Apple’S Lightning Earpods Or Audiophiles Out Of Place

AppleS Lightning Earpods Or Audiophiles Out Of Place

Apple has promised that the new EarPods with Lightning will provide better rich sound. Technically, this is possible, but until the miracle happened, the sound remained at the same level. What is the difference between the new product and the usual 3.5 mm EarPods?

As for the appearance of the device, one of the most significant changes was the lack of a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. This fact made a lot of noise even before the launch of new sales. The manufacturer suggested using the new EarPods with Lightning or wireless headphones. However, Apple still took care of those who are used to the usual 3.5 mm jack: the iPhone 7 comes with a 3.5 mm adapter cable from Lightning.

You can argue and argue for both regular EarPods and the new EarPods Lightning, but if you rely on the opinions of most of those who have already tested the new product, the conclusion is simple. the sound has not changed. Here it is worth saying that Apple itself promised a “deeper and more saturated sound.” Of course, sound is a subjective thing, respectively, it may seem to some that the updated headphones from Apple sounded in a new way, but according to experts, the new connector does not change anything in terms of sound. Of course, if for a very long time purposefully listening to the same track, changing the headphones, then you can catch the minimal differences. However, this approach to business is characteristic only of the most sophisticated audiophiles, and an ordinary person, even a music lover, will not engage in such tests.

Pay attention to the rubber gasket above, at the location of the DAC (photo 9toMac)

For the end user, Lightning is just a connector. Although it is worth noting that inside the headphone cable and the adapter from Lightning to 3.5 mm jack are DAC chips.

It turns out that in terms of sound quality, EarPods Lightning occupy the same place as regular EarPods: they are not bad enough as part of a smartphone bundle, but not good enough to pay attention to them and buy separately.

Build quality

There is also nothing particularly outstanding here. In quality, the new EarPods are no different from the old ones. The manufacturer used the same plastic, the exact same remote control on the cable, the earphone cups themselves are completely identical.

The main change has already been said above. this is a new connector with a DAC. By the way, technically, EarPods Lightning has the opportunity to sound better. for this Apple should use better digital-to-analog converters in the headphones and components in the iPhone itself, but so far the company has not done this, since high-quality hardware costs more.

Tiny 3.5mm lightning minijack adapter

It can also be noted that the EarPods Lightning cable became 7 cm longer, and the connector, unlike other cables with a Lightning connector, received a small rubber gasket at the point of attachment to the wire. Most likely, this gasket is needed for protective purposes.


All iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with a small adapter cable from the Lightning connector to the 3.5 mm jack. Apple probably would have completely refused such a decision, but the company most likely understood that the complete incompatibility of the new smartphone with ordinary headphones would alienate many users who are used to listening to music on mobile phones.

3.5mm jack adapter

The adapter is a dubious decision. If the company tried to save money by not making a 3.5 mm jack in the new iPhone, now it has to add an adapter to the package. If Apple wanted to make the iPhone 7 thinner and removed the classic headphone jack, then perhaps it was worth thinking about developing a new flat analog jack and jack? It would be interesting.

Compatibility with other devices

The new EarPods are fully compatible with any iOS gadget equipped with a Lightning connector. The standard 3.5mm input will not interfere with the new EarPods.

If you simultaneously connect two pairs of headphones to different sockets, the device will send (redirect) the audio signal to those headphones that were connected last. You cannot listen to music simultaneously through both connectors.

Two Earpods headphones connected at the same time

It is worth paying attention to the fact that EarPods are not the only Lightning headphones on the market. Headphones with this type of connector are also offered by other companies. For example, American Audeze and Danish Libratone.

Despite numerous complaints and outrages, the new EarPods Lightning and the missing 3.5mm input on the iPhone 7 dramatically change nothing. They did not make the sound particularly “deep” or “saturated”, but did not spoil it. So if you are an avid audiophile. you should pass by. By the way, the same applies to regular EarPods: these headphones have never been appreciated by meticulous fans of the “right” sound.

If you can’t get used to the idea that your smartphone will not have a jack for your favorite “ears,” you will have to compromise. use the adapter. On the other hand, you can completely forget about the wires and connectors and switch to modern wireless headphones. Apple lovers need to pay attention to AirPods, which will soon be available in Russia. If you are not interested in AirPods, you can easily pick up any other wireless headphones.