Apple Watch cellular countries. Apple Watch cellular countries

Getting started with cellular on an Apple Watch

To use your Apple Watch with cellular on the SaskTel network, you’ll need:

  • Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, or Apple Watch SE (2022) with cellular AND
  • iPhone 8 or later with iOS 16 or later
  • See Updating the iOS software on your iPhone
  • Apple Watch series 7 with cellular AND
  • iPhone 6s or later with the latest iOS version
  • See Updating the iOS software on your iPhone
  • Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE (1st generation) with cellular AND
  • iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14 or later
  • See Updating the iOS software on your iPhone

The latest version of watchOS on the Apple Watch

The latest SaskTel carrier settings (SaskTel 45.1 or later) on the phone

  • You can accept the carrier update when prompted or you can update your phone before starting the activation steps below
  • See Update your carrier settings on your iPhone (Apple Support)

A postpaid rate plan with voice and data (such as Unlimited plans) on the phone

A data plan for the Apple Watch

To use your Apple Watch for calls and text messages while travelling, pair the watch with your iPhone using Bluetooth (instead of cellular). With a Bluetooth connection, both devices must be near each other. Use our travel tool to learn about charges while roaming.

Optional: If you (the wireless account holder) don’t have a mySASKTEL profile, we suggest you register for mySASKTEL with your wireless account before starting the activation steps below.

Without a mySASKTEL profile, you’ll need to call 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835) (sales and billing hours, menu options) to pre-authorize the activation.

Setting up your Apple Watch

If you already have an Apple Watch paired with your phone, you can skip this part and go straight to Activating cellular on your Apple Watch. below.

For a new Apple Watch, follow the steps in Set up your Apple Watch (Apple Support).

  • You can set up cellular in step 8 of setting up your watch or at a later time
  • When you’re ready to set up cellular, follow the activation steps below

Activating cellular on your Apple Watch

For a new Apple Watch or one you’ve been using without cellular:

  • Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone meet all of the requirements listed at the top of this page.
  • Follow steps 1 to 3 in Set up cellular on Apple Watch (Apple Support).
  • Where it says, Follow the instructions for your carrier, follow the steps below
  • Start the activation.
  • Click Start
  • If the activation is pre-authorized, you’ll go straight to Available Plans (step 5)
  • Log in to mySASKTEL.
  • Enter your mySASKTEL username and password and click Log in
  • Ask the account holder to call 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835) (sales and billing hours, menu options) to authorize the activation and data plan for the watch, then
  • Start the activation process again
  • Buy a data plan for the watch.
  • Click Buy
  • You must subscribe to a data plan to use cellular features on the Apple Watch
  • Agree to the Wireless Terms of Service.
  • Read the terms and click Agree
  • Finish the activation.
  • You should see the message, Your smartwatch is now fully activated on the SaskTel network.
  • Click Done
  • If there’s a problem, see Getting help and more information below
  • Using your Apple Watch with cellular

    • Voice calls
    • SMS/MMS messaging (regular text and picture/video messaging)
    • iMessage (messages between your Apple Watch and other Apple devices)

    Getting help and more information

    If you need help with activating cellular on your watch, call 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835) (sales and billing hours, menu options).


    • If you get an error during the activation process, see Troubleshooting Apple Watch error codes
    • If you see the message, No cellular, see Troubleshooting no cellular on your Apple Watch
    • If you’re having problems with phone calls, see Troubleshooting phone calls on your Apple Watch

    The cellular functions on your Apple Watch will only work when you’re in Canada.

    For more help with your Apple Watch, see Apple Support:

    SaskTel does not currently support Family Setup for the Apple Watch.

    Apple, AppleCare, Apple TV, App Store, Apple Watch, AirPlay, Beats, FaceTime, HomePod, iCloud, iMessage, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes, Mac Mail, Mac OS X, and Safari are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries.

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    Is Apple Watch Cellular worth it: going without iPhone

    From Series 3, there are two versions of the Apple Watch – the GPS version, and the GPSCellular version. Apple Watch Cellular lets you use text messages, make phone calls and receive notifications and more without having iPhone nearby. It also costs more than GPS version. So, lets find out: is Apple Watch Cellular worth it?

    What’s the main point of Apple Watch Cellular?

    Both versions let you use text messages, make phone calls, receive notifications, and many more. The Apple Watch GPS version does that while being connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

    On the other hand, the Apple Watch GPSCellular version, often called only Apple Watch Cellular, can also connect to the cellular network. This lets you do text messaging, phone calls and receive notifications without an iPhone nearby. While it still needs an iPhone to work, it enables you to spend part of your life phoneless.

    Smartphones like the iPhone make our lives easier. They enable us to take photos, order stuff online, do mobile banking, surf the Internet, communicate with other people, and do many other activities wherever we want. But they also hamper our daily life because we have to carry them everywhere, even if it is not practical. over, they offer lots of features that make us addicted to our phones. Here comes the Apple Watch GPSCellular. It enables us to use many features available on the iPhone while still spending time without it nearby. As the Cellular version costs more than the GPS-only version, there are more things to consider whether to get the Cellular version. Also check out how Apple Watch can improve your productivity further in Apple Watch Productivity Hacks: replace iPhone for productivity.

    How does Apple Cellular work?

    The advantage of the Apple Watch GPS Cellular is that it can make phone calls, use text messages, and get notifications without having an iPhone nearby. This is for people who don’t want to carry an iPhone all the time but want to stay connected.

    Apple Watch GPSCellular can also connect to the cellular network. It has to have the same mobile carrier as your iPhone. Therefore, the most important thing before getting an Apple Watch is to check whether your local mobile carriers support Apple Watch cellular service. It’s also very important to check their offers in detail. Otherwise, you might get an Apple Watch GPSCellular over the cheaper Apple Watch GPS version, but connecting to cellular networks won’t work.

    Also, not all mobile carriers support the cellular feature, and in some countries, this functionality isn’t supported at all. The Apple Watch GPSCellular will still work with an iPhone, but won’t be able to connect to cellular networks. So, before getting an Apple Watch GPSCellular version, check if your desired mobile carrier supports it. Or you can also find another mobile carrier that supports Apple Watch, and switch to using their service.

    Apple Watch Cellular uses an additional eSim card that’s inserted into an Apple Watch. Again, some mobile carriers may support eSim but not eSim for Apple Watch. Make sure to check with the carrier.

    Many carriers also have limitations on Apple Watch for only specific users. This will often only be available to users who have a contract with the carrier. Furthermore, it will often be an extra cost monthly, in addition to your existing phone bill. The Apple Watch Cellular also uses data, so any cellular data used will often come out of your iPhone cellular plan. As previously mentioned, how Apple Watch Cellular is handled differs from carrier to carrier, and from country to country. So make sure to check that out before getting the watch.

    Furthermore, there are things to consider about international travel and using Apple Watch cellular service abroad. So far, most testimonies on the internet point out that using Apple Watch cellular service abroad, while in roaming, won’t work at all.

    Is Apple Watch Cellular worth it?

    Apple Watch GPSCellular is more expensive than the Apple Watch GPS version. So the question is – is Apple Watch Cellular worth it? Here are some benefits and disadvantages of getting the Cellular version:

    • Apple Watch Cellular isn’t supported by all mobile carriers. Your iPhone and Apple Watch need to have the same carrier for the watch to connect to the cellular network. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use cellular functionality on the Apple Watch.
    • Apple Watch Cellular will often be an extra monthly cost. Many carriers charge a fee every month for using cellular connectivity on Apple Watch, in addition to your usual phone bill.
    • Having an Apple Watch Cellular means not carrying your iPhone all the time. You can leave your iPhone at home, but still stay connected. This is the main reason why most people get the Cellular version.
    • Some people bring their iPhones everywhere regardless. In that case, they probably won’t use cellular connectivity on Apple Watch often. The extra cost of having a cellular feature isn’t worth it for them.
    • It’s useful if you do activities where you want to leave your phone behind, like running, biking, or dog walking. In that way, you are still able to stay connected. You can also stream music while exercising.
    • Some people get a Cellular version for emergency purposes in case of losing or breaking their phone. They can still make calls and text, and call emergency services without a phone nearby.
    • Apple Watch Cellular can’t replace your iPhone. You will still need your phone to make phone calls in a loud environment, do online banking, and do other stuff that’s easier to do on the phone.
    • Later cellular models of the Apple Watch Cellular have a Family Setup feature. This enables you to manage an Apple Watch for family members who don’t own an iPhone, like children or the elderly. They can use their watch to call emergency services and communicate with others. You can also track their location, health, and many other things. Of course, you still need your own iPhone to set up and manage the watches.
    • Some people get Apple Watch Cellular to curb their phone addiction. Not having a phone near you at all times means less mindless scrolling, and paying more attention to your surroundings and loved ones. Meanwhile, having an Apple Watch Cellular means they can still stay connected, stream music and enjoy many other benefits of owning a smartphone.

    Apple Watch с LTE в Украине

    Apple Watch GPS vs Apple Watch GPSCellular difference

    Apple Watch GPS vs Apple Watch GPSCellular comparison table

    Apple Watch Cellular battery life

    Many users of Apple Watch Cellular report their experiences regarding battery life. There are a few general conclusions to draw from that.

    When cellular service is turned on, the battery drains faster on Apple Watch Cellular. It should last roughly 18 hours, according to Apple battery tests. When Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone, the battery drains slower.

    But, if you use it heavily for a few hours, expect it to drain most of your battery. Heavy usage includes activities like streaming music or podcasts, making phone calls, navigation, etc. However, enough battery juice should remain for the rest of the day.

    So, expect the Apple Watch Cellular battery life to last all day without charging. This stands under the condition that you’re not using it heavily all the time. And that you only have a few hours of heavy usage. However, if you use it heavily for more than a few hours, expect that you will need to charge it. Read here about Apple Watch battery tests for more detail.

    Listening to music and podcasts on Apple Watch Cellular

    You can stream music and podcasts from streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) on Apple Watch Cellular on a cellular connection. That means that you can stream music without your iPhone nearby. For headphones, Apple Watch can pair with Bluetooth headphones wirelessly. It’s good to get headphones with a built-in microphone, as taking calls and talking to Siri is easier. And if you want to learn more about listening to music without smartphone, you can check our article about it.

    Check out the rest of articles about using Apple Watch to get rid of iPhone addiction, and decrease excessive internet and social media consumption. But still use the Apple Watch for actually useful functions (like navigation, communication, notifications, music and more) without relying on the iPhone:Can you use Apple Watch offline?Can Apple Watch battery survive a hiking trip?Use Apple Watch for camping

    Apple Watch Cellular Vs GPS – What’s the Difference?

    Apple watches have created a lot of buzz in the wearable market, with new versions popping out every year. Each watch is packed with new features making it an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. We currently have seven released generations of this wearable gadget.

    But a lot of users get confused when asked which version to buy? Do we get the GPS-only version or the GPS Cellular version?

    Do not worry; once you understand the core difference between the two, selecting a version is easy. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you want from the watch.

    Apple Watch Cellular Vs GPS – What’s the Difference?

    We will jump straight into the core difference and discuss a few of its differences in variation. By the time you finish this article, you will know all that there is to know about GPS and cellular.

    Core Difference

    The core difference between these two variants is “CONNECTIVITY.”

    • Can connect to a network when the iPhone is in proximity.
    • Can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
    • Can connect to the internet via a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone.
    • Can connect to a network without having an iPhone nearby through its independent cellular feature.
    • Can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
    • Can connect to the internet via Bluetooth to your phone.

    So, what does this mean? With a cellular version, you could leave your iPhone at your home and still receive calls, texts, SMS, notifications, stream Apple music, podcasts, etc.

    This action is possible through e-SIM. The e-SIM is not a physical Simcard, so please do not get confused. It is a functionality activated by the carrier service that allows a mobile data plan without a physical SIM.

    The cellular feature comes in handy for people who constantly forget their phones. It is also beneficial for people who like to jog and exercise without a chunk of hardware in their s.

    We don’t know about you guys, but we hate when the phone tugs on our shorts when we jog. It is also a great benefit when surfing.

    Most of the same features are possible in the GPS versions but only when your iPhone is near. The GPS watch must be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to send receive text messages, receive notifications, etc.

    So, it’s all about the watch able to use its functions with or without an iPhone nearby.

    The built-in GPS of the GPS-only version will still work for distance, pace, and route mapping during workouts.

    Still confused? Think of Cellular as having a separate small phone. You can use its features by using the data when not connected to the phone or Wi-Fi.

    Now that we know how these two watches differ fundamentally, we can delve into other features that set these versions apart.

    Please remember that the features of these watches are available according to the country. Apple may not support all features in your particular country. Check Apple’s list before purchasing the watches.

    apple, watch, cellular, countries

    Family Setup

    Family setup lets you set up Apple watches for family members that do not have their own iPhone but still want to use an Apple Watch. They can make calls, send messages, and share location with the parent iPhone used to set up their Apple watches.

    Other features include more toward health fitness, Apple cash family, school time restrictions, etc.

    The Apple watches also get a separate phone number through a separate cellular plan. The family setup feature is only available on Apple Watch cellular versions.

    Apple provides family setup features under the following conditions:

    • The watches should be Apple Watch four or later versions with Cellular
    • The watches need an Operating system of seven or higher.
    • The iPhone should be the 6s or later versions with iOS 14 or later. (OS 15 or later for series 7)
    • The watches need to be in a family sharing group where the person with the iPhone will be the organizer in that group.

    However, the following apps and features may not be available for family members who do not have their own iPhones.

    • Respiratory rate
    • Irregular heart rhythm notifications
    • ECG
    • Cycle Tracking
    • Blood Oxygen
    • Podcasts
    • Remote
    • New
    • Home Shortcuts

    Lastly, this family setup feature is not available in all countries or regions. Remember to check with the Apple website if this feature is the sole reason you plan to buy the Cellular version.

    Carriers such as AT T, Sprint, Verizon, Xfinity, and T-Mobile currently support cellular versions in the USA. Be sure to check with your carrier before purchasing the cellular version.

    Price Point

    Since the cellular version provided an extra benefit, it’s normal for that version to be more expensive. Currently, you will find the GPS Cellular version to be 100 more costly during purchase. Consider this price difference just for the watches.

    The may change according to the type of case you want to buy. You will also have to factor in the network subscription that allows the cellular feature. The network will depend on the carrier and its subscription plans.

    The carrier generally average around 5-15 per month. Remember to check if your carrier supports Apple watches before buying the device.

    If you buy cellular watches from dealers, they will probably give you a contract. Remember to read the fine print. The agreement will have the carrier charges listed.

    These charges also renew automatically after the stated time, meaning it will keep deducting money until you cancel the service.

    They do not tell you that these services do come with an early termination fee written in the fine print. Do not skim read the contract.

    Case Materials

    In terms of the case, Apple provides the following options:

    We are currently at series 7 of the Apple Watch generation. If you plan to buy a GPS version, you are limited to aluminum in case materials. If you want the GPS Cellular version, you get options for all three types of case materials.

    Red Crown

    All current cellular Apple Watch versions have a red crown. That means the circular dial at the side of the watch has either a full red circle or a border of a red circle. This design is a key difference in how you identify the cellular capabilities of the watch.

    Audio Playback

    If you are playing audio from your Apple Watch, there is a slight difference between the two versions. Both GPS only and cellular versions provide around 11 hours of audio playback when using internal Apple Watch storage.

    But, with Cellular, you get an option of playing up to 8 hours of audio playback by streaming playlists when using an independent cellular network of the watch.

    To use the full benefits of Apple music, you will have to purchase a subscription. Once the trial ends, features like offline listening, track skipping, and music recommendation will be limited.

    Workout Mode

    Apple watches have workout mode features in the device. In terms of battery life when using indoor workout, it’s the same 11 hours on both versions of Apple watches. This estimate applies when the watch is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

    How Apple Watch Cellular Works

    You will find roughly an hour’s difference when using this on outdoor workouts. The newest series seven gets about 7 hours on the GPS only version and 6 hours on the cellular version. The difference isn’t that noticeable.

    If you ask us, both battery life estimates in workout modes are very low and wouldn’t be practical in the case of long-distance marathons, cross-country rides, etc.

    Battery Life

    With the newest series 7 version, the GPS-only watch includes a connection to an iPhone via Bluetooth for 18 hours. This estimate is the same for the cellular version except when used purely as a cellular device. It includes 4 hours of LTE connection and 14 hours over Bluetooth connection.

    However, battery life will also depend on usability. The device running a lot of apps might drain the battery life quicker.

    Should We Get the GPS or Cellular Version?

    Now that we know what differences these two versions have, which one should you buy? Ask yourself the following questions.

    • Do I always carry my iPhone with me?
    • Am I okay to pay extra carrier charges every month?
    • Am I Okay with paying an additional 100 just for the independent network feature?
    • Am I planning to set up Apple watches for the whole family?

    If you always have your phone with you and plan to use an Apple Watch only for yourself, we recommend the GPS version.

    If you like leaving your phone but still want the ability to call someone independently, SMS, listen to podcast/Apple music, etc., then Cellular is the way to go.

    Also, remember if you are a family person and want to hook up everyone with one irrespective of them owning iPhone, the cellular version might be the only option.

    Lastly, a 100 plus carrier and termination fees are a choice you will have to make.

    I am always curious about the progression of technology and have a knack for hardware. There is a kind of satisfaction when you fix issues by yourself. From Software to Hardware, I love fixing any errors. Nothing beats the crescendo of everything working together to form a computer system.

    How To Get Apple Watch 3 Cellular To Your Country

    During the 2017 Apple Keynote, Apple introduced a new version of Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 3 with the support of Cellular network in addition to the expected iPhones. The LTE-supported version, however, has only begun to enter the market in recent weeks. Currently, it can be purchased in 16 countries (their list and operators can be found on the official Apple website).

    If your country is not on this list, we have good news for you. If you can not wait for the new Apple Watch 3 with LTE, you can order them with our Shop For Me service. How to do it? We’ll explain it to you right now.

    Would you like rather an iPhone than Apple Watch? Check our article, where to buy one.

    Step 1: Sign Up With Planet Express

    If you do not already have an account with us, go to our registration page. After confirming your email address, you will be asked to pay a 5 deposit. This deposit is used to prevent fraudsters. You will get the US address and also the possibility to add a Shop For Me requests.

    Step 2: Place Shop For Me Order For Apple Watch 3 With LTE

    We recommend that you order watches from the official US Apple website. Here is how to order from However, you can find the Watch at Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy too.

    Step 3: Wait For The Delivery And Send The Watch To Your Home Address

    As soon as the package from arrives in our warehouse, we will send you an email. Then, just fill in the customs declaration and choose the delivery method to your home address. Check our video on how to ship a package:

    Apple Watch 3 FAQs

    Good question. It depends on mobile operators in your country. The point is whether they have prepared eSIM cards or not. Simply put, Apple Watch 3 Cellular will work just like any other model of Apple Watch, except that you will not be able to use cellular features (calling directly from your watch, sending SMS messages, etc.) in the absence of an eSIM card.

    The are several reasons:– You can save a few dozens to a hundred of dollars (especially due to the absence of the third-party merchant margin).– You avoid shop queues in the early days after release.– You’ll probably have a watch sooner than your friends.

    The delivery time depends mainly on the delivery method and the place where the package has to be sent. To estimate the delivery time and the shipping cost, please use our postage calculator.

    Will my Apple Watch work abroad?

    LTE cellular is the big feature in the new Apple Watch Series 3, but you might get a shock when you try to use it abroad. We investigate the Apple Watch’s roaming limitations.

    Apple’s latest iteration of the Apple Watch comes with the option of LTE cellular capabilities. In many ways, this can free the device from needing an iPhone, and finally make it the kind of companion that it always promised to be.

    But what if you’re travelling to other countries? Will those 4G-enabled features still be available? We take a look at whether your Apple Watch Series 3 will work abroad.

    No roaming for UK customers

    The bad news is that if you’re a UK customer intending to buy an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, then you won’t be able to use the cellular capabilities once you leave this green and pleasant land.

    At the moment EE is the only carrier that offers a cellular plan for Apple Watch 3 (this costs an additional £5 for EE customers after the first six months on top of their normal iPhone tariff, or you can get a separate contract at £25 per month and get the watch free or at a reduced price), and if you read through the various terms conditions on its site you’ll find a few clues.

    At the bottom of the page that outlines all the various wonderful things you can do with the new Apple Watch 3, there’s some small print. In here is a line which states “Roaming is not available outside your carrier network coverage area.”

    Now you might think that this would be covered by the EU regulation that prevents companies from charging for roaming within the European Union.

    Indeed, another line in the terms suggests this, as it states that “All plans from 15th June 2017 have EU roaming data included.”

    But it seems that this refers to the iPhone contract rather than the add-on for the Apple Watch.

    Confirmation can be found in the ‘Legal Bit’ section on the Apple Watch 3 page, where it states categorically that ‘Data is UK use only’.

    Whether this is a technical restriction, or something to do with deals Apple has struck with carriers is unclear. Perhaps EE could have done a little more to highlight the limitation.

    So, it won’t work at all?

    You will still be able to piggyback on the back of your iPhone, in the same way that anyone with a non-LTE Apple Watch can do.

    All the standard Apple Watch features will continue to work as well, it’s just the LTE-enabled activities such as streaming music and taking phone calls that will be curtailed unless you carry your iPhone.

    What about the rest of the world?

    Several news outlets have confirmed that it’s the same story wherever the Apple Watch 3 is sold. Apparently, the devices are tied to their country of origin, so American ones won’t work in Mexico, German ones won’t work in the UK, and so on.

    Therefore, it’s vitally important that you don’t pick one up while you’re travelling or on holiday. Because when you return you’ll most likely find that it won’t work on the LTE services at home.

    It’s a shame, as the Apple Watch 3 is a great device, and the LTE features do take the whole experience up a level. But for now, it looks like freedom is a little more limited than some of the posters and adverts suggest.