Apple Id Is Blocked For Security Reasons We Return Access To The Account

Apple Id Is Blocked For Security Reasons We Return Access To The Account

Since the Apple ID stores a lot of user confidential information, this account needs serious protection, which will prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. One of the consequences of triggering protection is a message “Your Apple ID is locked for security reasons.”.

Removing Apple ID Lock for Security Considerations

A similar message when working with any device connected to the Apple ID may result from repeated incorrect password entry or incorrect answers to security questions by you or another person.

Method 1: password recovery procedure

First of all, if such a message arose through your fault, that is, it was you who entered the password incorrectly, you will need to perform the procedure for its recovery, which includes resetting the current password and setting a new one. details about this procedure were described earlier on our website.

Method 2: use a device previously connected to an Apple ID

If you have an Apple device that suddenly displays a message stating that Apple’s ID has been blocked for security reasons, this may indicate that another person who knows your Apple ID email address is trying to pick up your account password, but all attempts have so far failed, because the account has been blocked.

  1. When a message appears on the screen of your device “Apple ID is blocked“, a little lower tap on the button “Unlock account”.
  2. A window with available unlock methods will appear on the screen: “Unlock via email” and “Answer security questions”.
  3. If you select the first item, you will need to go to your inbox, where you will already be waiting for an incoming letter from Apple with a link to unlock your account. If you have chosen control questions, two out of three questions will be displayed on the screen, to which you should only be given the correct answers.
  4. After the recovery procedure is completed, be sure to change the password for your Apple Idy profile.

Method 3: contact Apple Support

An alternative way to access your Apple ID account is to contact support.

Follow this URL to the Apple help desk page and in the block “Apple Specialists” make an item selection “Getting help”.

In the next window, open the section “Apple ID”.

Select item “Talk to Apple Support Now” in case you now have the opportunity to contact a specialist. If at the moment this is not possible, respectively, go to step “Call Apple Support later”.

Depending on the selected section, you will need to fill out a short questionnaire, after which the specialist will make a call to the specified number immediately or at the time you specify. Explain your problem to the specialist in detail. Carefully following its instructions, you will soon be able to access your account.

These are all ways to eliminate the “security lock” and regain the ability to work with Apple ID.

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