Apple TV 4 Update What’s New

A whole new look.
On a new level.

iOS 13 is a stylish dark mode, improved applications for everyday tasks, improved ways to protect personal data and many other changes that make the iPhone even faster and more convenient.

Dark mode.
All in a favorable light.

Dark mode helps you take a fresh look at your iPhone. It is integrated into all components of the system and thought out in such a way that the interface elements look even more expressive. It is easy to turn on the dark mode in the Control Center or configure it to turn on automatically at night.

Photo and Camera. Portrait Lighting Control

Select the light intensity for Portrait lighting to take the perfect photo.

Portrait Lighting Control

Select the area and intensity of the portrait lighting effects to add sharpness, even out facial features and make them brighter. just as a photographer would do in a studio. 1

Effect “Light tonality. b / w”

Transfer photos taken in Portrait mode to a stylish monochrome gamut. 1

Fully Updated Photos Tab

New and improved album organization helps you find important events by day, month or year.

Fully Updated Photos Tab

The design of the Photos tab has been updated to make it easier for you to find, remember and share the brightest moments with your friends. Machine learning mechanisms hide similar frames and extra images, such as screenshots or photo documents, leaving only your best shots on the screen. And with the automatic playback ofs and Live Photos, memories come to life before your eyes.

New editing features

Bring your photos to perfection: easily manage filters and other settings.

New editing features

Improved editing features include powerful new tools and give you more control over the effects. Adjustment panels help you easily adjust the settings you need. In this case, you can immediately see which effects are enhanced or reduced.

Powerful editing tools

Now the can be rotated, cropped and automatically enhanced.

and privacy. Sign in with Apple

Convenient and secure access to applications and websites.

Sign in with Apple

Now you can log in to applications and sites with your Apple ID. No need to fill out forms and come up with passwords. Just click on “Sign in with Apple,” and after confirming with Face ID or Touch ID you will be logged in. To enter some applications, you need to enter a name and email. If you do not want to disclose them, we will create a unique email address for you. incoming letters from it will be sent to your real mail. We do not track your activity in applications: you have full control over the data.

HomeKit Protected

Introducing a reliable and confidential way to store data from surveillance cameras.

Apple TV 4 Update What's New

HomeKit Protected

Recordings from your security cameras contain a lot of personal information. Therefore, we developed an end-to-end encryption system for storing your in iCloud: now only you and the people you invited in the Home application can view the recordings. The service is free for iCloud account owners, and there is no additional charge for it beyond the storage plan. 2


The protection of personal data is our priority. Including in iOS 13.


New geolocation and tracking management features give you even more reliable control over your personal data. Now you can allow applications one-time access to your geo-location. In addition, new protection against unwanted tracking has appeared.

Cards. Look around feature

Embark on a virtual walk around the city. You can look around in any direction, and any turn and movement along the street is as smooth as possible. 3

New map

On the new map you will find much more useful information.

New map

The map was literally re-created. Now roads, beaches, parks, buildings and other objects are displayed on it in much more detail. 4


Home, work, school and your favorite cafe are now just one touch away from you.


Create lists of places and attractions that you want to visit on vacation, and share them with friends.

Siri Quick Commands

The built-in Team application helps Siri work more efficiently with other applications.

Siri Quick Commands

Now “Teams” is a built-in application. It contains both quick commands from your applications and those that you created yourself.

Sharing through AirPods

Connect two pairs of AirPods to one iPhone and listen to your favorite music or watch a movie with a friend. 5

Announce Messages with Siri on AirPods

Now Siri can read incoming messages. So, you no longer have to go out of business to pick up the iPhone. 6

Memoji and Messages. New Memoji Customization Features

Create unique Memoji using new options for hairstyles, hats, makeup and piercings.

Memoji stickers

Memoji is automatically added to sticker sets built into the keyboard. Now they can be used in Messages, Mail and third-party applications.

Submit your name and photo

You can decide how your friends will see you: choose a name, photo or even Memoji that will be displayed on their devices when communicating with you.

Submit your name and photo

Automatically send your name and photo to the person with whom you start chatting. You can indicate whether you want to share them with all your interlocutors, only with your contact list, or send your data once to someone specific.

Reminders. Fully Updated Reminder App

Using the Reminders app has become more convenient thanks to smart lists, Siri smart features, and other features.

Fully Updated Reminder App

Creating and organizing reminders is now even easier. A quick toolbar allows you to add a date, time, place, checkbox, photo and scanned documents. Siri may offer to create a reminder, for example, if you discussed any plans in Messages.

Quick toolbar

A new quick toolbar allows you to add a date, time, place, flag, photo or scanned document to the reminder.

Smart Lists

Smart lists automatically organize reminders and distribute them into the “With Flag”, “Scheduled”, and “Today” groups.

Carplay. CarPlay Control Panel

A completely new control panel will make your trip more convenient.

CarPlay Control Panel

Now Siri will not only help you turn on the music and build a route, but also remind you of the next event in the Calendar or open the garage door when you approach the house.

New Calendar app

Check your day plans right on the go. One touch. and you will receive information on how to get to the right place, or you can connect to the conference.

Music app

Now it displays album covers to make it easier for you to choose the perfect track for your trip.

Performance. Unlock faster

iOS 13 is even faster than iOS 12. For example, unlocking your iPhone using Face ID is 30% faster. 7

Application Launch Faster

Now applications open up to two times faster, and the size of download files has become smaller. 8

Application Launch Faster

IOS 13 uses a new way to compress apps from the App Store. Therefore, the volume that needs to be downloaded has become less: when installing applications. up to 50%, and when updating. up to 60%. As a result, applications open up to two times faster. 8

Augmented Reality. ARKit 3

Augmented reality applications can now position objects in front of or behind a person. this creates a lot of realism.

ARKit 3

With ARKit 3, you will find yourself in the very center of augmented reality. The human interaction function realistically displays AR-objects both in front of and behind people. Now augmented reality looks even more natural and supports impressive effects that can replace the studio with chromakey. And the technology of motion capture allows developers using a single camera to track the movement of the user in real time and embed the data in their applications. 9

And a lot
another.. Apple Arcade

This is a game service that has no analogues. In it, more than 100 unique new games with fascinating stories and great design are available to you.

Formatting text in Mail.

Now a perfectly formatted letter can be created literally on the go. To do this, use features such as changing the type, size and color of the font, alignment, indentation, protrusions and lists with markers.

New Improved Notes.

A new viewing mode in gallery format and more efficient search functions allow you to quickly find the desired note. New features for creating interactive lists will help you do everything and not forget about anything. And shared folders will simplify collaboration with notes.

An even more personalized Health application.

Keeping track of the most important information about your health has become easier. And with the new menstrual cycle tracking feature, you can better understand your body condition.

Improved start page in Safari.

Siri offers, links to selected resources and frequently visited websites are placed on the updated start page, so it’s easy to get from where you need it right away.

Improved Files app.

Now you can work with files and also access them from external media or servers directly from the Files application.

Text editing and navigation.

Moving the cursor and selecting text is now even easier. Scroll through long documents, web pages, and emails by holding the slider and moving it up or down.

Font management.

Create stunning documents that match the style of your project. Download custom fonts from the App Store.

convenient ways to send files.

If you want to send a photo or a document, the iPhone itself will offer possible recipients and an application for export. Now to send a file just one touch.