Apple watch 5 which iPhone works with

Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 5

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 5 with an always-on Retina display. This display never goes out, so you can find out the time and other important information at any time without raising your wrist or touching the screen. New geolocation features. from the built-in compass to the ability to determine the height above sea level. allow you to better navigate the area throughout the day. And Emergency Calling Abroad1 lets you call emergency services directly from your Apple Watch with Cellular in over 150 countries, even if you don’t have an iPhone.

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Apple Watch Series 5 is available in a variety of materials: aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. There is also a new titanium model. The powerful watchOS 6 operating system helps you stay fit and healthy with apps like Cycle Tracker, Activity Trends and Noise.

Always-on Retina display

Apple Watch Series 5 features an innovative display that shows the time and other important information at all times. All watch faces are optimized for the new display and save battery power. When the user lowers his hand, the screen brightness decreases, and when he lifts his hand or touches the display, the dial is displayed at maximum brightness. This is made possible by the use of several advanced technologies at once, such as a unique low temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display, a reduced power driver, an efficient power management system and a new ambient light sensor. The combination of advanced hardware and sophisticated software enables Apple Watch Series 5 to run for 18 hours on a single charge.2

Updated geolocation features in Apple Watch Series 5 help you better navigate the area all day long. The new built-in compass and the updated Maps application allow the wearer to determine which direction of the world he is currently facing. With the new Compass app in Apple Watch Series 5, you can determine your heading, slope, latitude and longitude, and altitude. Users can even add one of three compass extensions to the watch face to determine the direction by looking at the watch.

Emergency calls abroad

Apple has taken additional measures to help keep users safe while traveling. Now, owners of Apple Watch Series 5 models with cellular functionality can call emergency services even when they are abroad. In this case, it does not matter in which country the device was purchased and whether a cellular tariff plan is selected. Overseas emergency calls are also used by Fall Detection, if enabled. The watch can automatically call the emergency service if the wearer falls and remains motionless for more than a minute.

WatchOS 6 introduces additional features to help you stay fit and healthy. The new Cycle Tracker app stores menstrual data and predicts the start of a new cycle and fertility window.3 The Noise app monitors ambient noise levels, such as during a concert or sports match, and alerts you when the volume is too high. The Activity Trends iPhone app lets you view your long-term performance and measure your progress. New dynamic watch faces in watchOS 6, such as Meridian, Modular (Compact), and Solar (Divide), can be customized to your liking to make it easier to access your favorite apps.

Apple introduces a new titanium case. This material is traditionally used for the production of luxury watches. Titanium has a high specific strength and is lighter than stainless steel. Titanium models are available in two colors. The model in a natural color is coated with a special compound that prevents the metal from yellowing and protects against the appearance of stains. And to achieve the color “black space” is possible with the help of a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC).

The range continues to include the classic stainless steel models in gold, silver and space gray. And the aluminum cases in the same colors now use only recycled aluminum from the 7000 series. This fall, the luxury white ceramic case will also be available for sale with scratch-resistant properties. In addition, Apple is releasing a new sports bracelet and a variety of new colors of bands to match all Apple Watch models.

The Apple Watch Nike has a new watch face inspired by the classic Nike Windrunner Jacket, Nike Sport Bands in new colors and a reflective Nike Sport Bracelet. Several new bands have also been created for the Apple Watch Hermès. Last year, straps with combinations of contrasting colors were very popular, so this year there are similar models with a new print. Della Cavalleria. Alternatively, you can create an all-black combination with an exclusive Hermès dial.

What brushes are

The Foreo LUNA fofo sonic brush is a great option for traveling and getting to know the brand’s brushes. It is made of medical grade silicone with an antibacterial effect. With two types of bristles, the device can both simply massage the skin and effectively cleanse the pores.

Special sensors are covered with gold and analyze the condition of the skin. from general parameters to the age of the skin and the degree of its hydration. The data is transferred to the mobile application, where it is also possible to change the vibration level. The brush is compatible with smartphones on iOS and Android, connects via Bluetooth and runs on two AAA batteries.

Due to its small size, Foreo LUNA Play Plus is an excellent option for travel. it is only slightly larger than a cotton pad. Bristles of different sizes are capable of vibrating at a speed of 8,000 pulsations per minute. wrinkles and pores will definitely not stand this. This means the skin will not see acne for a very long time.

Due to its anatomical shape, the brush is convenient to use even on an airplane or train, while it works with just one AAA battery. Just a minute of this massage will be enough to cleanse pores and improve blood circulation.

Foreo. beauty gadgets that work with iPhone

The world of modern gadgets is not limited to smartwatches and smart home accessories. Strong changes have also affected the beauty industry, where a real revolution has taken place over the past few years. various devices for skin care have appeared, which are much cooler than “cucumber masks”, believe me. And one of the innovators in this industry was Foreo.

If you’ve leafed through glossy magazines lately, you’ve probably seen a mention of this manufacturer. Beauty bloggers are delighted with Foreo sonic brushes for face and teeth, and girls dream of getting at least a younger model as soon as possible. What is the reason for this excitement? Let’s try to figure it out.

In general, sonic brushes work according to a fairly simple principle: with the help of frequent long-term vibrations, they massage the skin of the face, improving blood circulation, smoothing wrinkles and unclogging pores. Previously, only beauty salons offered such a procedure, but now anyone can get such a device and use it right at home or even at work. With sonic brushes, you can not only make the skin smooth and even, but also prevent acne and reduce the number of dead cells. But most importantly, the brushes remove dirt and grease from the face, which are enough in a modern metropolis (when washing in the evening, this is especially noticeable).

Foreo itself has been on the market for more than 5 years, and during this time its sonic brushes have made a splash, not only among girls and fashion magazines, but even men. And what, men’s skin is prone to the appearance of acne no less, and the appearance of wrinkles would like to be delayed up to 50 years. The Foreo assortment has a device that can determine the type of skin, as well as models that can be selected for a specific skin type to take care of her properly.

Not just for girls

Foreo LUNA 2 has a slightly larger size and the ability to adjust the vibration intensity using the buttons located near the power button. The brushes pulsate in accordance with T-Sonic technology, which speeds up cell metabolism and removes toxins from the face. Sonic technology removes 98.5% of dirt, grease, helps to reduce the appearance of pores, blackheads and acne. Anti-Aging Mode smoothes wrinkles and allows the beneficial elements to be absorbed better. The built-in battery provides 450 sessions on a full charge. Brushes differ in color for a reason: for example, for sensitive and dry skin, the manufacturer recommends a blue brush. The pink device can be used for normal skin, green for oily skin.

By the way, this model also has a special version for men. Foreo LUNA 2 for men, which not only cleanses the face, but also prepares the skin for shaving so that there is no irritation. The best effect can be achieved if a balm is used during the massage. LUNA 2 for men is specially designed for oily male skin and has a different structure.

With more compact sizes, there are LUNA mini 2 and LUNA mini 2 for men, which are exact copies of older models, while LUNA mini 2 for men can be used for any skin type. The compact device will work up to 5 months from a full charge, you can take it with you on trips and business trips.

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Foreo toothbrushes

Yes, the company produces not only brushes for the face, but also for teeth. for example, model ISSA 2. This is the coolest of the manufacturer’s brushes: 11,000 pulsations per minute, silicone and PBT polymer bristles for maximum cleaning and whitening of teeth, but most importantly. one charge of the device is enough for a YEAR of use. The brush provides a deep and gentle cleaning and massage of the gums and has soft bristles for use by both adults and children.

The brush head does not need to be replaced frequently; depending on the intensity of use, it can be used for up to 6 months. Plus there is a regulated ripple. as many as 16 options. Thanks to the medical grade silicone, bacteria cannot grow on the brush. This brush is also waterproof. you can brush your teeth while you shower. Very comfortably.

A simplified version of the ISSA 2 is the Foreo ISSA mini 2 toothbrush. With improved pulsations and a combination head, the brush handles any plaque with a 265-day charge. The motor here is slightly less powerful (9,000 pulsations, but also enough), and for the pulsations themselves there are only two adjustment options.

A feature of both brushes is a timer for treating one area, which will allow you to brush your teeth as efficiently as possible with a minimum waste of time.

Mobile app

The FOREO For You app doesn’t just keep statistics on your skin condition. It also helps to create a customized pulsation program for perfect facial cleansing based on skin scans. In addition, the program provides personalized advice and guidance to keep your skin healthy. Not to mention the fact that this is where information from sensors comes in for a complete analysis of the condition of the skin. They evaluate all data, from skin age to skin type and hydration level.

The application synchronizes not only the data of the Foreo fofo brushes, but also the Foreo UFO masks, which allows you to use one tool for several gadgets.

Smart face mask

Foreo UFO is a “smart” face mask that can achieve the 20-minute effect of using conventional masks in just 90 seconds of use. How? The device works in tandem with special Foreo fabric masks and helps the beneficial components to be absorbed several times faster. To do this, Foreo UFO has several operating modes:

  • Vibrating massage: ensures the absorption of useful substances of the masks;
  • Thermal and cryo-therapy: heating or cooling the mask;
  • Light processing in three modes.

Vibrating massage allows you to take the maximum of useful microelements and vitamins from fabric masks. The “thermo” mode is used for night and collagen masks to achieve a softening and soothing effect; “Cold” is needed for daytime toning masks. Light therapy can kill bacteria (blue light), improve blood circulation (red) and fight pigmentation and premature skin aging (green). To start using the mask, you need to place it in the device, secure it with a special ring and use the prompts of the mobile application to conduct a session.

By the way, the UFO mask has a compact version. UFO mini. In addition to its size, it has no cooling mode.

We connect the device?

The Android Wear platform has a large number of iWatch competitors’ smartwatches, but they all differ in one way or another, and the pairing guarantee can be given to such models as:

But in any case, the loss of some functions of the watch, for example, “Through time”, is simply inevitable. But this does not prohibit talking about whether the Apple Watch works with Android, and what steps must be passed to connect them.

Instructions on how to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device

Owners of Apple Watch for the initial personalization still need to get a smartphone on Android for a while, from which it is necessary to:

  • install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app from Google Play on your smartwatch;
  • while the application is being installed, it’s time to install BLE Utility on iOS.

After installing all the apps, Apple Watch setup and sync with Android begins. Further connection point by point:

Install the Aerlink app on your smartwatch

  • Aerlink must be launched, iOS Service must be activated, and the alert disabled message must be ignored.
  • In the installed BLE Utility program, you will need to open the Peripheral tab and leave the application alone.
  • Open the Aerlink alert on your watch, if it is lost, you must repeat the first paragraph.
  • If successful, the watch will notify you with the appropriate message, otherwise it is worth repeating the procedure again.

BLE Utility

How to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device?

Today, wearable electronics tend to shrink in size, while naturally losing power, but winning in mobility and convenience.

Once an electronic watch with time backlight and an electronic dial seemed like a breakthrough, but today a smartphone on the wrist is no longer perceived as something supernatural.

Actually, the consumer dictates the conditions, and the developers follow the lead, so the world is presented with many different models of smart watches from the most famous companies. Wearable electronics from Apple and Google are developed exclusively for consumers using smartphones of these companies, but the question “Can Apple Watch be connected to Android?” until today no one has given a clear answer.

We can safely say that it became possible to make friends with an Android Wear watch with an iWatch device thanks to third-party developers.


The functionality is somewhat limited after such pairing, but the watch will retain its basic functions, such as:

  • call alerts;
  • SMS;
  • all current incoming calls that cannot be answered yet;
  • the charge of the smartphone itself.

In any case, the question of how to connect Apple Watch to Android has been successfully resolved, and this will be the right signal for developers.

Synchronizing iWatch smartwatch with Android device

if Apple Watch 3 is connected to the Network via its own LTE module, and at the same time the iPhone is either turned off, or “Flight Mode” is activated in it, then

iMessages app: yes

SMS messages: NO (that’s right, the watch does not receive or send any SMS, therefore, say, communication with Android users will have to be postponed for a while)

Apple App Notifications: Yes

some applications in the smartwatch do not start (Apple Maps, Mail, Messages, Weather and others work fine);

all offline applications work fine, including Apple Pay, Player, Activity, toys, etc.

How Apple Watch 3 works with and without an iPhone: nuances and problems

The built-in LTE modem, that is, the possibility of autonomous communication in LTE networks, without WI-FI and even without connecting to an iPhone, is, as you know, one of the most important features of the new Apple Watch 3. And, as practice has shown, one of the most sophisticated, if not capricious.

Of course, full-fledged phone calls via Smart-watches in view of the specifics of the device itself is an initially dubious undertaking. Therefore, about this. another time.

And now let’s try to tell you about some of the features of the new Smart-watch with text messages. According to them, these features, it seemed to us, it is very clear why, as a mobile communication device, the Apple Watch 3 is not an iPhone yet.

Let’s say right away, if you (like us at first) are not really understanding what and in what communication mode your Apple Watch 3 can or cannot, and immediately try to use them as another iPhone, then you will find just a lot of interesting discoveries. And even more questions. Since getting used to the fact that everything works differently on the Apple Watch 3 in different situations, it just doesn’t work.

The fact is that your Apple Watch 3 simply cannot live without an iPhone. At the same time, it does not matter if the smartphone is in the immediate vicinity, or it has remained in another city, the watch really wants to know that it is somewhere, and it is desirable that it be turned on and connected to Wi-Fi or LTE.

Mystic? No, of course, but how the clock works depends on where and in what state your iPhone is located.

if Apple Watch 3 is connected to the Network via Wi-Fi, and the iPhone is either turned off, or “Airplane mode” is activated in it, then

all of the above, however

phone calls are possible only if you have enabled the WI-FI calling function;

the watch may not connect to some WI-FI networks (mainly to those for which authorization is carried out in pop-up windows. Apple knows about this bug, promises to fix it, but so far they advise to “forget” such problem networks, moreover, not in watches, and in the Wi-Fi settings of your iPhone. And by the way, we remind you that the WI-FI module does not turn off when you turn off the Smart-watch).

if your Apple Watch 3 and iPhone are connected to the Network via Wi-Fi or LTE, but the smartphone is somewhere far away (not connected to the watch via Bluetooth), then

iMessages app: yes

SMS messages: yes (the iPhone, as we can see, helps even at a distance);

App notifications: yes (third-party app notifications are sent via iPhone too).

Pros of Apple Watch 5

  • Lots of new features.
  • Screen brightness can be adjusted.
  • Corrections have been made to some applications.
  • Fixed some errors in the system.

Changes to the Watch app on iPhone

  • The Workout app now has a function to remind you of the start and end of your workout. This option is also available on the watch.
  • In the “Share” tab in the “Activity” application, the user can challenge friends for a 7-day competition, tracking the process with a link by day.

Apple Watch 5 new features

Firstly, with the advent of the 5th generation, the watch acquired a new Watch OS 6. Secondly, in the new OS, the developers added functionality and optimized the old programs:

  • Notification Center. now you can group notifications. Now you can forget about a long feed of messages from the same instant messengers and applications. Messages are now displayed in groups. In addition to the usual system for deleting notifications, there are additional options for turning off the sound of notifications from a specific application. It also became possible to turn off the sound from all programs.
  • Control Center. added the ability to reorganize icons to suit the owner’s taste. After pressing the “Change” button, the vibration mode of the icons is activated, after which you can drag the icons as it is convenient for the user.
  • Do Not Disturb mode now has additional options: “Turn on for 1 hour”, “Until tomorrow morning” and “until I leave my current location”.
  • Action Center and Control Center can now be opened in any application by deep-clicking with a swipe.
  • Added 3D animation between transitions and switching applications and notifications.
  • In the Wi-Fi settings, you can now selectively connect to any available networks. This feature is activated when the iPhone is not close to the owner or is simply not available. For this, a special section has been added in the main settings “Site data”. Here you can clear website data.
  • There is a new ability to enter password characters through drawing. The system recognizes characters very accurately. You can also reply to messages by drawing on the screen, but so far only in English. It is still possible to read messages through a voice assistant, send emoticons or prepared answers or gestures.
  • Siri has been updated with cards that display information from third-party apps. The manual color of this dial has also been changed. gray instead of a green-violet-blue gradient.
  • Apple Watch 5 now supports web content. For example, now, in the Mail app, the owner will no longer see the message “Open iPhone to view content”. And that’s great!
  • Of the innovations invisible to the eye, we can note: Apple Watch 5 can be updated automatically at night and support streaming not only from Apple Music, but also from third-party applications.
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The most pleasant innovation. now you can see the time and important information on the watch screen at any time.

New in Apple Apps

  • Podcasts. no need to download third-party apps anymore. Now the utility automatically downloads favorite podcasts. It is possible to view libraries on the iPhone, which are integrated on the watch. It allows you to play podcasts on your smartphone.
  • Timer. the “Recent” option has been added, where the last 3 configured countdown modes are stored.
  • Workout. Added 2 new workouts: yoga and hiking. There is a warm-up day in “Stodnevka”.
  • Weather. you can edit the list of cities right from the watch and add new settlements through dictation. Deleting cities is available by deep clicking on the screen with the forecast in the corresponding city. To switch between the screens “Rain”, “Temperature”, “Weather”, you need to touch the central part of the screen (and the modes will switch). If you scroll down the weather screen, you can see the ultraviolet level, wind speed and the forecast for 10 days.
  • World Clock. Added a new function for adding a settlement without an iPhone.

Summing up, we can say that the new Apple Watch 5 is nothing more than a slightly updated Apple Watch 4. The iWatch 5 can be called a separate generation at a stretch. The same hardware remains, but the design has not changed. It’s worth noting that more third-party band makers have sprung up to bring variety to the Apple Watch world.

Huawei WATCH GT 2 review: smartwatch with battery life up to two weeks

In our century, watches have completely lost their main purpose. to show the time. and have become exclusively part of the image. An important accessory, often the only one for men, one of them for women. The meaning of the very idea of ​​a watch as a daily assistant is returned by the so-called “smart watch”. thanks to the interaction with a smartphone: they can show notifications, signal calls, and sometimes even allow you to answer calls using the built-in microphone and speaker. A serious array of information also flies in the opposite direction: a step counter, a track while jogging, health information (heart rate or something more. it depends on the model). But there was a problem. this is another gadget that needs to be charged regularly. On too low battery capacity Google Glass burned out, this is a key problem of wearable devices. The need to put another device on charge every night can freak out anyone.

Replacing My iPhone With An Apple Watch

The Huawei WATCH GT 2 is designed against this practice. “A smart watch that needs to be charged every two weeks” is enough to attract attention. Any Apple Watch fan will snort at all. this is impossible, the watch must be charged every evening. But maybe for this you had to sacrifice something important and Huawei WATCH GT 2 fail in terms of functionality? Understanding.

Design and construction

The general idea and design direction of the Huawei WATCH GT 2 has hardly changed compared to the first version. There are two versions, which differ in size (more brutal with a 1.39-inch screen and more graceful with a 1.2-inch display), weight (41 and 29 grams, respectively), the presence / absence of a bezel, the presence of a speaker (it is only in models with a 46 mm case), color variations and a set of dial backdrops.

How to Pair Apple Watch Series 5 with iPhone – Pair Devices

The main difference between GT 2 and last year’s WATCH GT is the screen in the same plane with the rim. A special slightly convex glass is used (the manufacturer calls it 3D glass), which visually enlarges the display.

True, such a solution is fraught with unnecessary damage. Despite the tempered glass, which covers the watch screen, any careless movement. and it can be scratched (which I did, hitting the wall of the cave with my hand). In the previous version, the protruding bezel protected from such situations, now there is a danger, albeit not very great.

The front of the case is completely covered with glass, along the perimeter of the Huawei WA TCH GT 2 there is a metal bezel, and the back, adjacent to the hand, is made of plastic. A special area with optical heart rate sensors and contacts for the charging pad protrudes above the surface of the back side.

The watch is controlled using a touchscreen display and two buttons on the side of the steel case: one of them calls up the menu, and the second is responsible for quick access to various sports modes. However, the purpose of the buttons can be changed. they respond to both single and double or long presses.

The strap is replaceable. in our case, a black rubber was used, and I had no complaints about it. It is very soft and fits snugly around the wrist. I do not wear a watch on a regular basis, but, despite the solid weight of the Huawei WATCH GT 2, I did not experience serious discomfort from an additional accessory on my body. If desired, the strap can be changed to any other, the mount is standard, 22 mm wide.

The watch is waterproof, but Huawei does not specify a specific standard. it simply claims that it must withstand water pressure up to 5 atmospheres. You don’t need to dive with the WATCH GT 2, but you can take a shower or swim with them on your arm.

The WATCH GT 2 with a 46 mm case has 14 interchangeable dials that display not only the time, but also various other measured parameters (which ones depend on the dial).


Huawei WATCH GT2
Form Factor Wrist Watch
Display 1.39 inches, AMOLED, HD resolution (454 × 454), touch
CPU HiSilicon Kirin A1
Operating system LiteOS
Compatibility Android 4.4 and above; iOS 9.0 and higher
Interfaces Bluetooth: BT5.1, BLE / BR / EDR
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate monitor, light sensor, air pressure sensor
Water tightness 5 atmospheres
Strap Black fluoroelastomer, cinnamon leather strap, titanium gray
Battery 455 mAh
Weight (without strap) 41 g
Dimensions (without strap) 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm

Working with the device, charging

For wearable devices, Huawei now has its own Kirin hardware platform. it bears the name A1, and the manufacturer does not indicate the details of the filling of this system. The only thing that is reliably known about it is the dimensions of the crystal (4.4 × 4.3 mm) and the fact that it is the world’s first processor for wearable electronics with support for the new Bluetooth 5.1 standard, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 Chip capable of providing data transfer rates up to 6.5 Mbps. The chip includes an application processor, memory, a Bluetooth controller, a digital signal processor, a power management module, and several other elements. In addition to the Huawei WATCH GT 2, which became the first device with Kirin A1 on board, the chip is also used in the new Huawei FreeBuds 3 headphones.

The display in the W ATCH GT 2 version with a 46 mm body is installed, I repeat, with a diagonal of 1.39 inches, with an OLED matrix with a resolution of 454 × 454. The manufacturer claims a maximum display brightness of 1000 nits. it’s hard to believe, but the fact is a fact. it is comfortable to use for hours in the sun. True, they do not perfectly adjust the brightness to ambient lighting and can be embarrassing with too bright a glow in the dark (there are five brightness levels, but the clock is not always the right one to guess), especially if you forgot to switch the watch to “do not disturb” mode and it keeps lighting up.

Yes, the screen of Huawei WATCH GT 2, like the previous version, is not always on. this is one of the secrets of long battery life. Most of the time it is off and turns on only when you look at the watch. and here the sensor works out almost flawlessly. only sometimes it is too sensitive and the dial can light up when you are not looking at it.

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At the same time, the watch has, in a smartphone manner, the Always-On Display mode, in which the time is constantly displayed on a dark background, and you do not need to wait even for a split second until the screen lights up. True, the battery life when activated will be reduced by exactly half.

And the battery life is, as you know, the main (and deservedly) object of pride for the creators of Huawei WATCH GT 2. For the previous version, let me remind you, such a battery life was declared during normal use, when the user wears the watch all day, it takes 90 minutes exercise per week with a working GPS, with heart rate tracking, sleep settings and notifications turned on, and the screen wakes up 200 times a day. The GT 2 adds continuous heart rate monitoring, incoming call reminders, Bluetooth calls and 30 minutes of music playback.

With my mode of use (not a lot of sports, but a lot of notifications), Huawei WATCH GT 2 lasts about 10-12 days on a single charge, which is close to the declared level. People who are used to exercising a lot will have to charge the watch every 6-7 days. after all, GPS loads the battery a lot. In any case, this is a very good level of autonomy.

The WATCH GT 2 is charged, as before, using a special contact pad with a built-in magnet. She, in turn, is connected to the charger using a cable with a USB Type-C connector. everything is relevant here.

The main difference between WATCH GT 2 and WATCH GT, in addition to the design and a fresh chip, which provides the watch with better autonomy. a built-in microphone with a speaker, which allows you to answer and make calls without reaching your smartphone. This is especially convenient when you are at home or in the office not close to your phone. Bluetooth 5.1 provides a signal reception range of 150 meters. And on the watch screen, not only SMS are displayed, but also messages from a variety of instant messengers. this is configured in the Huawei Health application, through which the watch is connected to the smartphone.

You can even listen to music with the WATCH GT 2. The speaker is quite loud here, but it cannot boast of a serious quality. there is very little space in the case. But it is not necessary to listen to music directly from the watch, it can be transferred from the watch to the headphones, for example, by loading tracks directly into the watch. they have 4 GB of memory for this (of which 2.3 GB are free for downloading). It is convenient. thanks to this feature, you can not take your smartphone with you for a run.

The rest of the capabilities of Huawei WATCH GT 2 are familiar from the previous model. The watch has a built-in heart rate monitor, altimeter, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer and digital compass. They collect quite a lot of information about the world around them, they know how to track your sleep and work as a “smart” alarm clock (wake up at a given period of time, but in the most suitable sleep phase) and, of course, it is great to help with training. to record a track, steps, pace, pulse and so on. The watch can provide advice during exercise. There are even 13 running / walking courses that the watch can offer you. and track your progress. And if you sit too long, they vibrate and offer to stretch out a little.

The Huawei Health app, through which the watch connects to a smartphone and through which most of the settings are entered and the vast majority of information is collected, is available for both Android and iOS, and I used Huawei WATCH GT 2 with both iPhone and different Android.smartphones, and did not notice a serious difference in experience. The application is convenient, from this season it supports a fashionable dark theme (both in iOS and Android).

Huawei WATCH GT 2 doesn’t offer any new features like a smartwatch. They are not bad in this guise, especially when it comes to workouts, Huawei has a really good Health app, they can count sleep, heart rate, even stress level (to a certain extent), offer the ability to listen to music directly from the watch and answer calls.

But in terms of autonomy, the Huawei W ATCH GT 2 with its quite realistically achievable two weeks of work without recharging is really unique and stands out from the general background. This is an inexpensive and capable watch that is not tied to an outlet. and this is already enough to be among the most interesting gadgets of its type.

Here it is, a great all-in-one 4K TV box. For those who are not satisfied with Apple TV

It glows all over if you hold the flash

Initial conditions

The experiment was carried out for 4 days: 2 days (after one). with the display on, 2 days (also after one). with the “Always on” function disabled.

The watch was worn on the wrist every time at 23:00. 23:30, fully charged.

At night (until 7:30 am the next day), the Do Not Disturb mode was turned on, during the day, the Training mode was turned on. no more than 2 hours a day, the rest of the day. the usual workload (quite frequent work notifications and personal, from emails, instant messengers, etc.).

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With the “on” display, the 5 series watches work for about 18 hours, with the “off” display. 23.5 hours. The values ​​were determined until the battery was discharged at least 10%.

Such a difference of almost 30% was very upsetting. I was counting on something else.

P.S. Intuitively, the impression was made that with the display off, the 5 series watches work a little longer than the 4 series (for the conditions described above), approximately by 8-10%.

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Checked how long Apple Watch Series 5 lasts

A few days ago I bought an Apple 5 series watch. I want to share information about the battery life of the device in two modes: with the display always on and off.

I listened to the updated Sennheiser HD 458BT headphones with noise reduction: style and sound for just 10 thousand

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone X and features of their repair

iPhone X: possible breakdowns

iPhone X is a phone of undeniable quality. Despite this, any mechanical damage, moisture, dust can lead to incorrect operation of the functions. There are many possible problems: with a camera, sensor, display, sound, speaker, etc. The iРhone X diagnostics will help to establish the exact cause of the malfunctioning, and experienced specialists will make high-quality and fastest repairs.

IPhone X Repair

Service name Price, UAH Time
External examination of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction.
Is free 10 minutes.
Glass replacement (original LCD is retained)
Chips and cracks on glass, display and touchscreen work.
1550 UAH. 1 hour
Rear window replacement
Chips, scratches and cracks on the back glass cover.
850 UAH. 2 hours
Display replacement (original)
Color stripes appeared, the touchscreen does not work.
4300 UAH. 15 minutes.
Display replacement (high quality copy)
Color stripes appeared, the touchscreen does not work.
UAH 3000. 15 minutes.
Complete diagnostics
Internal inspection of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction using special equipment.

In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example after a short circuit on the board or after moisture has entered

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

IPhone X repair

In our service center, specialists work with any breakdowns.

Speaker problems are most likely due to dust in the cabinet. We will clean your phone from dirt. If that doesn’t solve the breakdown. you will need to replace the loop.

iPhone X not working offline and getting hot while charging? The problem can be solved by unsoldering the power controller chip on the motherboard.

If the sensor does not respond to pressing, it “dulls”, spontaneously executes commands. we will replace the controller’s Touch IC using the original one from the donor phone.

The iPhone X screen is replaced when, in addition to external damage, the display and touchscreen are malfunctioning.

We advise you to start repairing Bluetooth with the correct flashing of the phone, as the cause may be a problem with the software. If it doesn’t help. it is necessary to replace the antenna or microcircuit.

Is the camera not focusing, is the image blurry, or is it a black screen? This can be the result of software glitches, mechanical stress, moisture or dirt getting into the phone case. With the help of diagnostics, we will establish the cause and solve the problem.

What to do if iPhone X won’t turn on? The smallest reason. system error. By holding the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, you can turn on your phone. If this is not the reason, then a comprehensive diagnosis is needed, because there are many possible breakdown options:

failed power controller, etc.

Fast and high-quality replacement of iPhone X glass in Kiev is another service of the Royal Service service center. If, for any reason, color stripes or cracks appear on the screen of your smartphone, please contact us. We will eliminate these and all other defects discovered after diagnostics in a matter of minutes.

Royal Service is the professionals who will bring your iPhone X back to life!

We have answers to all questions, special equipment for high-quality repairs and, of course, a team of professionals.