Apple watch 5 what’s new

Other changes

▪️ Siri added translator to watchOS 7
▪️ The Quick Commands app got a version for Apple Watch
▪️ Apple Maps has added bike routing. Doesn’t work everywhere

New types of workouts

Apple, watch

Workouts have new activities: basic training, dance, functional strength training and cool down.

Apple Watch can track physical metrics across four dance styles: Bollywood, Latin, Hip Hop, and Cardio.

To do this, they use gyroscope and accelerometer data.

The Activity app on iPhone is now Fitness.

The system will understand when you washed your hands

Apple Watch on watchOS 7 learned to detect when a user washes their hands. After detecting inputs, the system will start a 20-second timer.

If the user finishes washing their hands earlier, the watch will prompt you not to stop.

Apple Watch will also be able to remind you to wash your hands every time you return home.

New high volume alerts

The Noise app now determines how loudly users listen to music through headphones from an iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch.

When the system decides that the music is playing too loud, it will send an alert.

Sleep tracking

watchOS 7 has learned to track sleep and advise on when to go to bed and wake up.

Every morning, iPhone and Apple Watch will show sleep statistics, including time spent in bed and deep sleep.

The watch also added an alarm clock without sound: vibration is used to wake up.

Apple showed watchOS 7. What’s new

Appel introduced the first beta of watchOS 7. Added new features focused on health and fitness, and made it easier to customize watch faces.

We’re excited about the positive impact Apple Watch has on our customers and are excited to bring new tools to support their health, fitness, and wellness.

Jeff Williams, Apple Chief Operating Officer

New dials

WatchOS 7 has added many new watchfaces. Apple has also simplified their customization screen.

Users will also be able to install watch faces directly from sites. To do this, developers must add a special Add Apple Watch Face button.

Watch faces can also be shared in iMessage and via email.

Developers can now add multiple widgets for one application. Thus, users will have more options for customizing their watch faces.

Compatible Models

watchOS 7 supports Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5. iPhone must be running iOS 14 to install the firmware.

WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch. What’s new? How to install now!

On June 4, at WWDC 2018, another operating system update for Apple smartwatches was presented. Watch OS 5 brings several new features, which I will now tell you about.

Watch OS 5 can only be installed on Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 3. The first generation watch is in flight and will continue to work on WatchOS 4. In fact, you can say “goodbye” to the very first watch.

Challenges with friends. Now you can challenge a friend for 7 days. Whoever does the best will win. Within 7 days, you earn points for completed exercises. During the call, you will receive personal statistics about how you and your friend are doing.

WatchOS 5 has a reminder to start a workout if you start exercising but forgot about it. The watch will also alert you if you are taking a break from exercise. The option “Hiking” has been added. The watch will tell you how many calories you burned and how high you climbed.

Added the option to track the tempo in real time. For example, you want to run 8 kilometers per hour, the watch will show your pace in relation to this indicator. Perhaps they will somehow notify you when this rate is exceeded (or vice versa, say that you are messing around).

You can install the Podcasts app on Apple Watch in WatchOS 5. And listen to them, of course. And now a minute of sarcasm: Why didn’t they do it earlier ?! Protected for 2018?!

Walkie-talkie. The watch can be used as a walkie-talkie. You call the subscriber and communicate with him according to the principle of operation of walkie-talkies: said a phrase, listened to the answer, said a phrase. and again the answer. Option works via Wi-Fi or LTE.

A browser has been added to WatchOS 5! It will open specially optimized sites. That is, so far none. 🙂 Wait a minute though! Below you can see the only optimized site.

Siri just got smarter. It learns your habits and offers only relevant content and the apps you need most. For example, you finish work, and Siri immediately offers you to open some familiar playlist.

In Watch OS, to call Siri, it is not necessary to say to her at the beginning: “Hello Siri”.

Corrected notifications. Many notifications can be answered directly from them. Notifications are now grouped by program, like in iOS 12.

Do not disturb option, like in iOS 12, got new features.

  • Included.
  • Do not disturb 1 hour.
  • Do not disturb until evening.
  • Don’t bother until I leave this place.

And finally, a function that has been very much awaited in Russia (NO!). You can drive a Student ID into your watch and pay using Apple Watch on campuses at your university: pay for food, for training, etc.

Currently, you can only install WatchOS 5 beta 1 through your phone (requires iPhone 5S or higher). The final version of the system will traditionally be released in September.

How to install Watch OS 5 beta right now

There is no public beta for WatchOS. Therefore, either the final version is put in the fall, or through the developer’s profile even now.

The only installation requirement is that the operation must be performed on an iPhone 5S or higher, which is currently running on iOS 12 (how to install iOS 12 right now) and is paired with your watch.

When the iPhone asks about the device to which you want to install the profile, answer the Apple Watch.

The Watch app on the iPhone opens. Click Install. Apple Watch should restart after installing the profile. There will be a corresponding notification.

After rebooting, go to the Watch app to search for updates. If the iPhone is already on iOS 12, then you will receive a WatchOS 5 update that you can install.

Please note that if you suddenly want to rollback iOS 12 to iOS 11 on your phone, then Watch OS 5 will also have to rollback to Watch OS 4.

WatchOS 5 for Apple Watch. What’s new? How to install now !: 19 comments

Apple in its repertoire. do not allow quite fast  Watch 1 to update to watchOS 5. pure “marketing” redneck ??

I suspect that Watch 1 was no longer pulled. Is not it so?

I checked Dim now on my  Watch series 1. they even support the update to watchOS 5 beta 1.

Very much even supportive? So how does the walkie-talkie work? Or a browser? Or Sync podcasts?
It is unlikely that you all protested this, and in that case, why just unfoundedly assert that everything could work?

They support the update, but they are brutally blunt. When, after my third, I take my first wives, I really want to smash them against the wall))) so you can leave them just like a clock, unless of course you get bored of charging them every evening.

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Something 6-7 times I tried to update. And it’s worth it in the update; Version 4.3.1 Latest software installed.

There was news that Apple temporarily canceled the installation option for everyone, as some users programmatically break the clock after the update. Wait for the beta to return.

By the way, on my watch it does not show any pictures or videos from incoming messages. This is the way it should be?
I always thought this way until I bought a Chinese Wi-Fi video eye-call on Ali. He, an infection, calmly displays a photo of the caller on the clock. And how to understand this, and?

I don’t have an Apple Watch, but if one of the readers answers, it will be fine) But so what do you want? It’s Apple. Introduced to Watch OS 6 as an innovation.

The forwarded pictures and photos are displayed, no one sent the video)))

With the display of a photo on an Apple watch, it’s a disaster, frankly. Are shown rarely and only in some applications

Those who installed OS5 as a browser? You can use Yandex or, as the author wrote, only one optimized site?

Apple Watch release date for the latest model

Apple Watch Series 5 is slated for September 2019, but it will take a little longer for the smartwatch to hit the market. If we compare with the previous series, then they just came out almost always in September. However, there were also exceptions to the rule. For example, Apple Watch 1 was not released in the fall. Based on these features, it can be assumed that the new Smart-watch may appear exactly in September. As much as we would like to test the new model as soon as possible, we will have to wait at least until September 2019. In the meantime, you can purchase the fourth series, which has quite good functionality.

IWatch 5 Brief Announcement

  • Planned release date September 2019.
  • Available in 40 and 44 mm sizes.
  • Material: aluminum and stainless steel.
  • OLED screen.
  • Expected cost within 500.

How much will the new smart watch from Apple iWatch 5 cost?

As for the Apple Watch 4, its cost is 488 for models with a 40mm smartwatch case. If you want a more functional model equipped with 4G technology, as well as a steel case and some other additions, then you will have to pay an additional couple of hundred dollars for this.

Based on these indicators, the price at the time of the release of the Apple Watch 5 series will be approximately the same. Of course, it’s too early to talk about the exact cost.

Functions and specifications

Apple has long figured out that smartwatches are a great way to boost your bottom line and bring the gadgets you really need to market. It’s worth noting that Apple Watch 5 is essentially a small smartphone that sits on your wrist and serves to:

  • identifying health problems;
  • monitoring your heart rate and other features.

As for the iWatch 4, Apple decided to add narrower screen edges, as well as an interface that runs along the corners of the gadget. It is highly likely that these efforts will not be in vain, and the new Smartwatches will use the same developments.

Don’t expect changes in dial design, smartwatch shape and the like. Most likely, everything will remain unchanged. However, Apple will try to improve the battery, as well as expand some functionality. Thanks to the fast processor, any operations will occur as quickly as possible and without freezes.

In Apple Watch 5, some of the features that were used in the fourth generation can be improved as a new watch. These features include:

  • Sleeping mode.
  • Glucose.
  • Additional Fitness Tips.
  • heart function.
  • Other sports.

All of this can be used in the iWatch 5.

Also note that the new product may debut a built-in option for tracking sleep indicators. With this function, users will be able to monitor:

  • Time to fall asleep and duration of sleep;
  • Phases of slow and REM sleep and the time of entry into them;
  • Heart rate and pulse during sleep.

Release date, first rumors and possible features of Apple Watch 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest Apple Watch coming in 2019. Based on previous years of use, we have already presented some of the features, and also compiled several important nuances that we would like to see in the new smartwatch. Further, it will be told in more detail about all the features of the future gadget, and also some interesting secrets will be revealed.


It is worth noting that in order to get acquainted with some of the functionality of the Apple Watch 5, you will only need to use WatchOS 6, which will be released very soon. It is possible that the beta version will be available as early as the beginning of 2019 or in the spring of the same year. If we talk about the full version, then it will appear around the beginning of summer 2019, and it will be actively used in Apple Watch 5.

Digital crown

The Digital Crown has retained its tactile response, allowing the user to feel light clicks when scrolling. This element is exactly the same as that of the previous watch series, Apple emphasizes the significant improvement over the third series (smaller dimensions, more components).

Apple Watch Series 5 battery life

The question of autonomy has already been raised higher, in connection with the new mode of operation of the screen. On the one hand, Apple promises to keep the autonomy at the level of its predecessor. 18 hours of work, on the other hand, the battery life will obviously not increase. In practice, in the mode of moderate use with the watch it will be possible to spend about two days without recharging.

Apple Watch Series 5 review: what’s new?

On September 10, 2019, Apple introduced the next, fifth generation of its smart watches. This is not to say that this market niche is developing rapidly. Manufacturers are trying to win over users with original solutions. But they have always been famous for Apple. How did the new Apple Watch turn out and how do they surpass its predecessor??

The fourth generation model was a significant step forward, which can hardly be said about the new Apple Watch. Nevertheless, Apple Watch Series 4 disappeared from the official website altogether, giving its place to the new product.

Apple Watch Series 5 case

The watch will be supplied in two case versions. 44 mm and 40 mm. In the first case, the screen resolution will be 368 × 448 pixels, and its area will be 977 mm 2. In a 40-mm case, the area will be much smaller. 759 mm 2.

This is a third more than that of the third generation, but at the same time completely repeats the characteristics of its predecessor. Case thickness also remained unchanged. 10.7 mm.

Unfortunately, in Russia Apple Watch Series 5 will be sold only with an aluminum case, while in some other countries models of cases made of ceramic, titanium and steel are available.

Available in three colors: Silver, Space Gray and Gold.

Specifications (specifications) Apple Watch Series 5

Water resistant Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 received the same water resistance as Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4. submersion to a depth of 50 meters. In practice, this means the watch can be used on shallow dives such as swimming in a pool or sea. At the same time, it is noted that Apple Watch should not be used for diving, water skiing and other sports involving deep diving or contact with water at high speed.

Apple Watch Series 5 features

Apple Watch Series 5 has an electrical heart rate sensor as well as a second generation optical heart rate sensor. They know how to recognize deviations from the heart rate and warn the owner of the watch about it. The flat surface of the Digital Crown with a built-in titanium electrode capable of reading heart impulses from the fingertip is responsible for measuring the ECG (the function is not available in Russia). But this function, as before, in the watch of the previous generation, will be so far only in the United States.

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There is a noise detector, an accelerometer and a gyroscope in the watch, which allow the watch to detect the fact of a person falling onto the surface.

If he does not get up in a minute, the device will automatically make a call to the rescue service. But the compass is a novelty that repeats the same function in the iPhone.

New “chips” will appear with the release of the next version of watchOS, they will be related to medicine (menstrual calendar, activity trends).

Autonomous work

The most interesting thing about the new watch was the battery life: with AlwaysOn on and off. Let’s say right away: the miracle did not happen. But the promises made at the presentation are in line with the watch. Apple guaranteed a full day of work in AlwaysOn mode. and please, the clock really lives day, night and a little more. Simply put, if you charged them at night, took them off the charge in the morning, went through the whole day, then went to bed and did not charge them, then the next morning you will see about 10% of the charge.

Understandably, this actually means having to recharge them every night (unless, of course, you have the ability to recharge them during the day). In our opinion, this is not enough for a smartwatch. And even by the standards of Apple, which still had its third generation of watches worked for three days without recharging. Yes, starting with the fourth generation, the screen has become larger, additional sensors have appeared, and, apparently, this gave the following effect: now the norm is two days. Well, the appearance of the AlwaysOn mode has reduced this period by half.

Fortunately, you can turn it off, and then the watch will work the same two days as the Apple Watch Series 4. We checked and made sure. However, why should they work less or more, if the size of the case and, therefore, the volume of the battery is the same, the screen and its resolution are the same, and even the SoC, apparently, has not changed much. Which is better. one day with a non-switching screen or two days without it. it’s up to you.

New straps

The strap is ideally combined with Smart Casual clothes, with any shades of gray, with jeans, and in general it is easier to find what it is combined with than vice versa.

New colors have appeared in all other series as well. For example, the leather strap is now available in a natural leather color, which should look very good in a more classic look.

And by the way, we note the significantly reduced for all leather options, including Hermes. This is, of course, a plus. And the downside is that for the first time, perhaps, Apple has not introduced any fundamentally new types of straps.

watchOS 6 and what’s new

The watch comes with watchOS 6.0 preinstalled. And it offers quite a few notable innovations. both in terms of new pre-installed applications and watch faces, and in terms of the very principle of interaction between a watch and a smartphone.

We are talking, of course, about the long-awaited opportunity to install applications directly into the watch, without the mediation of a smartphone. Yes, the Apple Watch now has its own App Store, and it has a fairly wide selection of “independent” applications. You can search for them using dictation (although, of course, this is still far from as convenient as on the iPhone), and to buy, just click “download”, “update” or the button with the price (paid applications are also presented).

In practice, however, there is still not very much benefit from this. you still use most of the applications on both your watch and your smartphone. But the very fact of such an opportunity. to work with applications directly through the clock. pleases and promises many prospects, primarily for developers. For example, they no longer need to develop a smartphone companion, which means that they will not need to spend additional resources on this, and they can only focus on the watch application.

In addition to the App Store, the watch has other pre-installed applications that were not there before. These are “Calculator”, “Cycle Tracking”. “Noise” and “Compass”. The latter is only available on the Apple Watch Series 5, since it requires a sensor that appeared only in the latest generation of watches. It is significant that the compass not only determines the cardinal points and exact coordinates, but also shows the slope of the surface and the height above the ground.

Cycle Tracking and Noise are also noteworthy, although they are no longer exclusive to Series 5. Cycle Tracking, as you might guess, allows women or their partners to visually receive information about the approach of menstruation and ovulation, as well as collect other information needed to visit a gynecologist, manage pregnancy and control your sex life.

Of course, there are many similar apps for all mobile platforms and probably for the Apple Watch too. But it’s one thing. third-party solutions that you need to look for, install, and another. an already pre-installed option. Which, moreover, does not require a separate application on the iPhone, but is configured and synchronizes all data through “Health”.

By the way, there are many settings available. and in addition to the obvious functions, there are, for example, such things as notification of auspicious days for conception. If a couple wants a child, such a notification will allow not to miss the optimal moment, and if, on the contrary, the girl is afraid of an unplanned pregnancy, the watch will remind you of the need for maximum caution on these days (we, of course, do not urge to fully rely on the “calendar method”, but not less).

In general, it should be noted that there are more and more examples of using smartwatches that do not look artificial and clearly show why this thing is needed at all if you have a smartphone. “Cycle tracking” is just one of this series: functionally the same is possible on a smartphone, but on the watch it is easier to mark the start of menstruation on the run, it is more convenient to receive notifications and it is more convenient to watch the main information. a calendar with days painted in different colors (than redder, the closer to menstruation). Another example is Yandex.Maps. Here’s a trick, first of all, in Yandex.Transport, integrated into the same application.

Yandex.Transport users on their smartphones know that to get information about the nearest bus at a nearby stop, you must first click on the arrow so that the application finds our location, then select the desired stop, and only then will we see the arrival time of buses / trolleybuses / trams. The clock allows you to simply launch Yandex.Maps. and we will immediately be shown cards with the two nearest stops, which indicate the two nearest vehicles. That is, it only takes one press, and it is much easier to do it on the run.

The third example is the new Noise app. Using the watch’s microphone, it listens for ambient sound and assesses it for potential hearing damage. The screenshots below show the result in the Moscow metro while driving. As you can see, the noise is in the region of 80 dB, which the watch estimates as the border between the permissible and increased loudness levels.

It is clear that a smartphone that is in a bag or is less reliable in such measurements, and a watch is just the best tool. And, of course, it is very curious to know how many decibels “attack” our ears in everyday life. On the other hand, the practical benefits are still rather arbitrary. Well, we know that the subway is loud. What is there to do? For the sake of curiosity, you can measure the volume at a rock concert or disco. But it seems that we came there for that? Perhaps the only meaning (if we take simple everyday situations) may be during repairs, when the sensation of volume gradually dulls, and we forget to pause in time.

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Apple Watch Series 5: What’s New?

And the last feature that we will note, and which is also related to the microphone in the watch, is the recognition of music tracks integrated into Siri on the Apple Watch. If you want to know what song is playing in a public place, just say “Hey Siri! What is this song? “. and in a few seconds you will receive an answer. By clicking on one button, you can immediately add it to your library.

Of course, as in previous versions of watchOS, a number of new watch faces have appeared here, including modular ones, that is, they allow you to fine-tune both the appearance and the information displayed.

Top 8 Features of Apple Watch Series 5!

The screenshots above show the most spectacular of them. By the way, in AlwaysOn mode, when we do not touch the watch screen, the background turns black, but the information is still displayed. How does this mode affect battery life? About this. in the next section of the article.

One more, along with the regular iPhones, Apple’s traditional autumn novelty is a smart watch, now of the fifth series. A year ago, we wrote about the Apple Watch Series 4 that this is the most significant update to the model. It’s no surprise that the 2019 generation didn’t see such drastic changes. Nevertheless, this product is interesting and deserves close attention.

We have presented general information about the new watch in the material following the presentation. Therefore, we will not repeat ourselves and get to know the product in person.

But for clarity. here are the characteristics of the Apple Watch Series 5 in comparison with the previous generation.

Review of smart watches Apple Watch Series 5


The design of the watch itself has not changed at all compared to the Series 4. Except, of course, the appearance of the case made of gold-colored aluminum. We tested a more classic version made of silver aluminum.

Alas, new types of cases are not available in Russia. titanium and ceramic. And we still don’t have a stainless steel option. This is explained by the fact that eSIM is present in all the listed modifications, but they are not supplied to the Russian market. You have to be content with what you have.

By the way, the word “recycled” in relation to aluminum in this case means that only the metal that remained after the creation of the iPhone cases was used to make the watch. Thus, this is the most environmentally friendly model of Apple smartwatches (here Greta Thunberg brushes off a tear of happiness;)).

Note that the model has become a little heavier (apparently due to the integration of new sensors and a larger amount of flash memory), but this did not affect the dimensions at all. And in general, it is impossible to distinguish Series 5 from Series 4 even on closer inspection.


As mentioned, the watch is available in two display sizes: 40mm and 44mm. the same as last year. Their resolution also remained unchanged: 324 × 394 and 368 × 448, respectively. We had a watch with a screen diagonal of 44 mm.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a scratch-resistant glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface curved to the edges. On the outer surface of the screen there is a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating (effective, better than that of Google Nexus 7 (2013)), so fingerprints are removed much easier, and appear at a slower rate than in the case of ordinary glass. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are slightly better than that of the Google Nexus 7 2013 screen. For clarity, here is a photo in which a white surface is reflected in the switched off screens:

The Apple Watch Series 4 screen is darker (photo brightness 106 versus 112 for Nexus 7). There is no doubling of reflection, this indicates that there is no air gap between the layers of the screen. When the white field was displayed on the whole screen, the maximum brightness value recorded by us was 666 cd / m2 (with a bright backlight in the screen), the minimum was 15 cd / m2 (the first stage of adjustment, complete darkness).

It is worth making a reservation here: Apple promises a brightness of up to 1000 cd / m², but it is impossible to verify this, because when measuring the brightness, the light sensor partially overlaps and the brightness is automatically reduced, and it is impossible to disable this parameter. So we could not confirm the numbers promised by the manufacturer, but we have no reason not to trust Apple.

As already mentioned, the automatic brightness control by the light sensor always works. The user can only make adjustments to the operation of this function by choosing one of three levels. At any brightness level, there is modulation with a frequency of 60 Hz, but its amplitude is small, so flickering is not visible. The graphs of brightness (vertical axis) versus time (horizontal axis) illustrate the above (four brightness levels):

This screen uses an AMOLED matrix, an active matrix organic light-emitting diode (OLED). A full-color image is created using subpixels of three colors. red (R), green (G) and blue (B) in equal numbers, which is confirmed by a fragment of the micrograph:

For comparison, you can see the gallery of micrographs of screens used in mobile technology.

The spectra are typical for OLED. the areas of primary colors are well separated and appear as relatively narrow peaks:

However, there is also cross-mixing of components (programmatically), so the coverage is not too wide, but adjusted to the sRGB borders:

Accordingly, typical images (with sRGB coverage) on the Apple Watch screen have natural saturation.

Unfortunately, color profiles are not supported (or transferred when copying images to the watch), so even wide-gamut images are still displayed as sRGB. The color temperature of the white and gray field is approximately 7200 K, and the deviation from the spectrum of an absolutely black body (ΔE) is 5.4-6.9 units. The color balance is good. Black is just black at all angles. It is so black that the contrast setting is not applicable in this case. When viewed from a perpendicular view, the uniformity of the white field is excellent. The screen has excellent viewing angles with much less brightness drop when looking at the screen from an angle compared to LCD screens, but at larger angles, the white fades a little to blue. Overall, the quality of the Apple Watch screen is very high.


The packaging of the Apple Watch Series 5 is no different from that of the previous generation model. Again, we see the strap in a separate box, while the main box contains the watch itself, the charger and leaflets.

In principle, as we wrote a year ago, this is a good design decision. And really, why give up the good?

It is significant that the dimensions of the new packaging (of all its components) coincide with the last year’s exactly.