Apple Watch Series 5 What’s New

WatchOS 5 will soon be available for all owners of compatible Apple Watch. Let’s find out what innovations and useful functions this operating system will receive.

Apple Watch Series 5 What's New

Unfortunately, owners of the original Apple Watch will not be able to update on WatchOS 5. Support for the new operating system begins with the Apple Watch Series 1.

So what’s new?

  • The new Podcasts app debuted on the Apple Watch. Now, in order to start listening to broadcasts, an iPhone nearby is optional. The program is completely autonomous and has the same functions as on iOS-devices.
  • Earlier it was necessary to say “Hello Siri” to contact the voice assistant. Thanks to the Raise-to-Speak function, this is no longer necessary. Just raise your hand and voice your request. The Siri dial has also gained new opportunities. the voice assistant continuously studies what you do during the day in order to further offer quick access to those functions or programs that you use most often. On top of that, Siri has learned to interact with third-party programs.
  • The application for sports has also been updated. Apple Watch can now automatically start the workout process, allowing you to more accurately track your performance. New training modes have been added, such as Yoga and Walking. Also featured was the “Competition” feature, which allows you to arrange competitions between friends.
  • WatchOS 5 introduces the new Walkie-Talkie feature. This is a kind of “walkie-talkie.” At least it works on the same principle.
  • Added support for WebKit, which allows you to browse websites directly on the Apple Watch.
  • WatchOS 5 has borrowed one of the useful features of iOS 12. notification grouping.
  • Do Not Disturb mode has been updated. An option has been added that allows you to schedule automatic on and off mode.
  • It is now possible to respond to notifications received right on the home screen without going into applications.

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