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iPhone 12. how to expect it?

Continuing “Apple” topic, we smoothly come to the question “what’s next?”. And then here’s what: in 2020 we are expecting a new smartphone, which, judging by the available information, can cause not only a wave of admiration, but also nostaLGia. but about everything in order. In the chronology of the facts obtained, so to speak.

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First, since 2020 is set to be a landmark year at Apple, which is smoothly approaching its anniversary, the company is trying hard to hide the details. Despite this, it has already become known that the iPhone 12 will have three models with new screen sizes 5.4, 6.1, 6.7 inches. The front camera will have 16MP and will hide in the upper edge. Also, the iPhone 12 will be one of the first smartphones to support 5G connectivity, if not overtaken. iPhone SE 2. Also, there is inside data that the iPhone 12 battery will have a capacity of 6000 mAh, which is almost 2 times more than iPhone 11. Also, the flagship can get 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory.

Secondly, at the end of September it became known that the future iPhone 12 may receive an LTPO screen, which will work in the same way as the Apple Watch 4-5 series. In fact, this is a special “always working” screen, will respond to your touch, and will also increase the operating time by 15%. It is predicted that the display of the gadget will receive a frequency of 120 Hz, instead of 60 Hz, as in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, which is used for iPad 2018, which allows it to get smoother picture, natural response to Apple Pencil, and video playback at 24, 48 and 60 frames per second.

Third, the iPhone 12 will be powered by a supernova 5G chip developed in the US by Qualcomm. This information was shared by the Nikkei developers. The X55 chip offers super-fast downloads of 7 Gbps, but the maximum frequency that can go up to 3 Gbps will still depend on the carrier. The X55 is also more energy efficient, which, along with a significantly increased battery life, can extend the active use of the gadget by almost three times.

It should also be noted that initially Apple wanted to use Intel chips, but the company refused due to the fact that they do not produce chips for smartphones. Therefore, the choice fell on Qualcomm. According to insiders, Apple plans to ship more than 80 million 5G iPhones. In July, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he wanted to quickly roll out 5G in iPhone, in order to push telecom operators to provide new quality communications around the world, since now the real 5G is only available in China. In general, Apple plans to implement a much more aggressive marketing policy, as the ratio with Android devices over the past few years has shown not the best dynamics.

Fourth, in a note to investors, the same chief analyst at the company, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that the board on the 12-year iPhone should increase by about 10% to adapt to new technologies. This improvement is much more expensive than making a conventional board, which will increase the cost by about 35%. The board needs to be enlarged for safe heat dissipation, as well as to provide additional space for circuits with 5G antennas. Also, large costs will go to rework the A-series processor, which will be located on the board, and the OLED screen, which is supposed to be installed on the device. Plus, the new metal-added design could be detrimental to the price, as can the use of VCSEL rangefinders, time sensors that should provide both photo quality and an augmented reality app. This assumes that the price of the iPhone 12 will be around 850 for the first model and around 1280 and 1420 for the Pro / Pro Max, respectively.

And again, Min-Chi Kuo claims that the conditional iPhone 12, whose exact name by the way is still unknown, will undergo “significant changes” in terms of its appearance. These changes will include a “more sophisticated segmented design” using sapphire crystal to help preserve the design. In addition, Apple will use “new metal casting technology”.

Considering that many users said that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs would never have allowed such “ugliness”, and the departure of chief designer Jonathan Ive in the summer of 2019 had a negative impact on the company’s products, we can say that solutions of this kind are worth considering certainly successful. Although, again. how will it turn out.

Oh yes, four cameras! Do not forget about what attracts attention in photographs and will obviously give rise to more than a dozen jokes and memes on the Internet. The fourth camera is presented to show how the words of chief analyst Kuo, who announced this summer that the iPhone 12 could have a camera on the back to support virtual reality, as well as time-of-flight (ToF) sensors, designed to improve portraiture, could come true. regime. This is also a movement in the right direction, so apart from having an array of three cameras iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, their main competitor already possesses such a photosensor Galaxy Note 10 Plus. it allows you to better estimate the distance to the object and form full-fledged 3D models from flat photographs. The introduction of such a camera will help Apple develop augmented reality technologies in the iPhone 12.

Typically, Apple holds a presentation of the new iPhone on the Tuesday of the second week of September. The last one was presented on the same principle. iPhone 11. September 10, 2019. If Apple follows this rule again in 2020, then the iPhone 12 is likely to be released on September 8, 2020.

Apple has moved away from the use of the so-called “eyebrows”. The display of the updated device is missing any cutouts. To do this, Apple has managed to hide the 16-megapixel selfie camera and microphone by squeezing them into a thin bezel above the display. Also this time, Apple ditched Face ID technology in favor of Touch ID, the sensor of which was also hidden under the screen. And the display itself received a special ProMotion technology, with the help of which the screen refresh rate will double from 60 to 120 frames per second.

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Also, many preliminary renders indicate that the iPhone 12 will receive stylus support in the smartphone. And if you consider that Apple is following global innovations, then this can be expected from the company.


The overall design, as we said, is the same as the Apple Watch 2. (It’s also 50m water resistant). But Apple did mention some new aesthetic options. Including new color options, finishes and straps.

The new design offers a digital crown in a red accent that’s pretty smart.

There is a new gold colored aluminum casing, along with silver and black stainless steel space. Also a new sports cycle, which Apple describes as lightweight, stretchy and breathable; we look forward to trying to figure it out.

Apple Watch: How to Make and Recieve Phone Calls

There are new Nike Plus colors, and a new Hermes dial of styles and bands.

Finally, Apple has complemented the classic (and rather expensive) white ceramic watch with a new dark gray ceramic model. Along with this new two-tone sports bands. Also under Apple Watch 3 will be released a new system WatchOS 4.

Battery life

One of the biggest worries about adding cellular connectivity to your hours is battery life. Apple says we don’t need to worry and that the Apple Watch 3 still offers an all-day battery life, which the company defines as 18 hours.

Our experience with the Apple Series 2 showed that it felt more like two days of battery life. However, we are not entirely convinced that this is so good. Stay tuned for battery tests as soon as we have samples to review.

Barometric altimeter

This is a new introduction for Apple Watch, and allows the device to calculate distance (staircases inside the house, climb outside) in workouts.

release date

Apple Watch 3 will launch in the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, UK, Germany and France. If you are in the UK, you must be registered with a cellular service to use it; you can pre-register here.

  • Apple Watch 3 (no cellular): from 23,999 rubles.
  • Apple Watch 3 (GPS cellular): from 26999 rub.

Here’s what Apple Watch 3 observe spending in the UK:

  • Apple Watch 3 (GPS, no cellular): from € 329
  • Apple Watch 3 (GPS cellular): from € 399

This is a straight one-to-one translation of the from the USA:

Apple Watch Series 3 Review: No iPhone, No Problem?

  • Apple Watch 3 (not cellular): 329 or more
  • Apple Watch 3 (checkered): from 399

Apple Watch 1 is still on sale, the price has been reduced, now from 21,999 rubles. (249). We think Series 2 will be phased out, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Dimensions (edit)

Apple said for the first time that the Apple Watch 3 is the same size as the Series 2, which is impressive considering the optional accessories. Which it contains. but then admitted that in fact the back crystal is 0.25 mm thicker. But it shouldn’t be noticeable.

Apple Watch 3 Review: Key Features and Everything You Need to Know

Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch 3 at a press conference today, along with the new iPhone X and Apple TV 4K. Here’s everything we know about the Apple Watch 3, including design, cellular, siri, battery life, dimensions, specs, release date, and price.

The Apple Watch 3 looks just like the Apple Watch 2 (not a bad thing as far as we know), so those circular watch face dreams have been shattered. But there are some major changes under the hood. In this article we will look at the specifications, new features, release date and cost of Apple Watch 3.

Features: Dual-core processor S3, W2 Chip

There are still some gaps, but we now know the main features of the Apple Watch 3 and technology.

Apple claims the new S3 processor offers 70 percent better performance than the latest generation. Opening the app faster, smoother graphics. This should also make Siri use faster.

Wi-Fi Internet is said to be 85 percent faster, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be 50 percent more energy efficient.

Work speed

Unfortunately, we could not compare the speed of work directly with the previous versions of the device. According to Apple itself, the new watch is 70% faster than the previous ones, and the wireless modules consume half the power.

Comparisons aside, the clock is really fast. But they still have to communicate with the smartphone, which can take some time. Some applications (mostly third-party) can spin the loading wheel for a few extra seconds. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like to wait for Siri to react. But now she talks, and does not just write answers in text. There are also rare animation problems with some minor bugs, which will surely be corrected by future updates.

In general, I was satisfied with the work of the watch. The new Apple Watch responds well to both controls and hand-turning gestures.

Activity tracker and health monitoring

One of the main, if not the most basic purpose, the company is promoting the watch as an activity tracker. Indeed, for sports, it is difficult to come up with a more convenient gadget that always stays with the user. And even if this user is not a particularly athlete (like, for example, me), the watch will still motivate you to get up and walk once more, plus it will help you keep an eye on your heart rate. It should be noted that for professional athletes this will still not be enough, but for amateurs it is almost the best existing option.

There have not yet been any fundamental changes in the way of interaction, except for the redesign of the Workouts application, where you also need to set the type of exercise, after which the watch will begin to seriously monitor the actions. The rest of the time, the gadget reminds you that it would be necessary to walk if the user sits for a long time, sometimes offers breathing exercises and monitors the pulse. All this information is available both on the watch and on the iPhone in the Activity and Health applications.

Notifications, calls and eSIM

Apple Watch can become a unified notification center. Personally, I liked turning off the sound on all devices and receiving notifications in the form of vibration on my hand. If I am in front of a computer, then you can not be distracted by the clock, but the rest of the time it allows you to miss your smartphone, and by looking at the clock to find out about a new message, etc. You can also answer a call or a message from the clock (dictate something, draw letters and collect a sentence like that, send a ready answer or an emoticon).

If you could answer the call before, now you may not need a smartphone for this. True, in our reality this is not yet available, but in the future something may still change. If you buy a model with an LTE module (and this is probably the main innovation in Series 3), with the help of eSIM you can stay connected even while jogging or if you go out for a cup of coffee without a smartphone. Access to Apple Music will also be carried out, and the sound can be transmitted to wireless headphones.

Design and usability

For those who have seen the Apple Watch not for the first time (and it is probably difficult to find other people among our readers), it is obvious that the watch has not changed its design at all.

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In our case, the black aluminum case looks good with a dark gray strap. The build quality and confidence in the strap attachment still do not raise doubts about the device. Tactile sensations, subjectively, pleasant. The watch does not interfere with the wrist, in whatever position the latter is. At the same time, the thickness of the watch is quite decent, at the level of good wrist chronographs. Only the weight of our model is simpler than that of a regular watch, Apple Watch is practically not felt on the hand.

The touch screen, as before, is supplemented by two physical controls. the Digital Crown and the button, the location of which also remains the same. For the convenience of the user, the orientation of the display can still be changed (flipped) to put the watch, for example, on the right hand, while the button and wheel were still accessible under the index finger of the other hand.

The inner side hasn’t changed either. There is a heart rate sensor and two recessed buttons that fix the strap attachment (by the way, it retained its shape and is compatible with old straps and bracelets). This is where charging is also magnetised.

The watch is water resistant (5 ATM) to allow you to swim in it, including in open water, but it is not intended for diving. A pair of holes (on the left side of the case) for microphones and speakers are the only places where moisture can enter. The speaker still knows how to “spit out” water. To do this, you only need to activate the desired function after all exercises in the water, a short sound signal will be heard, which, in fact, pushes out the remaining moisture. It is possible to walk with the watch in the shower, but it is not advisable that foam or soap gets on them, in which case they must be immediately rinsed with water. The same applies to salt water. after it, the watch should be rinsed in fresh.

In general, if the user has worn a watch before, then some radically new sensations from the experience of using these will not arise (if not to talk about the functionality). I have been using wristwatches since childhood and have become very accustomed to them. I didn’t have any discomfort from using the Apple Watch, even considering that I took them off solely for charging. The only thing that still raises concerns is glass. One of my watches over 7 years of operation still had to be taken for glass polishing (playing with the dog got a small chip). In the case of the Apple Watch, everything is a little more difficult to repair, and more expensive. And the watch can often cling to something or hit. You should be more careful with them.

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Wearable gadgets have entered the market relatively recently. During this time, not all manufacturers were able to achieve success in this category. But Apple is not doing so badly. While the number of sales is still a mystery, Tim Cook could boast otherwise. Apple Watch bypassed Rolex and took the first position in the ranking of the best-selling watches. Together with this statement, a new model was presented, which we called Series 3. Today we will introduce you to it.

Management, software and functionality

You will still need a free hand to interact with the watch. Certain functions, of course, can be performed by the virtual assistant Siri, but in most cases you will still need to press buttons or touch the display. Using the wheel, you can scroll something up and down, as well as zoom in and out of the picture where possible (photo, screen with all applications), and pressing the wheel closes the application and can be transferred to the watch faces (double-clicking will open the previous application ). The button is responsible for calling the list of open applications. Everything else is already done using the display.

Other improvements: slightly upgraded Apple Music capabilities; the Workout application received a new design and the ability to synchronize with exercise machines using NFC; improved the heart rate measurement application, which now pays attention to arrhythmias, as well as high heart rate when the user is at rest.

Otherwise, everything remained in place. What I really liked were the latest updates to Apple Maps. The roads of Kiev, for example, have now become more detailed and the iPhone shows more relevant routes. At the same time, after launching the maps application on the Apple Watch, they vibrate slightly to warn of a turn. It may not be a new feature, but now it is more relevant for Ukrainian users. And globally, the latest updates are more focused on sports and tracking the health status of the owner of the gadget.


In this section, I will also have to repeat myself many times, because the screen of the third Apple Watch model has not changed in any way. This is the same OLED matrix with a resolution of 312 × 390 pixels for the 42 mm version, and 272 × 340 pixels for the 38 mm version. The aluminum model has the usual Ion-X glass, while the more expensive steel and ceramic cases are accompanied by a sapphire crystal.

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The picture on the watch is excellent. The maximum brightness is 1000 cd / m², the screen is easy to read in the sun, but in a dark room it can dazzle a little. The sensor works as always on top, Force Touch also works as it should. Well thought out control methods allow you to interact with the device without problems, despite the small screen. During testing, the only thing that could have happened not the first time was entering the PIN code after I took off the watch (although the keys themselves are drawn larger than before). Everything else, both the picture and the controls, can only be praised.

The lineup

The number of available variations of case materials and the variety of straps does not diminish. The watch is still available in aluminum, steel and ceramic cases, and a strap or bracelet can be found for all tastes from both Apple and third-party manufacturers.


Features of the

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS systems
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Water resistance 50 meters 1
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Spinning top
  • Light sensor
  • Siri says
  • Capacity 16GB
  • Ceramic back
  • Series 3 with GPS
    • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS systems
    • Barometric altimeter
    • Water resistance 50 meters 1
    • Heart rate sensor
    • Accelerometer
    • Spinning top
    • Light sensor
    • Siri says
    • Capacity 8 GB
    • Composite back


    • Apple Watch
      Aluminum case with sports strap or sports loops
      Stainless steel case Sport strap or Milanese loop
    • Apple Watch Nike
      Aluminum case with Nike Sport Band or Nike Sport Cycle
    • Apple Watch Hermès
      Stainless steel case with Ermes leather strap
      Additional Sport Band included with purchase
    • Apple Watch Edition
      Ceramic case with sport band
  • Series 3 with GPS
    • Apple Watch
      Aluminum case with sports strap
    • Apple Watch Nike
      Aluminum case with Nike Sport Band

    Dimensions (edit)

    • Height: 38.6mm
    • Width: 33.3mm
    • Depth: 11.4 mm
    • Body weight (with GPS): 26.7 g
    • Body weight (GPS cellular): 28.7g
  • Aluminum body. 42mm
    • Height: 42.5mm
    • Width: 36.4mm
    • Depth: 11.4 mm
    • Body weight (with GPS): 32.3 g
    • Body weight (GPS cellular): 34.9g
  • Stainless steel case. 38mm
    • Height: 38.6mm
    • Width: 33.3mm
    • Depth: 11.4 mm
    • Case weight: 42.4g
  • Stainless steel case. 42mm
    • Height: 42.5mm
    • Width: 36.4mm
    • Depth: 11.4 mm
    • Case weight: 52.8g
  • Ceramic body white. 38mm
    • Height: 39.2mm
    • Width: 34.0 mm
    • Depth: 11.8mm
    • Case weight: 40.1g
  • Ceramic body white. 42mm
    • Height: 42.6 mm
    • Width: 36.5mm
    • Depth: 11.4 mm
    • Case weight: 46.4g

    What iphone does Apple watch series 3 work with


    • LTE and UMTS 2
    • Wireless internet (802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz)
    • In bluetooth 4.2
      Learn more about available carriers
  • Series 3 with GPS
    • Wireless internet (802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz)
    • In bluetooth 4.2


    • Second generation OLED Retina display with Force touch technology
    • 2x brighter (1000 nits)
    • Sapphire crystal (stainless steel and ceramic cases)
    • Ion-X glass (aluminum cases)
    • 272 by 340 pixels (38mm)
    • 312 by 390 pixels (42mm)
  • Series 3 with GPS
    • Second generation OLED Retina display with Force touch technology
    • 2x brighter (1000 nits)
    • Ion-X glass
    • 272 by 340 pixels (38mm)
    • 312 by 390 pixels (42mm)


    • Language support
      English (Australia, UK, USA), Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, Traditional Hong Kong), French (Canada, France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Latin America, Mexico, Spain), Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
    • Languages ​​dictation
      English (Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA), Spanish (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic. Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, USA), French (BeLGium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland), German (Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland), Italian ( Italy, Switzerland), Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (mainland China, Taiwan), Chinese Cantonese (Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau), Arabic (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (BeLGium, Netherlands), Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi (India), Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Shanghai (China), Slovak. Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Swedish, Thai
    • Siri languages
      English (Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA), Spanish (Chile, Spain, Mexico, USA), French (BeLGium, Canada, France, Switzerland), German (Austria, Germany. Switzerland), Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (mainland China, Taiwan), Cantonese (Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau), Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), Danish (Denmark), Dutch ( BeLGium, Netherlands), Finnish (Finland), Hebrew (Israel), Malay (Malaysia), Norwegian (Norway), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey)
    • Apple Watch Series 3 has a 50 meter water resistance rating based on ISO 22810: 2010. This means it can be used for shallow water activities such as swimming in a pool or ocean. However, Apple Watch Series 3 should not be used for diving, water skiing or other activities involving high-speed water or diving below shallow depths.
    • A plan for the wireless services required for cellular communications. Apple watch and iPhone service provider should be the same. Not available from all service providers. Not all service providers support corporate accounts; check with your employer and service provider. Some legacy plans may not be compatible. Prepaid plans are not supported. Coverage depends on the network operator. Roaming is not available outside of your carrier network. Check with your service provider for more details. Check out for wireless participation and selection.
    • Apple Watch battery testing was conducted by Apple in August 2017 using preproduction Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) and Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS Cellular), each paired with an iPhone, all tested with pre-release software. Battery life will vary depending on settings, usage and other factors; actual operating time may vary. See and for more information.

    Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS Cellular) requires an iPhone with iOS 6 or later 11 or later. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) requires iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later. Apple Watch Series 1 requires iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later.

    Some features may not be available in all countries or regions. Click here. to see the full list.
    To learn more about wearing Apple Watch, good fit, potential skin sensitivity, and proper care and cleaning, click here.
    All models are supplied in individual cases and channel combinations. Sports, woven nylon, stainless steel and leather straps are all compatible with all Apple Watch models.