps get dirty, especially white and green sports, unfortunately, quickly. On white, sometimes even spots and blue scuffs simply remain from jeans. And not all of them are then obtained with ordinary water and soap.

In this regard, we will tell you about how to clean the strap of Apple Watch. So:

clean the Apple Watch strap. a basic level: water and soap

Yes, it is ordinary warm water and the most ordinary soap. The method, to put it mildly, is not entirely high-tech, but still effective for cleaning straps made of polymer materials. And to improve manufacturability, soap can be replaced with dishwashing detergent. Pour a warm soap solution of moderate concentration (it is better to use a detergent with a detergent, it is better not to use the concentrate), pour it into any container of suitable size, immerse the Apple Watch strap in it, leave it for half an hour or an hour, then wash it with your hands or some clean rag, rinse under tap and let dry.

“Difficult” spots are unlikely to be cleaned, we will have another method for them, however, the soap and water that accumulated on the strap removes soap and water very well.

Clean Apple Watch Strap. Level 2: Magic eraser

But there is a nuance: this very foamed polyethylene during friction behaves like sandpaper of very fine grain size. Therefore, you should erase stains with this tool very carefully so as not to leave extra scratches and scuffs on the strap. In addition, you will also have to be patient. the whole procedure may take some time.

clean the Apple Watch bracelet

The branded Milanese Loop bracelet (also known as Milanese mesh) is also recommended to be washed and cleaned with soapy water with preliminary soaking. After the dirt that has accumulated in the net, gets a little wet, you can wash it off either simply with your fingers or with a soft toothbrush.

clean leather strap Apple Watch

Leather straps of even ordinary watches, even smart watches, always require special care. They should never be completely immersed in water, nor can household detergents, including kitchen detergents, be used to clean them (when dried, they often dry the skin and spoil it). Use only a mild soap solution, only a cosmetic soap with moisturizing properties (you can use regular baby soap), and even better, a special solution for skin care products.

No pre-soaking. Gently wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the strap with a damp cloth moistened in a prepared soap solution, then another cloth moistened with warm clean water, remove soap from the strap, then wipe the skin dry with another clean and dry cloth, and leave the Apple Watch strap in a warm, dry place for final drying.

Also recall that if you often have to wear your Apple Watch on a leather strap in adverse conditions for it, then you should think about a strap made of a material that is more resistant to external influences: rubber, nylon, etc.