Apple Music Disable the speed of speed.

Three steps to turn off the automatic update of your Apple Music

O. After using free trial versions for almost three months, you do not want to spend money on an automatic deduction of almost 10 per month for an individual and about 15 per month for family membership. In this case, you want to turn off the automatic update Apple Music.

B. When you tried Apple Music for free, you suddenly found that another stream multimedia is better than Apple Music. When this happens, you will want to cancel the extension of Apple Music to start your terribly good musical journey.

C. When using Apple Music, you just want to use iTunes to listen to Apple Music with music loading and do not want to continue to use stream multimedia, so you want to turn off the automatic update of Apple Music.

Therefore, you cannot but look for the best way to stop the automatic update Apple Music. And here is good news: you have found the right and effective direction at this stage. From this essay you can find out how to disable the extension of the subscription to Apple Music.

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How to disable Apple Music from automatic update?

Disconnect the automatic update of Apple Music using your pretty pretty iPhone

Apple Music is changing over time. In ISO 9 or earlier versions, you can easily turn off the automatic extension by simply by pressing the lower part. However, there is no direct operation with which you can cancel automatic extension for your Apple music. Nevertheless, you can achieve the same effect by canceling membership in your iPhone.

Guide to turn off the automatic extension of the Apple Music subscription

For those who want to use Apple Music, you can activate this service directly with iPhone, iPad or iTunes and will be available in two modes, individual (for 9.99 € per month) and family (for 14.99 euros per month). It is important to keep in mind that the 90-day Apple Music period is currently ending, the service is automatically extended by PAS?NDONOS write off directly to the account that we are configured with our Apple id.

Of course, you can disable the option of automatic update directly to our account. To turn off the automatic extension of the Apple Music subscription right now, we just have to follow the steps that you described below:

  • Open the application “Music”.
  • Then click on the account icon, which is located in the upper part, on the left.
  • Now select the parameter “View Apple ID”.
  • Enter the password for your ID.
  • At this moment, click on the control point. which is located below the subscription.
  • Now it turns off says that automatic extension of the subscription. which is below.

At this moment, we must accept what we want to turn off the automatic extension, and, finally, press the OK button in the upper right corner to complete the shutdown process. At any time you can subscribe to any of the tariff plans in the same menu again.

Although you can turn off the automatic extension using Apple Music for free

After we choose the option, we will continue to enjoy three months of free testing of the Apple Music service, but you should not worry when the time comes to repair the automatic device.

Of course, Apple Music is a very new service, and there are still no things to endure many things, but we can say that it works well and has very interesting characteristics and are affordable, especially for those groups of users who use the services common in family.

Turn off the Auto Lowing Apple Music by installing in the iPhone

Since the automobile stereo system is associated with the iPhone through the Bluetooth stereo system, you can prohibit automatic Apple music playing by changing your iPhone settings.

Option 1: Adding a quiet song to your music library

You can find an easy song or pure delicate music and add it to your background on the iPhone or iPad. But do not forget to change its name so that it starts with the letter “a” so that it is always the first track in your music library. The next time you sit in the car, the quiet track will be played automatically. But this cannot help you disconnect the iPhone from automatic music reproduction in car Bluetooth.

Option 2. Say Siri “Stop music”

Siri is always a good assistant for iPhone users who can help you turn on, turn off the application or talk to you. This means that you can call Siri in the car to stop playing music by uttering instructions, then your iPhone will turn off all the music at once. But this means that you need to interact with Siri every time you want to stop the automatic reproduction of Apple Music.

Option 3: Exit from the Apple Music application to iPhone

Since music is played automatically from Apple Music to the iPhone, you can turn it off before you get into the car. It is very simple to get out of the iPhone applications, just twice press the “home” button, and then run up the Apple Music with your finger up.

Option 4: Removing Apple Music application on iPhone

Removing the Apple Music application on the iPhone can automatically stop the Apple Music when you get into the car, but this is not a very good method, so I do not recommend using this method. If you need to delete the Apple Music application, you can try to use other well.known streaming services of music, such as Spotify and Pandora.

Option 5. Send Apple Feedback

In addition to the above methods, you can inform Apple Inc. About the problem and ask for Apple Inc. set the settings switch so that this happens. Perhaps you are the one who can convince Apple Inc. Add such a settings switch.

There is nothing perfect, even if it is convenient for you to play Apple Music in the car through the Bluetooth system, sometimes it can irritate. To stop the automatic reproduction of Apple Music, you can choose one of the methods shown above at your choice.

How to disable the concentration social network

  • Go to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch settings, then the “Basic” tab and then the “restrictions” section.
  • Move the toggle switch opposite the “restrictions” to the “VKL” position.
  • In the same section, scroll below to “Connection to Apple Music Connect” and turn off the setting.

After these simple actions, you will receive a classic type of corporate application of music, your tabs will be available: “My music”, “Playlists” and “Radio”, the search for the composition will be carried out by music in the local memory of the gadget and radio iTunes.

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Launch of the free trial version of Apple Music

To start a trial version, you need to subscribe to Apple Music and have a credit card associated with your Apple ID. You will also need to confirm that you are “buying” a subscription for 9.99 a month. However, in fact, you will not be issued before the end of the trial period, and you can change the price if you are a student (you need confirmation) or want to get a family plan.

In the Apple Music application, click on the “for you” tab, and you will see either a full-screen modal pop-up window or a link to start a free trial version somewhere on the page. After you press the button to get a free trial version, Apple Pay will open, and you will need to confirm the authenticity of the transaction.

After the trial period, Apple will begin to issue accounts to you monthly (if you do not switch to a cheaper annual plan). The process of changing your Apple Music plan is similar to canceling your subscription, so you can check the steps below to find out how to achieve this. Speaking about this, if you are going to cancel, do not forget to do it 24 hours before the next payment date.

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Your subscription may resume if you do not cancel it more than 24 hours before the extension date.

Disabling Apple Music automatic update during a trial version

There are several ways to access the control settings for your Apple Music subscription. The first of them is the simplest, but you can choose any of the options to do the job.

Directly from the “Music” application

In iOS 12 or 13, start with the entrance to the “For you” tab in the “Music” application. Then click the profile icon in the upper part of the page (you may be asked to confirm the authenticity using Face ID or Touch ID), then select “Subscription Management”.

Note. If you use iOS 10 or 11, after choosing the icon of your profile, click “View Apple ID”, then enter your password or authenticate using Touch ID. Then click “Subscriptions”. For iOS 9 and below, do the same, but click “Management” in the “Subscriptions” section.

On the subscription settings page you can see the exact date of the test period. You can indicate the date on your calendar or in the “reminder” application or switch to another paid plan.

Please note that Apple states: “Your service stops immediately if you cancel the trial version” in small font. It is not always so. Until November 2018, you can cancel and continue to use the trial version, but Apple has updated the rules so that some countries immediately lose access. The next month, Apple changed him to all countries.

To immediately complete the trial version, click “Cancel the free trial version” or “cancel the trial version” below, then “confirm”. This will immediately stop the free trial version. (If you use iOS 9 or an earlier version, you just turn off the “automatic update”, and then click “Turn it off”.)

from App Store

In addition, you can access the Subscription settings in the App Store. In iOS 12 and 13 on any of the tabs below, except for “search”, click the icon of your profile in the upper right corner. Then click “Subscription Management”.

Note. In iOS 11, you can also press the icon of your profile, as described above, but then select your name, and then “Subscriptions”. On the iOS 10 and below, you must scroll to the end of the FeatUred tab, click on your Apple ID, press View Apple ID, then select “Subscriptions”.

Then select the “membership in Apple Music” in your list of subscriptions, and you can either switch to another paid plan, or click “cancel the free trial version” or “cancel the trial version” and “confirm” to complete it.

From iTunes App Store settings

You can also open the settings and select “iTunes App Store. “Then click on your Apple ID at the top and” View Apple ID “In a pop.up window. Enter your password or use Face ID or Touch ID for authentication, if necessary.

Now select “Subscriptions” in the settings of your account, and then “membership in Apple Music” in your list of subscriptions. Then you can switch to another paid tariff or click “cancel the free trial version” or “cancel the trial version” and “confirm”. “To finish it.

From Apple ID settings

The last way is to open the settings, and then press in your name at the top. Next, click “iTunes” App Store, and then follow the instructions from option 3. This is exactly the same process, just another way to get there.

It’s nice that Apple turned on access to the cancellation of the subscription directly from the iPhone, even if he buried it. But we would like them to return the industry standard or allow you to continue the free trial version even after cancellation.

How to disable automatic extension for Apple Music

Apple Music was available to the general public at the end of June 2015 and is available with your iPhone after updating to iOS 8.four. Having gained access to Apple Music, you can subscribe to a free trial version where you will test the service.

But the subscription to the free trial version activates the function of automatic extension in Apple Music, and after the end of the free trial period OYU, a monthly subscription fee will be charged. Fortunately, however, this is that you can turn off directly through your device, following our leadership below.

Shutdown of automatic update in Apple Music on iPhone 6

The steps in this article were written using the iPhone 6 Plus. If you are interested in registering in Apple Music and find out how to do this, this article will show you how to do it.

Please note that the cancellation of the automatic update option in Apple Music will not lead to the termination of your free trial version. You can still use the service until the end of the trial version.

Open “Music” application.

Press the profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Click “View Apple ID” button.

Click “Manage” button for “subscription”,

Press the “membership in Apple Music” button.

Press the button to the right of “Automatic extension”,

Click “Turn off” click the button to confirm that you want to turn off the automatic extension of the subscription to Apple Music.

Click “Ready” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

If later you decide to continue the subscription to Apple Music, you will need to return to the screen in “Step 8” and select an individual or family membership plan.

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How to disable automatic subscription to Apple Music via iTunes?

Go to the account settings by clicking on the button with your name

Select “Account Information”

Enter your Apple ID account for entering your password

In the section “Settings”, opposite the “Subscription” point, click the “Manage” button

Activate the OTKL switch

Confirm the shutdown

How to disable auto.sales of paid subscription to Apple Music?

Tomorrow, September 30, the trial period of testing the streaming service Apple Music is completed. If you decide to refuse to use the novelty, the automatic extension of the paid subscription must be disconnected. Well, or at least make sure that it is disabled.

If you turn off the automatic extension from the computer: start iTunes and open the account parameters. account information (iTunes bores your password from Apple ID); Go to the settings at the bottom of the page, find subscriptions and press the control button; Find the auto.carlation option and turn it off (if it is not on the list, then it is already disabled).

If you turn off the automatic extension with the iPhone or iPad: open music. account. view Apple ID; Find the subscription section at the bottom and press the control button; Find the auto.carlation option and turn off the toggle switch (if it is not, then the function is already disabled).

If you do not want to communicate directly with the performer using the new social function of Connect in Apple Music, this tab can.

The new Music Music Service allows you to save tracks or albums in your collection to save traffic and listen to the chosen offline

How to disable automatic extension of the Apple Music subscription on Mac and Windows computers

To use this method, you will need a computer based on OS X or Windows with Internet access, as well as the ITUNES application of the latest version.

Go to the account. account information.

Go to the settings section. Opposite the subscription line, click on the control button.

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At the auto.zoblation point, select the off.

Confirm the shutdown of the automatic resumption of the subscription and click it ready.

How to disable automatic extension of the Apple Music subscription on a mobile device

You can turn off the extension of the subscription in automatic mode with the help of iPhone or iPad. To do this, you will need a standard application music and Internet access.

In the upper left corner of the window, click on the user’s icon and select view the Apple ID.

At the subscription point, click on the Managing button.

Transfer the switch opposite the auto.carlation point to an inactive position and confirm your choice.

You can also manage subscriptions through settings on a mobile device. To do this, go to the settings. iTunes Store, App Store. log in. view the Apple ID. Subscriptions.

The only restriction is the inability to manage the subscription through the browser and the icloud service. Instead, you can just untie the bank card from Apple ID if the previous two methods are not satisfied with.