Apple Pencil Vs Logitech Crayon Stylus Comparison For Ipad (2018)

Apple Pencil Vs Logitech Crayon Stylus Comparison For Ipad (2018)

Almost everyone who ever held an Apple Pencil in their hands had a very double impression: on the one hand, the stylus is cool, functional and all that, on the other hand it’s just a piece of plastic that is sold at a sky-high price. When he fell into the hands of Dima, our host’s YouTube channel, he was not so weak at all. (like, subscription, and all that).


Of course, a pair of styluses may not differ too much, but this pair varies as much as possible. Logitech Crayon is made of aluminum with rubber inserts, while the Apple Pencil is completely plastic. The Apple stylus is a centimeter longer, we have parity by weight. Logitech, unlike Apple, has a light indicator and a power button. Regarding the shape, the Cupertinians got a completely round pencil, and Logitech in cross section resembles a rectangle, this shape helps it not to slide off the table.


Connecting devices with the tablet is different. To connect Logitech Crayon it is enough just to hold down the physical button for a couple of seconds, Pencil at the first connection requires literally physical pairing: we insert the stylus connector into the iPad port and confirm the connection. In both cases, bluetooth is used for wireless data transmission. Both methods have their unobvious advantages. So, Crayon can be easily given to other users, because the connection is quick and you do not need to “forget” the stylus separately before that, but Pencil is preferable when you do not need to change anyone, since the connection here is constant.

In both cases, the connection is made using the Lightning port, but Logitech looks the same as on any generation of iPhone, unlike the unreliable, dangerously sticking out Apple Pencil mount, which was not scolded only by the lazy one.

The charging port in both cases is hidden by a cap, but at Logitech it is attached to the body of the stylus itself.

Software subtleties and specifications

Then the technical characteristics of the styluses are largely similar. The main difference between the Apple Pencil is its sensitivity to pressure. That is, when you press the pen harder, the line will be thicker and richer.

The delay during operation is minimal in both cases, and both styluses change the stroke width when tilted. For applications, Crayon works with Notability, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Microsoft Office also has support for Smart Annotation. In general, the Logitech stylus is positioned as a device for creating notes, while the Pencil is a tool for designers and artists.

Interestingly, Logitech can turn off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. The tip of both stylus pens is interchangeable, and the Crayon is also protected from falling from a height of up to 1.2 m.


There is no need to complain about battery life in both cases, although the Apple device still leaps ahead: 8 hours with Crayon versus 12 hours with Pencil. In terms of charging time, the situation is about the same: for an additional half hour of work, Logitech will require a modest 1.5 minutes, and Apple will need even less. some 15 seconds.


And here everything is sad. The Apple Pencil, as we recall, works with any representative of the Pro-series: iPad Pro 12.9 (both generations), iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 9.7 and, in fact, the hero of the occasion. the new iPad of the 6th generation. But Logitech Crayon only works with the latest model. the new iPad (2018). Perhaps it will be compatible with cheap iPads of the next generations, but so far there is simply no information even about the very fact of their appearance.


As we see, the comparison turned out to be interesting and ambiguous. And the Apple Pencil is not always a clear favorite here. Logitech speaks in favor of its shockproof housing, ergonomic shape, convenient port and, of course, low price. In general, this device was clearly created in order to communicate with real barbarians. oh, in the sense, schoolchildren, but, let’s honestly admit, we are all sometimes sloppy, and we don’t even have to talk about pets that always climb. Its main drawback is the lack of sensitivity to pressing and (even worse) the lack of the stylus itself in free trade. We sincerely hope that soon Logitech Crayon will appear in retail.
In favor of the pen, Apple says its status, sensitivity to pressure and longer battery life and. perhaps that’s all. In our subjective opinion, it makes sense to buy an Apple Pencil when you need a stylus quickly and without problems with the purchase. as well as if you plan to move to the Pro line in the future. In all other options, it is better to show a little patience and wait for the appearance of Logitech Crayon in free trade.