Apple Id Password Recovery

Apple Id Password Recovery

Apple ID. account used for authorization on Apple services. Given the increased attention of the corporation to the safety of personal information of users from prying eyes, the access code is subject to increased requirements: it should consist of 8 characters (numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters). Remembering such a key can be difficult. But if the user forgot the Apple ID, then he can forget about buying and downloading applications, as well as about using iCloud cloud storage.

Password reset

What to do if the password is lost, and you can’t remember it yourself? Try to restore iPad Aidi on iPhone. There are two ways to reset the key: via mail or by answering security questions. Both procedures are available on any platform, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC with Windows.

Reset via Email

First, let’s figure out how to reset your password via email. The procedure is implemented according to the standard algorithm, it is almost impossible to get confused during execution:

  1. Connect your mobile device to the network (Wi-Fi or 3G).
  2. Open the “iCloud” section in the settings. Click on the “Forgot your Apple ID or Password?” Link.
  3. Indicate the ID Apple ID. the main mailing address that was used to register the profile.
  4. Choose password recovery via email.

A message will be sent to the mail with a guide to reset the security key. If a backup e-mail is specified in the profile settings, then check it. there should be a similar message here. If the letter doesn’t arrive, make sure that you enter the mailing address correctly and look at the Spam folder. some services by default accept automatic mailing for unwanted messages.

Find the “Reset Password” link in the email. When clicked, the browser starts with the reset page open. To restore access to all Apple services, you need to enter the new password twice and click on the “Reset” button. Done, now you can download free applications again, make purchases and sync your device with iCloud.

By the way, pay attention to who the letter comes from with a link to reset. The sender must be Apple with If the message came from another domain or you did not try to reset the security key at all, then do not open the message and do not click on any links. this is a phishing attack aimed at gaining access to your device.

If you need to reset the access code on a Mac, you need to do the same: in the settings or in iTunes, click on the “Forgot your password?” Link, write an e-mail and go to the reset key page.

As already noted, you can reset your password on any platform. If you suddenly have an Android smartphone or a PC with Windows OS at hand, then to restore the key, you need to go to the control page in the browser at and click on the already familiar link “Forgot your password?” and then follow the steps above to reset the security key.

Answers to security questions

If you can’t get into the email inbox used during registration, then you won’t be able to restore access via mail. What to do in this case? Try to reset Apple Idy by answering three security questions.

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data to access the Internet.
  2. Open the settings, in the “iCloud” section click on the link “Forgot your password?”.
  3. Indicate the identifier (main mail).
  4. Select “Answer Security Questions.”

The first question is standard. the date of birth of the owner of the phone. If you yourself set up your Apple ID and enter real data, then it’s easy to answer correctly.

Then you will be asked two questions that you specified when setting up your profile. If you answer them without errors, you will only have to write a new password twice to restore access to all Apple services. You don’t have to do anything else, the old password is invalid, and a new security key will be used for authorization in the future.

If standard methods do not work

What should I do if you did not specify backup mail in the profile, forgot the answers to the questions, and the identifier mailbox is blocked? This is an exceptional case, but, as practice shows, such situations are not so rare. A simple example. Apple Idy was created by a seller or another person, but forgot the password or mail to inform the owner. In this case, you won’t be able to restore access using standard methods.

Password recovery will have to be carried out with the support team. The operator must provide the serial number of the device, as well as provide a receipt for the purchase of a smartphone or tablet. In response, the operator will provide an identifier and password from Apple Idy.