Apple headphones check the original by serial number. Connection of original AirPods with a phone

How to check the originality of headphones

Fake headphones are characterized by low sound quality, cut off, a short service life. Today, you will learn how to check the originality of the headphones on the non.lunge. There are a number of criteria that allow you to recognize. We also recommend reading articles how to distinguish headphones in the case of specific brands:

Fake fake headphones are extremely rare among authorized distributors, in reputable electronics stores, but there is also a risk of falling on the finger. Even by purchasing equipment on official sites of manufacturers, a situation with the substitution of the original with a replica at any stage of delivery is possible. Therefore, you should never lose vigilance.

The risk of falling on fake headphones increases significantly when purchases on ads of ads. Many sellers with Aliexpress offer counterfeit and only some can meet the original original.

In order not to run into a fake, it is recommended to check the reputation of the store. Deceived customers are often divided by information about unsuccessful purchases. If the outlet is convicted of sale, then it is better to refuse the purchase in such a place.


The high price of the original is due not only to the popularity of the brand, but also to the use of high.quality components. Therefore, the sale of such headphones with a big discount is not appropriate. Knowledge of real value is one of the criteria how to distinguish original headphones. A discount of 70% or more characteristic exclusively for Pali. The price should not be much lower than in the official store.

Inspection of packaging is the first way to check the headphones for originality even before the purchase. You need to look at the quality of the cardboard. Replicas are sold in softer boxes.

Packaging assessment

Fraudsters rarely copy the design, fonts and other packaging elements with 100% accuracy. Often there is a difference in color. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the appearance of packaging on the official website before the purchase.

The difference in color

Another way to distinguish fake headphones is to look at the quality of printing. The original is clearly printed, unless otherwise provided by the design. Copies have more faded drawings. Other flaws of printing are also possible among replicas, for example, coloring flowers on each other or a skew of images.

Comparison of the quality of printing

It is recommended to monitor brands. So there was another way to check AirPods headphones for originality. Apple began the struggle for ecology, therefore it minimizes the amount of plastic. The brand refused a plastic film, for example, among Airpods 3 headphones. Fraudsters still have not taken into account this trend. Therefore, Apple Fake headphones, namely Airpods headphones, are now packed in film.

Polyethylene film, which Apple refused

Branded packaging without polyethylene film

Comparison of packages

Some dishonest sellers remove the polyethylene film themselves. However, in this case, there remains a lot of ways how to check the authenticity of the headphones.

Removing polyethylene film

Boxes have a bad fitting of elements. Therefore, the packaging has large gaps, uneven faces and corners. In the proprietary box, such defects are unacceptable.

Checking the presence of gaps

Another way to distinguish the original headphones from fakes is to look at the number of information given on the packaging. It can be compared with the data from the official site. Replicas usually have much less information than necessary, but Chinese hieroglyphs may be present in large numbers.

Comparison of the above information

Data on the original packaging

A limited amount of information

Check or refute the authenticity will help inspection of the lid. In replicas, it often has visible burrs, uneven seams, traces of frozen glue and gaping joints.

Good cover

Gaping joints

Comparison of the covers

In the package itself, many brands refuse to use plastic by showing ecology. In this way, it is possible to identify the fakes of Apple headphones. So, for example, in AirPods 3, a processed cardboard was used inside. Fraudsters continue to use the polluting plastic.

Comparison of the insides of the boxes

Pressed cardboard insert

Plastic insert

Check AirPods Pro by barcode

One of the simple and reliable ways how to distinguish a fake Airpods Pro from the original is to check the barcode. You can do this online on non.lunge.

ATTENTION! The correct barcode is not a 100% guarantee how to distinguish Airpods Pro from a copy. At the same time, an incorrect barcode is a clear sign of fake.

To check the AirPods Pro headphones for originality, enter the numbers in the field and click the “Check” button. If the barcode is correct, it is also recommended to verify the country of the manufacturer. It’s easy to check the AirPods Pro number.

Important! This service checks the relevance and correctness of the stroke code, but does not guarantee that the entered code is not taken from another product and not fake AirPods checked by AirPods. Help in how to distinguish the calamus about only an integrated approach.

The location of the bar code

Serial number

When determining the authenticity, it is necessary to check the serial number Airpods Pro. You can see it in several places:

  • on the sticker outside the box;
  • Inside the cover of the charger;
  • on every headphone;
  • On the page “On this device” in the iPhone settings.

Serial number of the charger and each headphone has different. If you press a line with a serial number on the iPhone, then it will change alternately. It is recommended to check the serial number Apple Airpods Pro can be one after another.

Different serial numbers

You can check Airpods Pro for originality by serial on the official website of Apple. To do this, you need to enter the number into a special area.

The area for entering the serial number

In order to check the serial number of Airpods Pro for originality, you must solve the captcha. She protects the site from the invasion of robots.

Place for input Kaptchi

If you check the AirPods Pro headphones by the serial number successfully, then there will be a message that the purchase date is not confirmed. This suggests that no one has yet activated them.

Successful check

For original activated headphones, if you check the calamus about the serial number, highlight a message about the actual purchase date. This message does not give a 100% guarantee of authenticity, since scammers often copy the real series.

Confirmation of authenticity

Still, if the Apple Airpods Pro check by the number, then the chance to identify the finger increases. About the discovery of the replica will inform the message that the serial is not valid. This is a clear sign that the headset is fake.

Identification of a fake headset

You can find out about the detection of Pali by another message if you check the calamus about the number. In this case, information will be issued that the product with such a serial is replaced. This means that the headphones with this number were recalled by Apple due to marriage or for another reason. Scammers just copied this number.

Serial number from the recalled headphones

Important! Do not forget to check the calamus about the serial number. This is a mandatory stage of calculating counterfeit.


If you remove and put one headphone for fake on the table with a dynamic down when playing music, then playing will stop. The original version-nothing like this will happen due to the difference in the sensors.

The spatial sound of a fake does not work as it should be, the location of the sound source does not change. this is an additional difference.


Apple headphones are initially famous for high sound quality. In fake, of course, the bass is much worse, the sound is less detailed. However, the sound quality of good replicas is quite good. But some have a very quiet sound, which can be immediately found when listening.

apple, headphones, check, original

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The ability to connect to iPhone

Real AirPods use the Apple W1 or H1 branded chip or H1 to connect to the iPhone without the need to go into the Bluetooth settings.

Although some fake Airpods copy such functionality, none of the clone models correctly connects to the Bluetooth smartphone.

AirPods connection to iPhone

All you need to do to connect AirPods to the iPhone is to return them to the case, and then open it next to your device. Animation of connection should appear on the iPhone. If this does not happen, charge AirPods and try again.

Many fake AirPods require connecting to themselves through the Bluetooth settings. In some cases, you even need to connect to each headphone separately. With real Airpods this cannot happen.

Bluetooth setting for AirPods

Even if your AirPods are connected using an animated Apple settings, open Bluetooth settings for AirPods to make sure of the correct location of all other parameters for the headset.

On the iPhone follow the setting path → Bluetooth. Click the “I” button next to AirPods.

Real AirPods allow you to rename them, change control elements and enable or turn off the function of automatic determination of being in the ear. Most AirPods replicas only allow you to turn off or forget this device.

Testing original AirPods functions

One of the reasons for the popularity and cost of Airpods is that they are equipped with useful functions that fakes are only trying to reproduce. Check each of these functions to make sure that your AirPods authenticity.

If something does not work-do not rush to sound the alarm. First, try to eliminate the typical AirPods problems before considering them false.

Features of original AirPods and Airpods 2nd generation

While listening to music twice, click on the “stem” of AirPods to perform one of the following actions, depending on the Bluetooth settings:

If an automatic detection of location in your ear is included, you can also suspend music reproduction, just taking out one headphone out of your ear.

With AirPods 2nd generation, you can also use “Hello, Siri” if you turn on this function in the SIRI settings menu and search for your iPhone.

Unlike standard AirPods, in this model you can press with an effort on the “stem” AirPods Pro to perform a number of different actions:

  • Click once to suspend/reproduce music
  • Click twice to go to the next track
  • Click three times to return to the previous track
  • Hold the press to switch between active noise reduction or transparency regime.

AirPods Pro also works with the phrase “Hello, Siri” if it is turned on for your iPhone. Go to the → Siri settings and search to check this.

Case Air subs

The size of the original case is often different from the dimensions of the fakes. The lid of the proprietary packaging easily and smoothly opens/closes. Copies often have a click. At the same time, the lid can hang free enough or vice versa.

Comparison of the size of the cases

Seized cases

The difference in the height of the cases

There is a difference after the seizure of the case from the packaging. Comparison of the original place of the original and fake is presented in the image below.

The seat of the case

On the left of the original, on the right fake

FAKE VS REAL Apple AirPods Pro. Buyers Beware! Perfect Clone!

It is also recommended to look at the back of the charger case. There is a button that is necessary to bind the headset to the iPhone. The original is flat, and the fake is convex and sticks out above the body.

The button for linking the headset

The cover of the original case is attached using metal elements. They do not stick out around and smoothly go into plastic. At the fake, the mount is noticeably felt when touching a finger.

Cover fastening

Checking the barcode in AirPods headphones

ATTENTION! The faithful barcode is not a 100% guarantee of the originality of AirPods headphones. At the same time, an incorrect barcode is a clear sign of fake.

To check Apple’s headphones for authenticity, enter the numbers in the field and click the “Check” button. If the barcode is correct, it is also recommended to verify the country of the manufacturer.

Important! This service checks the relevance and correctness of the corned-shaped code, but does not guarantee that the entered code is not taken from another product and the tested headphones of Air Submarine are not fake.

Other differences in headphones and fakes

Even if these features will soon be adopted by Chinese masters, signs of the original do not end yet. Pay attention to the diode and the color of its glow. In real AirPods, you can notice red, green, orange and white light. In fakes, as a rule, white is missing. When connecting original headphones with a serial code, the device immediately recognizes them and offers to connect them. And you will have to connect Chinese as a regular Bluetooth device.

When you try to listen to music and insert the headphones into your ears, you will hear a corporate sound. He informs that the device is ready to use. If you do the same with the “fake”, you can often hear a female voice. Try to check your AirPods headphones for authenticity according to a unique serial number. Perhaps you have also become a victim of scammers who claimed that this is a real Apple product.

Check AirPods for authenticity by information on the box.

Return to information on the right side of the end side of the box.

The first word on the upper line is the international article of Apple devices. The first 5 characters indicate a specific model of the device and in all stores and countries of the world these 5 characters will be unchanged. Be sure to pay attention to them and compare with the box of the device that you are going to buy. The last 3 symbols indicate the country of delivery and they can be ignored.

  • MRXJ2-AirPods (2nd generation, 2019) with the possibility of wireless charging
  • MV7N2-AirPods (2nd generation, 2019) in a charging case
  • Mmef2-Airpods (1st generation)

On the second line there is a standard phrase for all Apple devices. Designed by Apple in California Made in China. In the Chinese copy, in the best case, it will be written. Made in China.

On the third line, we see the numbers of the models of the right headphone, the left headphone and the charger. Model A2032 A2031 A1938. These models should also be registered on the box. These models numbers mean that:

AirPods set (2nd generation, 2019) Wireless Charging Case contains:

Airpods pro real vs fake. How to spot counterfeit / clone Apple air pods

  • A2032. Right.headed headphone with processor H1
  • A2031. Left headphone with processor H1
  • A1938. case with the possibility of wireless charging

Airpods equipment (2nd generation, 2019) With Charging Case contains:

apple, headphones, check, original
  • A2032. Right.headed headphone with processor H1
  • A2031. Left headphone with processor H1
  • A1602. charging case

The AirPods set (1st generation) contains:

  • A1523. Right.headed headphone with processor w1
  • A1722. Left headphone with processor w1
  • A1602. charging case

If all this information is present on the package and coincides with the above numbers, but you think that fake Airpods was put in the original box, then let’s unpack and check each headphone and cover separately.

Where to check the serial number Airpods

You can check AirPods for authenticity by serial number at the service that is located at https: // Also, the site allows you to check whether they have already used certain headphones.

To check AirPods on the site from Apple online, you need:

  • Go to the check service.
  • Enter a serial and verification code in the corresponding field on the screen (for the visually, the code is provided).

As a result of the audit, the service will either find the headphones that are assigned this number of the series, or indicate the invalidity of the serial number. It is recommended to check the entered data and repeat the attempt. If the serial is not possible to determine the second time, then fake headphones.

Former that the service finds IMEI, but the “ears” are already activated. To this, the seller can answer that the headset was brought from Hong Kong (the purchase of equipment there is cheaper, but the headphones undergo activation during the purchase to go around the additional tax).

Check the appearance of the original iPhone

A person who has not previously used Apple devices previously is quite difficult to evaluate the external state of the smartphone and verify it with the original, but there are certain patterns that will even help beginners quickly calculate the fake:

  • We get acquainted with the device. Before buying and meeting with the seller, we recommend watching reviews on the Internet to understand what buttons the iPhone is, what size, in what color solutions it is available when there will be an announcement and sale in very often sold iPhones, which should be released only a few days later, However, sellers guarantee 100% originality and their “exits to suppliers”. This is all a scam. On the same principle, you can determine the fake by simply looking at its color. Apple Corporation produces devices in strictly defined color shades, and no exclusive options for individual users provide.
apple, headphones, check, original
  • Buttons. We have already talked about the buttons, but here we should more carefully approach the verification. The iPhone, as a rule, has only a few keys: the volume swing, the Home button, turning on/off and shutdown of sound. At the same time, they do not crunch, do not make any noise and work correctly in any conditions.
  • Logos. On the rear cover of the iPhone there is always a logo of the bitten apple, and below there is an inscription about where the device is produced. Pay attention to the color, to the form. Original devices do not have any curves of bends and patterns, additional colors on the logo. Everything is done exactly, neatly.
  • SIM slot. The main feature of the iPhone is the lack of the possibility of using additional drives to expand memory, so there can only be a SIM card in a slot for a SIM card, and only one and no SD cards can be used here, like additional SIM!
  • Materials. All Apple devices are made from certain materials. Initially, view on the official website, from which the case is made, how much the device weighs, what materials are used on the back cover. Very often in fakes slightly different materials are used. For example, if the original iPhone 8 uses glass on the rear panel, in fakes they can simply make a whole shape of a certain color.

Parameters that distinguish the original smartphone from fake

Apple pays great attention to the issue of security and originality of its own gadgets. That is why, parameters are provided that allow users to identify and confirm the uniqueness of their device.

For verification, it is necessary to carry out an external inspection of the gadget, as well as find out the serial number and explore the work on. Follow our tips:

  • Check the condition of the case, including all the features of the selected iPhone model;
  • Check the technical characteristics of the gadget, they should not differ from the declared;
  • Check the serial number and IMEI code;
  • Check Apple ID.

Stage check IMEI, serial number and iOS parameters

It is not recommended to purchase an iPhone without a box, since it is one of the tools that helps to find out in an original way or not. IMEI is written on the box and it must be compared with the one that is displayed in information about iOS, in the iPhone itself.

If the rooms have not coincided, it means that the smartphone is either not original or stolen.

We check the stage using the official website of Apple

In order to check the authenticity of the device, you can use Apple’s website. This is a very accurate and reliable way. And you will take a few minutes to check:

  • We go to Apple: https: // Checkcoverage.Apple.COM/ru/ru/;
  • Enter the serial number of the device;
  • Enter the information the necessary information and click on “Continue”.

It is important to understand that this method determines the availability of service to use service. Also using the IMEI site.Info you can find out:

All about Activation Lock

On the service website you can find out the type of gadget, its location, as well as information on what status the device is located.

IPhone binding to Apple

Everything is tied to one place and can be used on several devices at the same time. Before buying, it is important to check the attachment of the device. You should not buy those devices to which some extraneous account is tied. If the seller comes up with the reasons not to leave the account, then you should not buy. If there is no way to get out of the ID, then the device is stolen.


You need to check in what condition is the back cover and screen. Well, if there are no defects or their number comes down to the minimum number. Dents, chips and scuffs. signs of not a very high.quality smartphone.

Pressing on the screen must be accompanied by an instant reaction. Delay is a sign that the display module works poorly.


It is the buttons that break in iPhones, so it is worth paying special attention to these controls.

The device should start without problems and off, Touchid, as well as the “swing” of the volume should react without “brakes”.


You need to check with speakers: spoken and auditory. When calling, your interlocutor should hear you perfectly, and when playing music, you should not hear unnecessary noise and interference.

Near the charging nest, there are nets for the speaker of conversational. If they are absent, this means that the smartphone was dismantled. You should also check the condition of the two screws holding the back cover.

Hardware anlock

Before you buy, you need to extract a SIM card and make sure that there is nothing superfluous there.

Communication modules

We need to check how all communication modules work: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G. If something of this does not work, then the antenna is damaged for communication.

Other software functions

Be sure to make sure that they work well:


Want to protect yourself when buying iPhone? Follow the following recommendations:

  • Payment should be made only after checking the device;
  • It is important to inspect the gadget, its body and all functions. Everything should be almost perfect;
  • You need to check the Activation Lock;
  • The seller must leave Apple buy iPhone with a 53% discount!

Apple technique has recently been increasingly used by deceivers as a significant trademark to make money. The thing is that almost every second person dreamed or dreams of getting a beautiful and multifunctional iPhone to show off with him in front of friends and create beautiful photos in a selfie style. Here are just such gadgets in the way too expensive because of the high ruble course, in connection with which desperate “dreamers” are trying to buy used options on the Internet, for example, on the same Avito.

Due to the fact that they often deceive even those users who had previously used the iPhone, then newcomers should not be talked about at all. This article is written specifically so that everyone who wants to purchase iPhone can thoroughly check it and personally make sure that it is original. A similar procedure can be compared with the purchase of a car, but since some iPhone models sometimes surpass the Russian auto industry in price, you must be very careful. We described all the methods of checking the iPhone for originality.

Find the serial number Airpods in iOS settings

Connect Airpods to the iPhone or other iOS device Open the settings → Main → About this device → AirPods. Information will be displayed only with an active connection of AirPods to your iPhone.

After the serial number is found, use the Sndeep website.Info for checking Airpods. Enter the number in the input field and see the age of the device, year and week of release, factory code. These data partially confirm that your AirPods headphones are most likely original.

However, remember that the serial number of the device can be faked, for example, printing on a box or charger of the case from original headphones. Such a number after check on Sndeepinfo will be indicated by the FAKE certificate. This means that such a number was found on many devices and headphones are most likely fake.

You can also use the capabilities of Sndeepinfo to search for lost or stolen headphones and other Apple technique. Register the serfy of the missing headphones on the site and indicate the remuneration. Perhaps someone will find your headphones and after checking on Sndeepinfo he will have the opportunity to contact you.

Apple introduced the new iPhone 13 and other devices

The iPhone 13 smartphone is not very different from previous models. The new smartphone will work on the A15 Bionic processor and, according to the developers, the speed of its operation is 50% faster than the iPhone 12. Another technological advantage. High level of moisture protection. IP68, and this is according to the classifier. immersion to a depth of more than 1 meter, for more than 30 minutes.

Cloking in the territory of the month will be blocked in the territory by information of the social network for many years refuses to delete prohibited information.

Apple will remove key information from serial numbers

Very soon to determine where the iPhone is made by serial number it will be impossible. Since 2021, Apple has been switching to randomly generated numbers.

Mir cards can be tied to Apple Pay

In April, card owners will be able to tie them to the Apple Pay mobile wallet, RBC reports. Even employees of budget organizations receiving wages on the Mir payroll will be able to bind the card.

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