Apple TV 4k what is it

Apple TV and Chromecast Supported Resolutions

The Chromecast can be connected to a TV or projector via High Speed ​​HDMI. This means 4K resolution is supported, so you can enjoy your content in the highest quality possible. Obviously, this is possible if you have a device compatible with this resolution, otherwise the scale will be reduced. 4K. it is not easy, but HDR technology is also integrated, which gives colors more realistic intensity.

Apple TV already has a supported resolution: 4K. In this case, it can be connected to monitors, TVs and even projectors, although obviously these external elements must be compatible with 4K resolutions to be seen at that resolution. The connection method is also via an HDMI cable, which, by the way, is not included in the package. So we end up with similar specifications in this regard.

Connecting to video game controllers

Whether it’s Apple Arcade or App Store video games, Apple TV supports a variety of controls that you can use to enjoy your game. All those who already have MFi certification will be compatible, but it also allows wireless controller connection of various video consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Of course, for those who belong to the new generation of Microsoft consoles and from Sony you will need to install TVOS 14.5 or newer.

In the case of Chromecast 2020, the ability to connect to console controls like Playstation or Xbox is also included. They will be designed to take advantage of Google Stadiums, a proprietary video game service. To this is also added the ability to connect to a control that is owned by Google itself and which is also intended to be used by Stadia.

Connect to accessories such as headphones and speakers

The Apple player is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows you to connect all kinds of wireless audio accessories with this connectivity, be it speakers or headphones. Something outstanding. it is the ability to connect up to two pairs of headphones at the same time, although it should be said that when it comes to speakers, HomePods have other disadvantages as well. They are compatible, but this speaker cannot be assigned as the default for Apple TV, which is incomprehensible since two products of the same brand.

The Chromecast 2020 has a Bluetooth 4.1 connection, which, while inferior to that of Apple’s device, allows you to connect a variety of accessories. Here, the use of the console’s controls stands out primarily in order to be able to enjoy games integrated with Google Stadia or other wireless headphones. But unlike Apple TV, you can’t easily connect different speakers as it doesn’t have the same technology as AirPlay 2. It only has the option of connecting your Chromecast to Nest speakers, which is ideal when using Spotify to have music in your home if you need it.

IPhone Compatibility

The iPhone is arguably one of the main allies of the Apple TV. The ability to duplicate your screen on the monitor you’re connected to is a highlight, as is the AirPlay sharing. However, the most interesting feature is related to what was already mentioned above, namely, the possibility of having an application on the iPhone that controls the device. This is especially useful when searching in text, since it is more convenient to write via a mobile phone.

If we’re talking about a Chromecast, even though it’s not part of the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone can be used to perform the initial setup via the Google Home app. Once this is done, you can forget about the device, as you will not need to operate with the remote control, which is included, as we have already commented earlier. But what persists. it is the essence of Chromecast that has permeated all generations in existence today.

Since you can AirPlay content to Apple TV in the Apple ecosystem, Chromecast has a similar system. You will be able to share content using a distinctive button that is available in many content streaming apps such as Netflix or YouTube. This way, you can have much more complete control over everything that you watch with this device on your TV.

They vary greatly in design.

In the Apple TV 4K, as with previous generations of this device (this is the fifth), we find a black box measuring 3.5 x 9.8 x 9.8 centimeters in height, width and depth. It weighs 425 grams and may even remind us of a CPU / CPU like a Mac mini. Its a way to connect to your TV. through the appropriate HDMI cable, while the other outlet must be powered, because this device requires its own power. It should be noted that it is only available in black.


Google Chromecast 2020, in turn, is completely different as it starts with a much more portable design thanks to its dimensions of 1.62 x 0.61 x 1.25 centimeters and a weight of only 55 grams. Visually, they are undoubtedly two completely different worlds, with a rounded and small design in this case, with a USB-C connection and a cable that comes out of the Chromecast body and acts as an HDMI output.

Remote control similar

Here we find a huge similarity between both teams, and this is what the Siri Remote, which Apple calls its team, is very similar to the Google Chromecast team. Or maybe we should say it the other way around, because Apple TV is coming first. In any case, both are functional and fully adapted to its interface.

In the case of Siri Remote, it has always been accused of not being intuitive, although in the end it suits all tastes and once its learning curve is overcome, it is extremely easy to use. On some TVs, it may even serve as the primary control for changing the volume or switching between TV channels when you are not in the TVOS interface. If you lose the remote, keep in mind that the Apple TV control function is standard on iPhone and iPad and looks similar to the remote itself.

As we noted, Chromecast also integrates its own control, and while it has similarities, it turns out to be more complete than the Apple TV as it has different direct access buttons. This means that in addition to being able to navigate and launch various applications, you can also quickly access applications such as social networks such as YouTube or Netflix were mentioned in the proposal. It also has a shortcut to mute the sound or return to the main menu to change the content you are watching.

Apple Exclusive Platforms

In 2019, Apple TV and Apple Arcade were officially launched, the company’s new streaming platforms for television and video games. While it is true that they are being rolled out to other non-brand devices, they are not yet available on Google Chromecast 2020 (at least as of the time this article was published). If you subscribe to one or both services and choose a Google device, you will not be able to use it.

Similar apps available

The Apple TV streaming video service launched on November 1 with several exclusive TV series. All of them are available with a single and, moreover, inexpensive subscription: 199 rubles per month. And owners of iPhone 11 (any version) will be able to use Apple TV for free for a whole year. We do not know whether it will become a serious competitor to Netflix, but we answer the main questions about the service itself.

What to watch

What is the content itself? What is the assortment of films and TV series? So far, at the start, the choice is very small: one documentary film. the already mentioned “Queen of Africa” ​​- and seven TV series, each of which has several episodes available (at least three).

Interestingly, the series are completely diverse and designed for different audiences. The Morning Show is a topical drama about a popular TV presenter (Jennifer Aniston), whose TV show partner was accused of sexual harassment. Viewers will find behind the scenes of the TV world, intrigue and total cynicism. “For the sake of all mankind” is a story about an alternative reality, where cosmonauts of the USSR landed on the moon and the space race continued. See is a spectacular post-apocalyptic saga starring Jason Momoa. According to the plot, after a global epidemic, only two million people survive on the planet, and they lose the ability to see, and the achievements of progress are gradually forgotten, so that a century later, humanity is thrown back into the Stone Age.

There are also two projects for very little ones: “Helpers” and “Snoopy in Space”. In the first, there are puppets in the spirit of Sesame Street and real actors, in the second everything is drawn. It’s hard for me to evaluate them, but my seven-year-old son was skeptical about both series: even for younger students, they are already boring. But “Helpers” is so far the only project in Apple TV with full-fledged Russian dubbing. All other Russian-speaking viewers will have to watch with subtitles. Even “Snoopy in Space”.

Perhaps the most impressive piece on the Apple TV right now is Queen of Africa. This is truly a splendid documentary about a herd of elephants, which their leader. the elephant Athena. leads across African vast expanses in search of a better place to live.

On the one hand, there are stunning wildlife shots here. from huge elephants that can be seen in every detail (it is impossible not to fall in love with them), to tiny East African frogs, praying mantises, chameleons and other jungle inhabitants. On the other hand, this is not just a documentary in the spirit of Animal Planet, but a touching story, a whole drama with many offshoots and vivid characters.

Everything about Apple TV: what to watch and what to watch

Where and how to watch

Most importantly, to access the service, you must install the latest version of the Apple operating system. In the case of the iPhone, this is iOS 13, on the iPad. iPadOS, on computers. macOS Catalina, on Apple TV. TVOS 13. Without an update, alas, nothing will work.

In our review of macOS Catalina, we told you that instead of the previous iTunes application, there are now three applications, one of which is Apple TV. It is in it that you need to subscribe. Likewise on all other devices.

An important point: through Apple ID, information about your views is synchronized across all devices. So you can start watching on your smartphone, then pick up where you left off on your laptop, and end up on your Apple TV media player. In addition, on any device you can download the episode and watch it offline.

Apple TV 4K review

However, it should be borne in mind that each series can “weigh” several gigabytes. And, for example, an hour and a half documentary “Queen of Africa” ​​- more than 7 GB. Therefore, loading may not be the most rational solution. Rather, it is needed for those who want to take several episodes on a trip or like to watch TV series on the way to work or home.

What’s under the hood

All content presented in the service is played in 4K. At the same time, if the Internet connection is not fast enough, then the quality is automatically reduced. In case you download the episode to your computer, it turns out to be at the following address: Macintosh HD / Users / username / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / TV Shows / TV show name / season number / episode file.

If you download a movie (so far there is only one on Apple TV, but others will appear later), then its address will be slightly different: Macintosh HD / Users / username / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Downloads-TV / movie name. And here’s what’s interesting: the file format is now HLS Video. Not a single player, except for Apple TV, plays it, and we could not even get information about the resolution, codec and other parameters. neither by built-in nor by third-party means.

The HLS Video file can be opened as a package and its contents are quite interesting. Inside there is a huge number of folders, but almost all of the volume is the first. It contains a lot of approximately the same files with the extension.frag.

Apparently, those that weigh 10-15 MB are just pieces of video. And the rest are auxiliary files. Another folder contains a similar number of many times smaller files: apparently, this is sound. Why the files in the remaining folders are needed is a mystery.

Please note that some movies previously purchased from iTunes are still downloaded in good old M4V. The screenshot below is the file “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, uploaded directly at the time of writing this article.

But, for example, the latest “Mad Max” is also in HLS Video. It can be assumed that this is a file format designed specifically for 4K content.

Strictly speaking, an ordinary user, of course, does not care what format is downloaded there, since it was impossible to transfer files freely between devices before: iTunes content was always well protected from any unauthorized use. But in this case, from the point of view of the researcher, the problem with HLS Video is that we cannot get any information about the video. By the way, it is impossible to take a screenshot on Apple TV during playback. no matter what device you are using. precisely, you can formally take a picture, but instead of a frame, you will see a black screen.

The only way to roughly estimate the bitrate, for example, is to simply divide the file size by the length of the movie / episode in seconds (well, multiply by 8 to get megabits from megabytes). However, you can see that the volumes vary greatly. An hour and a half movie is more than 7 GB, and an hour-long movie is less than 3 GB. In general, everything is very individual.

The subjective impressions of the video quality are very good. In “Queen of Africa” ​​the picture is simply amazing. it is so detailed and expressive. Dickinson and See look great. Slightly less impressive are “For All Humanity”, “Messages from the Ghost” and “The Morning Show”. there just the video itself is boring. But no complaints.

In general, we can say that Apple is setting new standards for quality for streaming services: 4K and no compromises.

How much does it cost and who needs an Apple TV

Apple TV costs 199 rubles per month in Russia, before that, a free trial seven-day subscription is available (but if you don’t like it, do not forget to cancel it, since after a week the money for the first month will be automatically debited). For owners and future buyers of new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch and Apple computers, the service will be free for a year. And you don’t have to do anything. the system automatically gives you the opportunity to subscribe to an annual subscription. The service will be free for those who have signed up for a student Apple Music subscription.

But if we still proceed from the cost of 199 rubles per month, is it a lot or a little? It all depends on whether you like at least one of the series currently presented in the service. If you find one, the price will be justified. Still, one new movie in iTunes is already more expensive. And here. several episodes at once. A huge plus is, of course, multiplatform and convenience. Minus. the lack of Russian-language voice acting (except for “Helpers”). But still the cornerstone is content.

True, it will be replenished. Several more films and TV series are promised in the near future. Of these, judging by the announcement and the names of the creators, the most promising is the thriller “Servant” by M. Night Shyamalan. The problem with everything else is a clear emphasis on the American audience and its problems. We are promised the following plots: “trendy podcasts about real crimes that have taken over America make us seriously think about media ethics and the boundaries of privacy”, “a series based on real stories from the lives of immigrants in America”, “two black entrepreneurs trying to circumvent racial restrictions 1950- years, providing mortgage loans to African Americans in the Texas era of segregation, “the protagonist tries to find a balance between the ordinary life of an American teenager and the realities of a traditional Muslim family.”.

Is any of this impressive? Would you like to see? Of course, everyone has their own tastes, but so far both announcements and projects that have already been released are more likely to be classified in the category “you can look at your leisure if nothing more interesting turns up”. However, this is just the beginning. Even at the presentation, projects of Spielberg and Jay Jay Abrams were promised, and such authors do not exchange for trifles.

In general, if you have Apple devices and you are interested in foreign TV shows, and the prospect of watching with subtitles or in English does not bother you, sign up for a trial subscription and watch at least pieces of Apple TV projects. Well, and “Queen of Africa” ​​- in its entirety. And then decide whether to pay 199 rubles or it is better to wait for a fundamental expansion of the assortment.

Will show the movie on the big screen TV

Of course, all the movies that you buy or rent through the iTunes Store work seamlessly on Apple TV 3. But many people will also be interested in viewing content from alternative sources. for example, from a Mac hard drive.

This is my first personal Apple TV. Before that, I had to work with test samples or set-top boxes of colleagues and friends. Therefore, I naively believed that with the help of banal screen mirroring via AirPlay, I would be able to watch my videos and offline films on a large TV screen. Was wrong.

Regular screen mirroring is not always suitable for watching movies on a TV screen via AirPlay.

БОЛЬШОЙ обзор телеприставки Apple TV 4K в 2019/2020 подписки Apple TV

Yes, video replay will help with viewing photos and presentations. Nevertheless, when the transmitted image becomes multicolored and dynamic, high-quality sound appears and that’s all, the Wi-Fi channel may simply not be enough. especially if your router is not directly under the set-top box.

The way out will be a direct connection of the Internet to Apple TV via Ethernet (there is such an opportunity here). However, I did not plan to fill up the entire apartment with wires and deliberately did not run the cable to the TV during the renovation. No wired internet in 2018. What to do?

You need an application that will transmit via AirPlay not a copy of the screen, but a specific video that will be buffered.

Bad option: 5KPlayer (free). At one time, this video player for Mac famously shot, as it was able to transfer video and audio from iPhone and iPad to the Mac screen. Opportunity in my eyes is useless, but many liked it.

But with the advent of this feature in QuickTime Player, the need for 5KPlayer in this context has disappeared.

Nevertheless, the player can work with Apple TV in the form that we need. to transmit not a duplicate of the screen, but a video stream. This feature works without jerks and slowdowns, but it is limited only by Apple’s proprietary MP4, and this is a failure.

It may sound silly, but I am also confused by the player icon with hello from the days of skeuomorphism, with which it replaces all video files if you install the default application for them.

Great option: Soda Player (free) is another matter. This player can transfer videos of absolutely any format to Apple TV without any problems.

In addition, it works with torrents without the need to download, supports SOCKS5 and can even stream videos to Chromecast. The application works almost seamlessly, it has an excellent interface and a nice minimalistic blue icon.

It is strange that we do not have a full review of this miracle solution, and I will definitely correct this annoying misunderstanding.

It doesn’t have Apple Music, but it can be solved

Unfortunately, you can’t use Apple Music on the 3rd generation Apple TV without additional devices. However, it didn’t turn out to be a problem for me.

You can stream audio via AirPlay from iTunes or from a mobile device without any problems at all. To do this, just select Apple TV as a playback source, and the sound from the iPhone, iPad or Mac will immediately go to the built-in acoustics of the TV or an audio system connected to it.

On Apple TV, you can select the Now Playing menu. It shows the song title, time and album cover. You will not be able to control playback through the set-top box itself. Nevertheless, if you started music via iPhone, you can even control it using Apple Watch.

What’s more, Apple Music does not end with the scope for action. You can also use any other music service that suits you.

And the set-top box will open hundreds of TV channels.

When I bought the 3rd generation Apple TV, I thought, first of all, to jailbreak the set-top box and try to get the most out of it. Nevertheless, I did not study this issue in advance and faced the impossibility of hacking it and installing some additional software.

By and large, even a number of scenarios for using AirPlay would be enough for me (at least for the ridiculous price of this Apple TV), but access to additional content through DNS spoofing came to the rescue.

It transforms the built-in apps of your old Apple TV into limitless aggregators for TV channels, movies and series.

Pager TV is the most legal service (known to us), with the help of which you can link an IPTV playlist with TV channels offered by any of the operators of your choice to an old set-top box.

Using the service costs 1 per month. But a couple of weeks for testing is free. How to set it up?

Turn on Apple TV. not only 3rd generation, 2nd generation will do

Open “Settings”

Go to the “General” section

Expand the Network menu

Step 5. In the WI-FI or Ethernet item, find the DNS setting.

Select “Manual” in “DNS Settings” and enter: or

Return to the “General” section and place the cursor on the item “Send data to Apple”

Open the “Profiles” menu using the “Play” button on the remote

Select “Add Profile”

Enter the address and click “Add”

Sign up to Pager TV service from your computer or smartphone

Go to the VIMEO app on Apple TV

Log into your Pager TV account from your computer or smartphone

Enter here the unique code that you see on the TV screen and click “Save Changes”

Now go to your playlist and add a link to the M3U playlist with channels, here is a test one for 3 channels.

Sign out of VIMEO on your Apple TV using the Menu button on your remote and sign in again. Above you will see switching between playlists, of which you may have several.

Where to get such a playlist? Many ISPs work with IPTV, and a 3rd generation Apple TV can be a great way to use them.

over, the service website has a ton of additional instructions that will even help you create an IPTV playlist on your own.

The default YouTube app works

Of course, any modern Smart TV has YouTube. On my new TVs on Tizen from Samsung, the video service client is also preinstalled. But sometimes I use panels without smart features, and an inexpensive Apple TV allows me to watch my favorite vlogs, reviews and news.

By and large, many today prefer YouTube, not films or traditional television. Therefore, this opportunity on the big screen is more than relevant.

You can log into your account and get a list of subscriptions, there is a normal search and even browsing history. These features are enough for the 3rd generation Apple TV.

Why Apple TV 3 is needed in 2018

Recently I bought a 3rd generation Apple TV. At first glance, this decision looks very strange in 2018. Nevertheless, with the help of a set-top box, which was discontinued in 2016, I solved a whole set of questions and spent a penny on it.

Now Apple TV replaces HDMI, which I have recently been allergic to, makes it possible to listen to Apple Music on my home audio system and watch videos from a MacBook on a TV screen, and also gives access to hundreds of TV channels.

Apple TV 3rd generation does not support TVOS. this is a set-top box that cannot be installed with applications from the App Store.

It will coolly replace HDMI over AirPlay

I burned my MacBook Pro via HDMI. this happened in March this year. After a tragic event, after which I had to buy another Apple laptop for a replacement and spend a lot of money on repairs, I do not use such cables at all.

After plugging an HDMI to USB-C cable into one of the four ports of the 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, it really started to smoke (like special effects from cheap action movies), I smelled burning and a sense of hopelessness replaced watching Paddington’s Adventures 2 “.

The laptop did not die completely. One USB-C port definitely did not work for him, and the rest of the problems lay inside the “non-separable” case.

5 weeks I waited for the entire motherboard to be replaced under warranty, I was glad that the case was generally recognized as a marriage, and decided to stop using HDMI if possible.

The 3rd generation Apple TV turned out to be one of the cheapest, but adequate options to get rid of wires and stream video to a TV or projector from a Mac via Wi-Fi.

To do this, it is enough to enable screen mirroring via AirPlay from the menu bar (if the corresponding icon is not here, go to “System settings” “Monitors” and look for the video repeat options). Works passably, you can make presentations to the public and show photos to friends.

It works similarly with iPhones and iPads. You need to select “Screen Repeat” in the “Control Center” and decide on the Apple TV to which you want to broadcast all this.

What is the bottom line? Need an Apple TV 3 in 2018 or not?

I bought a 3rd generation Apple TV for 50. It is used, but in a complete set and no signs of use at all. I think that even for AirPlay alone, this is more than an affordable price, even with a cool Smart TV.

Do you need this prefix or not? If you do not see the point in everything that I have described, it is not needed. If you don’t mind a couple of hundred bucks for the current generation, you better take it. If it’s a pity, it’s not a bad option.

Of course, if you already have a similar Apple TV, and you use it in a special way, be sure to share your scripts in the comments. Interesting topic.

How to set up

Everything is fine, but you have to tinker a little for the service to work on Apple TV. The instruction is on the site, just in case I will duplicate it here.

Settings General Network.
Choose the network your Apple TV is connected to.
Change Configure DNS to Manual, specify as DNS.

Now you need to install a profile to force the Apple TV to trust the site’s certificate:

  • On Apple TV 2/3 in Settings General.
  • On Apple TV 4 Settings Basic Privacy
  • Scroll down the menu to Send Data to Apple and press Play (not Select!) On the remote.
  • Accept the warning by choosing OK.
  • Enter as profile URL and click Submit.

Now, instead of the standard Qello application, the soap4me interface will open. The first time you log in, you will need to enter your username and password.

To return everything as it was, you need to delete the profile (Settings General Profiles) and return the DNS settings to their original state.

That’s all, now the nights will be sleepless, because you want to watch all the series at once, you don’t know where to start.

What else can

What else is the 4th generation Apple TV capable of? This thing can run games, unlike the previous generation device, there is a completely different interface, a stupid touch panel instead of a convenient remote with buttons.

Apple advertises the set-top box, telling how it is convenient to show photos and videos on it to guests from the iPhone or bring the Photo Stream there, but I did not do such outrages.

I will not remind you about music and videos from iTunes, if you use Apple’s streaming service, and good acoustics are connected to the TV, you will get an excellent music center. Although it has become inconvenient to turn on the TV just to listen to music, it’s easier to put a speaker in the spirit of Harman-Kardon GoPlay at home and get great sound.

Useful thing or not?

I have tried and run a video from a macbook, streaming it to a TV via Apple TV. But then it turned out that it was inconvenient to watch a movie with regular means. To my surprise, the picture and sound did not match. After surfing the internet, I found the Beamer app for Mac, it works much better than AirPlay, but it costs money. There are already no problems with it, it supports both Apple TV and Chromecast, but again the question arises, why are all these problems?

So the Apple TV stood and covered with dust, I just could not understand what is the point of this thing in the house.

Watch TV series

I admit that you are such an ideal-righteous person, you buy movies on iTunes. Okay, and I either go to the movies or download serials from torrents.

I got tired of downloading serials, because I watched one episode and forgot to go back and don’t want to, why store extra data. So I got to watching TV shows online. At first it was a turbo movie, then I tried the soap4me service, I have been using it for several years.

What it is? An online service where tons of TV shows are posted, everything is laid out and sorted, if someone used iTunes, they will immediately fall in love with it. A catalog where everything is beautiful and clear. You can watch the video both through the browser and through the application, the program works on iOS and Android. The sound goes both in the original and in dubbing, different video quality settings, you can add subtitles. If you wish, you can also download a torrent if you are going on a trip where there will be no Internet. Anyway, hoping for high-quality Wi-Fi in a hotel is a utopia.

In my opinion, there is everything you need to be happy. The service can be used for free, but it is better to pay a small amount to its creators 900 rubles per year, get more opportunities. What is the difference, described in detail:

Regular account:
– the ability to follow the release of new episodes
– marks of the viewed episodes and the number of remaining for viewing
– user reviews
– commenting on episodes and their rating
– recommendations
– downloading TV series with torrents (you need to follow the rating)
– 5 personalized RSS feeds and 1 general.

An extended account provides additional features:
– online viewing on almost any device, both in voice acting and with subtitles:
—- browsers (desktop, mobile, smart TV)
—- mobile applications (ios, Android)
-. media centers (plex, kodi, movian)
-. set-top boxes (Apple TV, dune)
– access to TV series in the form of podcasts, for iTunes, Downcast or mobile applications
– push notifications when new episodes are released for iOS and Android
– no rating limit for torrents
– up to 60 personalized RSS feeds and 5 general ones including serials from the “I am watching” list

My ancient 3rd generation TV box worked fine with soap4me. There were no problems with the new 4th generation Apple TV, I also tested it.

The set-top box is ideal for watching TV series!

It’s already lazy to open a laptop, go to a root tracker or its next mirror, look for a fresh season there, download it, wait (especially important if the Internet is not very fast), then copy data to disk, connect to a TV. too many actions in our lazy time when you want to do everything at the touch of a button.

Why do you need an Apple TV? I’ve only found one use

Once upon a time a friend gave me an Apple TV. Having connected the black box to the TV, I tried to “stream” video from the iPhone and iPad to the big screen, hurray, everything works, but why is it? Why broadcast video from your phone or tablet, if it’s easier to use the built-in Smart TV or its analogs if you want to watch a movie? Easier, and no extra costs for a TV set-top box are required.

Apple TV of the 3rd generation has long been discontinued, there are almost no new ones, finding a used version is not a problem. Do you need a new Apple TV 4 in the home? For my modest needs, an old console is enough for the eyes. The new one is cooler and more powerful, but I don’t like its remote control, I still don’t play games on it, the abundance of applications or Siri means nothing to me.

For me, Apple TV was a convenient help for watching TV shows, I set it up once and everything works, it’s simple and understandable, now it’s clear why Americans love it so much.

On the Internet, you can find another point of view, they say, Apple TV is a useless purchase, you can do everything yourself and do without it. This is already a reason for endless debate, because if you clearly know what the device is capable of and what you want from it, the attitude depends on it. As a tool for watching online videos, in particular TV series, it is just perfect.

Apple TV 4K review. Why is it needed and is there a difference?

The other day we tested a new set-top box and figured out all its pros and cons.

At the same time, we looked to see if there is a difference from 4K movies on a suitable TV. And we were convinced that yes. Especially if they just offer you 4K for almost everything you’ve already bought from the iTunes Store.

TVOS is the most ambitious TV platform

I think Apple engineers and developers are very proud of the fact that they managed to redraw everything and everything in 4K HDR. and not voluntarily, but forcibly.

At first glance, it seems that this is a purely positive fact. But not always. It turns out that the TV does not use any of its intellectual mechanisms, because the content is already in the best quality.

However, there is information on the net that Apple continues to work on the aLGorithms that are necessary for the best 4K HDR display.

And with the updates, the company’s new set-top box will definitely perform even better.

Not without a spoonful of Apple tar

A few months ago, our site reported that 4K YouTube was being discontinued via Safari on Apple devices.

It turns out that watching YouTube in 4K on the new set-top box will not work with all the desire. At least for now. and the same situation with some other content.

Apple has set out to make iTunes the largest repository for 4K and HDR content. At the same time, all films you purchased should, if possible, be updated to this standard.

However, the company has yet to sign the relevant agreements with Marvel and Disney. Therefore, watching the second part of the Guardians of the Galaxy or the last Star Wars in 4K will not be released.

And of course, the current Apple TV doesn’t support Dolby Atmos surround sound. It is embedded in almost all content prepared for Dolby Vision, but not for this set-top box.

Conclusions: pros and cons of the new Apple TV

In sum, the new Apple TV is the best set-top box on the market. There is nothing more interesting in the plane of modern consumer electronics.

  • The best remote control on the market
  • Convenient interface for managing content and software
  • The only set-top box with Dolby Vision support
  • The largest number of additional software, including games. no Smart TV stood nearby
  • Cheaper official content compared to competitors
  • iTunes. Potentially Largest 4K HDR Storage
  • Prospects for further development of the platform
  • Today, forced image processing is far from always smooth, but in theory this should be corrected in the future.
  • Lack of 4K support on YouTube. maybe this is Apple’s principled position
  • Disney and Marvel have not yet signed an agreement with Apple for 4K HDR content. we think this is a temporary phenomenon
  • Dolby Atmos sound has not been delivered yet, but it will definitely be finalized
  • Not cheap

It turns out that most of the objective problems that exist in Apple TV today are just a matter of time. As a result, the question may remain only from YouTube.

Buy Apple TV 4K 32 GB: 13 490 rubles.

But subjective (for example, price) is the positioning and position of Apple in the market. The company focuses on the top and is not going to compete with the Chinese.

⁉️ The final question is whether to buy a new Apple TV? If you have or are planning a 4K and HDR TV, yes. If not, and soon will not be. you can take the past generation.

New-old remote control for Apple TV 4K

The new Apple TV 4K remote is very similar to what we’ve seen before. Nevertheless, it has several clear differences that betray belonging to a fresh TV set-top box.

Another benefit of the updated Apple TV remote is the redesigned three-axis gyroscope, which more accurately tracks the position of this device in space.

The touch panel of the remote control remains the same. I am more than happy with it, but not everyone at agrees with me. some insist that it is small and uncomfortable. Controversial.

I think the Apple TV remote is the best thing on the TV market today. They can easily control everything that happens on the screen. including software.

If the remote control is not enough, you can, as an option, connect a wireless keyboard to the set-top box, with the help of which it will be much easier to type the same text.

Is there a difference between Full HD and 4K?

To answer that question, we opened iTunes and downloaded the Logan movie to both Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K. On the first device, the video is played in the maximum resolution. 1080p. And on the second. in 4K.

To compare the results, just move the sliders. They deliberately did not take screenshots so that the difference would be noticeable in reality, and not in a digital picture.

Straight to the point. What’s new and old about Apple TV 4K?

Apple TV 4K works with HD, 4K, SDR, HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision and will work with Dolby Atmos in the future. But this very “future” is not the most definite.

    ? HD. 720p or 1080p resolution.

Apple TV is the only set-top box that works with Dolby Vision technology. If you like, this is generally one of its main advantages.

A new set-top box Apple today costs from 13.5 thousand rubles. It is expensive. But no other device will deliver that level of content and software experience.

How to connect Apple TV

Many users have a question about how to connect to Apple TV. The set-top box must be synchronized with your home TV. In this case, the TV must have a connector for an HDMI cable or Wi-Fi.

It is recommended that you use a wired HDMI cable connection to access all the features and functionality of your Apple set-top box. iTunes won’t be available when Apple TV is connected via WI-FI.

HDMI cable not included with Apple set-top box.

For the synchronization procedure, you need to prepare:

  • a set with an Apple TV device;
  • TV with HDMI cable connector;
  • cable;
  • provide internet connection.

To connect, you need to do the following:

  • Using an HDMI cable, connect the set-top box to your home TV.
  • Turn on the gadget and TV. If the connection is correct, the hardware setup menu should appear.
  • Turn on the remote control. To do this, you need to click on the touch surface of the remote control.
  • Perform initial configuration.
  • Set interface language, region and Siri (virtual personal assistant).
  • Connect to the Internet and activate your accounts on services.

Now the Apple set-top box is working, you can download and play multimedia content from your devices and through the available services right on the TV screen.

If the set-top box and TV are synchronized using an Internet cable, then it is also inserted into the device, and all other steps are repeated, as when connecting via an HDMI cable.

Other possibilities

The gadget allows you to display on the TV screen all media files from the user’s iPad, iPhone or Macbooka.

Another function. it is managing the HomeKit ecosystem using the Home app.

Through this gadget it is permissible to play games, which can be selected in the built-in media library.

What is Apple TV and what is it for

Many users are interested in the question of what an Apple TV is. is a video device for watching iTunes purchased products on your home TV.

Why do you need an Apple TV

Consider why this device is needed. This gadget from Apple is a small form factor network device designed to download and play media content on a TV.

The gadget works over the Internet TV protocol and is synchronized with the latest generation of IPTV.

Services from which you can play Apple TV media:

  • iTunes;
  • YouTube;
  • Netflix;
  • Flickr 7.

This receiver can reproduce information taken from gadgets that run on Mac or Windows operating systems.



In order to play music through this device, you need to purchase a subscription. There are various options for such a service: student, annual, individual, family. Free trial available.

Subscription unlocks access to 40 mLG of songs that you can listen to online and without ads.


Airplay. it is a technology designed to transfer audio and video content from a computer, tablet or mobile phone to a set-top box.

In order for the system to work properly, you must:

  • Install the latest software.
  • Check device compatibility.

This technology is not designed to transfer data between iOS devices or from an iOS device to a Mac computer.

Films and series

With this set-top box from Apple, you can watch movies and TV shows in good quality 4K HDR.

In the media library, the user will find a variety of genres: from blockbuster to the latest news and weather forecast. Programs for children, concerts, podcasts and much more are available for viewing.

Apple TV advantages over analogues

A TV box from Apple has a number of advantages in comparison with similar devices. Other gadgets have a narrow range of possibilities, they are intended either only for television, or only for games. And in the box from Apple, both of these functions are present.

This set-top box differs from Smart-TV in a simple, convenient and intuitive interface. It is made by analogy with applications for devices with the operating system iOS.

Apple’s remote has a user-friendly touchpad, accelerometer and gyroscope to enhance your gaming experience. This remote control does not need a battery, it is charged using the Lightning cable that comes with the set-top box. One battery charge lasts for several months.

All previously purchased media content purchased from iTunes can be transferred to the set-top box gallery.

You can install an application with a karaoke function on this gadget. this is another difference from similar prefixes.

Wireless acoustics can be connected to the set-top box via Bluetooth, all gamepads are marked MFI.

Compared to competitors, Apple’s set-top box offers licensed content at more affordable prices.

The gadget is equipped with the latest memory management technology: applications are not downloaded completely, but in parts. This means that only the part that is currently needed for normal operation is loaded. The rest of the elements are gradually loaded, and the unnecessary ones are deleted.

What is Apple TV and why you need it

So what is Apple TV? It is a small form factor network device designed to enable the download and playback of digital media electronically available on the Internet via a television. This seemingly simple device is a special kind of digital receiver developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

Apple TV is compatible with the next generation of IPTV over the Internet TV protocol. Apple TVs can download and play videos from iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, or Flickr 7 on today’s advanced TVs. In addition, they can process content from iTunes running on Mac or Windows operating systems.

The first Apple TV appeared on the market in 2006 with a 40 GB hard drive, but soon the next generation of the receiver was released in an improved version, featuring optimized dimensions and a very reasonable price.

The current Apple TV can stream data from the Internet or locally connected sources using AirPlay. a system for streaming data from portable media players, internet tablets and smartphones to other devices over a wireless network.

You can fully experience what Apple TV is in all its guises thanks to its use in combination with AirPlay. Apple TV AirPlay lets you wirelessly share the picture and sound from your iOS device with your HD TV and speakers in your home. With a simple click of a button, you can take the video you are watching on your iPad and send it to your HDTV via Apple TV.

Since 2007, the Apple TV YouTube wireless video transmission system has been introduced. This service demonstrates video materials on the user’s widescreen TV directly from YouTube.

With a sleek Apple TV interface and a simple Apple Remote, viewers can easily view, find, and watch free YouTube videos on their home TV anytime.

A distinctive feature of later Apple TV models is the ability to rent movies, rather than buy them, as many users do. The settings make it easy to select the film strip, as well as any content available on Netflix, YouTube and MobileMe. YouTube even has its own categories among those available in the device settings, which makes it much easier to watch videos from this popular Internet resource.

In March 2012, the third generation Apple TV launched, which supports 1080p video. Thanks to a recent software update, they also now support Bluetooth keyboard. Otherwise, it is very similar to the second generation device, which was launched in September 2010 and only supported 720p video.

The device works quietly and efficiently. It is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand. Therefore, it can be put in any convenient place, and when it is in standby mode, it consumes much less electricity than your night light.

Now we can confidently answer the question of what an Apple TV is. Combined with AirPlay, it is simplicity, convenience and comfort for all users who love to watch something on the Internet. That’s what Apple TV is!

The feud from the Apple TV

Also, Apple TV is the reason why it’s worth describing it, and at the same time I’ll get rid of the main tricks and attach it to the enemies.

Sho take Apple TV?

If we speak in terms, then Apple TV is a tense media player, like a miracle of integration into the eco-system of Apple products. If you have a lot of Apple brand gadget, then it is not necessary to completely buy Apple TV. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, then Apple TV. to the best of the company.

It will take a few seconds to connect the annex to the TV set. Everything that needs to be done is to connect the HDMI cable (it is not included in the kit) to the TV set and Apple TV, and then connect the cable to the set-top box. Having removed the TV set, you will need to turn the available port into any connection to the Apple media player and to continue the adjustment. The interface of the system is minimalistic, in the Eplivsky style. If you used to be against Apple technology, then you won’t get it.

Design of the attachment and remote control

The name of Apple TV may not be seen from the front generation of Apple TV, if the prefix has become a sutta “tovstishoyu”. There is a matte top and glossy sides, as it is even easier to pick up finger beats, but for the masters of the Apple technology, it is more expensive. Nezrozumіlim zalishaєtsya those for whom the virobnik does not put the HDMI cable in the kit without any uncomfortable plugging in the attachments. On the body of the attachment є 4 roses:

  • HDMI;
  • Ethernet;
  • USB-C;
  • Rose for live prefix.

Remote Keruvannya. tse okrem theme. It is unlikely that you can tweak it from be-yakim decisions on the market. The battery is trimmed for a month, which stands for virobnik, and charging is possible for an additional lightning cable. The touch panel is a magician, if you go to the right to rewind movies and video, as well as control in games. The smartest remote control features a futuristic view of the iPod Nano.

Operational system and new features

If you go into the optimization of the operating system, then it’s important to compete with Apple. The interface of the system and the intelligence of the floor, so that you can navigate the children, you can connect the set-top box to the TV set and set up the connection from the Internet. TVOS 11.3 handles its own regulations on a per-page basis. Everything is smooth, without hanging and ripping, when the decisive rockets of the Smart TV show the difference of the suttuva, the thought creeps in: “Why don’t bother Apple TV on TV on any other Smart TV”?

You can install the programs from the AppStore singing one of the key changes of the prefix before the front version.

If you have been using your smartphone for a long time, see Apple, then look at the photo and video from the rest of the fix, as the photo was taken on the iPhone for an hour or so, and all without any information. In general, for other platforms, read and understand. On Smart TV your game, as you can play without the mediocre on TV, ale іgor іvnya Asphalt is loudly dumb. In games on Apple TV, you can use the remote control to control the gyroscope and accelerometer. Yaksho vi grate, for example tenis, then it is important to navigate those, on which side you see the remote control at the rutsi, tse rivn.

Who’s it kupuwati Apple TV

In the netting, a very large number of super-speakers, one hundred percent of the demand for such a media player, which has been on the market for a long time already є thousand models of “smart” TVs. From one side, so, from the other Apple TV, I have a number of features that will increase the validity of such a purchase:

  • As long as you have a great TV viewer (without Smart TV), if you add an Apple TV media player, you can make it “smarter” and better for everything, to help the smartest, lower models, like the operating system of the latest virobniks.
  • If you don’t like the interface of your Smart-TV, and if you want it easier and more convenient.
  • For all your life, rely on Apple technology and your iTunes libraries without any special content. You can do it without any problems on the great TV screen and do not deprive your gadget from the iTunes library, or from the gallery of your gadget.
  • If you want to install add-ons from the AppStore and grati іgri with the help of a super-manual remote control.

Sho also Apple TV i chi varto yogo kupuwati?

Characteristics and toughness

The Apple TV case has 32 GB of built-in memory, which is quite enough for vibrant koristuvachiv, if you want to sing, but the memory is not lost, then the 64 GB version. The prefix on the A8 processor with 64-bit architecture. Besides, Apple TV can take advantage of Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 sound. The prefix for video output from the extended Full HD. 4K is not available in the new model, but go to the new model, leave the senses.

  • not ready for 4K (new version will be ready);
  • partnership.

Inkoli at Visnovka is important to say chi varto kupuvati to chi іnshy pristіy, but it’s definitely not about Apple TV. If you have an Apple technology, then the solution will become obvious. Fix the Apple eco-system in your home already this year. By comparison with the competitors of Apple TV, it is quite an expensive attachment, but if the iPhone can be matched with the iPad, then Apple TV is on the idea of ​​the author of its own pennies.