Android Samsung Deleted Files Recycle Bin

How to enter the cart?

  • Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  • Click Appearance and Personalization, select Personalization, then Change Desktop Icons.
  • Check the Recycle Bin checkbox and click OK.

To do this, in the gallery, click on three dots and select “Settings” from the menu. Find the item “Trash” and enable it. Ready. Now images after deletion will be moved to the trash, and not deleted permanently.

How to enter the Windows 10 trash bin?

Here’s how to access the Recycle Bin on the desktop in Windows 10: Click the Start button, and then select Settings. Click Personalize Themes Desktop Icon Settings. Select the checkbox for Trash, and then click Apply.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android without a Computer?

Recovering deleted data without root access: Connecting an SD card to a computer Downloading Recuva. Recovering deleted Android files without root

  • We connect the memory card to the PC
  • Load the Recuva program.
  • Recovering files in Recuva.
  • We save the recovered data on the computer

How to remove from cart?

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  • Sign in to your google account.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Library Trash Empty Trash Delete.

The “basket” is in the photo albums. This section is called Recently Deleted. If desired, all deleted photos and videos can be restored. You can also add a shopping cart to your smartphone using third-party applications.

How to Recover Data on Phone Using Google Account?

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Click Accounts.
  • Select the Google account that was used for the backup.
  • Click Sync Account.
  • Make sure all data, photos and settings you are backing up are syncing with your Google account.

How to recover deleted items from the recycle bin?

  • Right click on the desktop and select Personalization.
  • Now in the left pane click on Themes.
  • In the right pane, click on the desktop.
  • Select the trash can icon, click Restore Defaults and click Apply.
  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  • In the upper left corner, click on the Trash menu icon.
  • Press and hold the item you want to restore.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Recover. The photo or video will reappear: in the Gallery application on your device.

How to empty the trash from my phone?

If you want to manually delete all Dumpster files. empty the Trash, open the application menu (in the form of three dots) and select Delete All. This will empty the contents of the Dumpster Recycle Bin. Be careful: by emptying the Trash, you will destroy all data placed in the Trash on your phone!

How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phones Recycle Bin

Well, since Android devices are not like computers with a hard drive, a large storage device, an Android device has very limited internal storage, and even with a plugalbe SD card or other memory card, the storage space is limited. If your Android phone has an assembly in the trash can, the storage space will soon run out. With limited storage, Android users will have to keep emptying the Android Trash to make more free space. This defeats the purpose of the recycle bin, which is useful for recovering deleted files.

Thus, it is not a good idea to have a trash bin on Android devices. But what about deleted photos and videos on Android, is it possible to recover deleted photos and videos from Android?

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Devices

Answer. it is Android data recovery software. When Android files are deleted, the Android system does not delete the actual data in the Android storage, it only changes the entry in the file table and deletes it. This is fast and well served as the system can store new files in the deleted files space. Therefore, if the space of deleted files is overwritten, Android data recovery software can scan Android memory and look for data of deleted files, and then data recovery software can recover deleted files with this data.

This leads to important Android deleted file recovery tips to increase the chances of successful Android data recovery, stop using Android device immediately, when you realize you need to recover deleted files from Android mobile phone or ororid tablet, do not use it to do more photos, do not use it to save new files. This is done to prevent data overwriting.

Easy Steps to Recover Android Data

Connect your Android device to your computer. Check if this is a drive letter (like E 🙂 in the computer.

If not, change the settings in your Android device: settings. Wireless and Wi-Fi. USB tools. USB Flash Drive Connec USB to PC. Connect your Android device to your computer. You should see it as a drive letter in your computer.

If still not, take out the memory card (SD card, XD card, MicroSD card, CF card, SDHC, etc.) from the Android device, and then connect the memory card to the computer using a memory card reader, memory card Android device will show as drive letter in computer.

Were the deleted files saved in the phone memory instead of the memory card? Check This Method: Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone.

Run Android Data Recovery (download and install from the link above if you installed it on your computer) and then in the program select the drive letter of your Android device and click Next to start scanning for deleted files.

The deleted files will be shown one by one. Select the ones you want to recover and click the “Recover” button.

Download Android Data Recovery Software and Recover Deleted Files from Android Device.

Related Data Recovery Tutorial:

You can recover deleted Worldwild files as you can do it yourself on your computer. So you don’t need to go to data recovery centers looking for data recovery services from specialists. You can Performa Data Recovery and Photo Recovery all over the world, including countries, Japan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, Germany, Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Italy, Thailand, Nepal, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland, Turkey, Iraq, Spain, Sweden, Kenya, Cameroon, Malaysia, Russia, Belgium, Israel, Austria, Long Island, Romania, Zimbabwe, Greece, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, Morocco. Norway, Ireland, Singapore, Ghana, Tanzania, Finland, Portugal, Liberia, Jordan, Algeria, Jamaica, Guinea, Uganda, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Argentina, Yemen, Croatia, in cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Toronto, Mississauga, Delhi. Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Dubai, London, Nottingham, Hyderabad, Sheffield, Croydon, Barking, Bristol, Manchester, Watford, Luton, Dartford, Gatwick, Reading, Norwich, Chelmsford, Newhaven, Northampton, Dearbouthampton. Gloucester, Bury St Edmunds, Exeter, Los Angeles, Melba ph, Chicago, Houston, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Detroit, San Jose, Dallas, Kenya, Birmingham, Finchley, Vancouver, Canada, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Australia. Sydney, melboune, brisbane, oakland, Hamilton, Waikato, Atlanta, Boston, Riverside, Seattle, Minneapolis, Tampa, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Antonio, Delaware, Denver, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Portland, West, Greater Midlands Bristol, Cardiff, Greater Glasgow, West Yorkshire, Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Nottingham Derby, Portsmouth-Southampton, South Yorkshire (Sheffield), Newcastle Sunderland, Paris, Randstad, Istanbul, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin. Madrid, Rome, Kiev, Bucharest, Minsk, Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest, Warsaw, Barcelona, ​​Kharkiv, Munich, Milan, and declares Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, San Diego, Miami, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii. Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

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How to recover deleted files in Windows OS and on a memory card

To search on your computer is your first appointment. Cart: The information you need may still be there. If so, then there is only one option. select the command to recover lost or deleted files.

If that doesn’t work, try going back to the folder. Right click on this folder and select “Restore Previous Version”. This method will only work if you have erased one or more items or subfolders within the directory. But if you deleted a 1GB folder, you should try the following method to get it back.

So the first step. make sure you don’t save or download anything else. It is likely that the “culprit” is still hidden somewhere deep within that hard drive. The program for recovering files deleted accidentally, which I used, is called Restoration.

All there is to it. this is to launch the application to recover files deleted by accident, then select the disk where the data was located, the deleted item and enter its / their name (or directory).

Galaxy S20/S20: How To Restore Files From Trash Bin

If you are using external Micro SD cards on your phone or tablet and want to recover deleted files on Android (as an example), please follow the steps below. Turn off the device and remove the SD card. Now insert the card into the card reader slot. Just plug it into your computer. Expand the list of programs and select the drive that shows your memory card. Then follow the instructions above.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphone, Phone, Android Tablet

There are tools that can help you find deleted files on Android: applications, pictures, PDF documents, and other miscellaneous information. But you should always try to prevent loss! Be careful to regularly back up your apps, games, contacts, messages, calls, settings, bookmarks, calendar entries and so on.

android, samsung, deleted, files

I faced a harsh reality just yesterday, when, in a fit of emotion, wanting to free up a small amount of memory on one of my disks, I deleted a folder with 5 GB of data: images, applications. This catalog contained all the values ​​that I have collected over the years and used on a daily basis. As you know, all documents less than one gigabyte are sent to the Trash, but if you destroy a large file, it is erased at that very moment, you select “Yes” in the Windows system dialog. When I found out that 5 GB had been permanently removed, I was completely desperate.

Download a program to recover multimedia and other types of files deleted on a smartphone or tablet. Recuva. The instruction to the program is attached.

Run this recovery application as administrator on your PC. Insert the memory card into the card reader and connect it to the computer. Refresh the window to see the memory card disk and the data on it. Highlight it and click on the “Start” button to scan. Select images, thumbnails and click “Recover” button to search deleted files on Android OS.

How to Recover Lost Data on Android: Pictures, Music, APK Apps on Phone? For example, Dumpster. an app that works like a Recycle Bin only for an Android device. The main feature of the Dumpster program and its difference from monotonous counterparts. search for deleted files is carried out in the internal memory of the mobile device.

Recover deleted photos

If files have been deleted on your phone’s memory card or SD card, the excellent DiskDigger utility will help you. In this video tutorial, I show you how to use this application.

DiskDigger allows you to search for files without root access. The tool mainly specializes in image recovery, although other types of data are also supported.

Recovering deleted files on your hard drive

Apparently, each of us faced a problem when, after a while, we scratch our heads: damn, the information is gone forever! However, it is not always clear under what circumstances the deletion occurred.

But the point is not how and when it happened, but how you can get back, restore deleted files. You need to warn you in advance that the main thing. do everything on the “cold hand”, without panic and unnecessary haste.

So, if you are facing this most common problem. you should go to the “Recovering Deleted Files” section in the menu, where we consider the tools and methods for searching, scanning, analyzing information on the HDD. If you want a versatile program, try this one:

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

To restore images, photos erased from the gallery on the phone or SD card of any device, special programs are required, we have described them in this section. However, Android data recovery methods are applicable not only to photos, but also help to recover files to Android, Word documents and other content. We have tried to list recovery methods, the best programs for these purposes and step-by-step guides, respectively, for the described applications.

Frequently asked Questions

Samsung phone, accidentally deleted the photo folder from the camera in the gallery. Installed the Dr Fone program. When connecting, the Superuser Request does not appear. What to do in this case?

There may be 2 reasons: either your phone has already granted access rights to the application (however, this is hardly possible in automatic mode), or the Dr Fone application simply cannot detect the phone or does not respond to the connection to the PC.

You should install the USB drivers for your mobile device (this is the most important tip) and also use the latest version of Dr Fone available on the Wondershare website.

The video folder is missing. Filmed with a tablet camera. All recovery applications are incomprehensible. What is simple and easy to understand?

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Have you saved files to your phone memory card or internal memory? In the first case, any program will help you recover files on Android, including the well-known Wondershare dr Fone for Android and CardRecovery applications, as well as Recuva.

It is less likely that the video captured with the camera was saved in the internal memory of the Android mobile device. The Undeleter mobile application will do to find Android data, missing files.

I decided to hide the photo. I entered the password. They could not be deciphered in reverse. And when you click on “encrypt”, they disappeared into unknown places. How can I make sure that they are NOT?

In principle, what you have described is impossible. Something is missing in the description. The fact is that after encryption, all folders remain in place and are available on the same device where the encryption was performed. If the folder disappeared, then it happened, most likely by accident by your own mistake. Try to find files in the phone memory manually, using any manager, in the search setting the condition: only image files.

I can’t find the “Trash” on my smartphone. How can I restore Android without it?

By default, Android does not have a staging area that stores files marked as deleted. However, you can install a third-party Android app called Dumpster. it adds the exact Trash you need to your phone.

Tried to free up space, but instead deleted the photo on the internal external memory. Can data be recovered? They are very much needed!

The problem is standard. In this regard, we will not be able to suggest anything new. read the instructions on our website. You have not specified where the files were deleted. in the internal memory of the phone or on the SD card. Depending on this, various techniques are used.

As for the programs for recovery in Russian. contact Recuva. This program is simple and easy to understand for a beginner.

Other applications

Recycle Bin is a popular free analog of a computer’s “trash can” for a Samsung phone. Thanks to the program, the storage is always at hand. It is available to move unnecessary photos, music, documents and instant recovery, if required. Benefits include data privacy, background operation, one-click deletion and recovery.

Of the features of the software, blocking with a password, auto-deletion after a certain time, and backup are highlighted. The application is simple and easy to control.


The most famous is Dumpster. Its functions:

  • Cleaning the device.
  • Storage of deleted objects for two weeks.
  • Cloud portability.
  • Protecting objects by locking the screen.
  • Automatic cleaning of the catalog for up to 3 months. The time is set independently in the program settings.
  • Cloud access.
  • Support for 14 different languages.
  • Choosing a theme.
  • Advanced recovery. Dumpster scans memory for previously erased objects.

How to completely empty the trash

Files moved to the trash can take up a portion of the device’s memory. Unwanted objects can be completely removed, thereby clearing the device of debris. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to cart as described above.
  • A folder with files will appear on the screen. You can delete them one at a time or all at once. You can erase all elements by clicking on the “Clear” button in the upper right corner.

How to Find Trash on Android Samsung

  • You need to open the “Gallery” in the phone menu and click on the three dots at the top.

The function is in demand when the user accidentally erases the wrong object.

To activate the ability to temporarily store erased data on your phone, you need to go to the Gallery and click on the three dots at the top.

In the menu that appears, you need to select “Settings”, in it “Cart” and “Enable”. Now photos and videos will be moved to temporary storage, and not permanently deleted.

How to recover deleted files

Items can be restored in the same way. This requires:

Recover Files : How To Recover Deleted Files in Samsung Galaxy A20/A30/A50/A70 @HelpingMind

  • Go to cart as described above.
  • Select an object to restore.

Es Explorer

The popular ES File Explorer allows you to use the storage on your Samsung smartphone. You need to download the application, open the settings in it and activate it. Now all deleted data will be moved there. The shelf life of items is not limited. Also, the conductor performs the following functions:

  • Complete deletion beyond recovery.
  • Archiving.
  • Copy, cut, move, rename items, sort them by name, creation date, etc.
  • Complete removal of residual data from software.
  • Analyzer of free space on the device. Shows which folders are taking up a lot.
  • Remote access. Allows control from a computer, tablet or other smartphone via Bluetooth.

How to find a shopping cart on a Samsung phone

Trash is a standard place on mobile devices where deleted files are sent. They stay there for a certain time, and if necessary, they can be restored. Samsung smartphones also have similar storage. There are also popular counterparts for Android devices.


Like Google Photos, Gmail can accumulate a lot of junk. When we delete an email, it is not immediately erased. Instead, it is moved to the Trash folder, where it remains for the next 30 days. To free up space in Gmail, you can visit the Trash folder and empty emails from there.

  • Launch the Gmail app on your phone and click on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.
  • A list of different categories and folders in Gmail will open. From here go to the “Trash” folder.

Now you can simply select the emails you want to get rid of and click the delete icon in the toolbar.

Alternatively, you can select all emails from the Trash folder in one go and click the Empty Trash Now button to remove all unnecessary files from the Trash folder.

How to access the Trash on Android?

As you know, Android doesn’t have a dedicated trash folder like Trash so that we can delete unneeded files in one go. Although if you want, you can visit certain apps and delete junk associated with them to free up space on Android.

Unload least used apps

Our apps can sometimes take up a lot of space on our device. If you want to get rid of unnecessary data, uninstall the apps you no longer use. There are many ways to uninstall apps on Android. You can do this from home by pressing and holding the app icon and then pressing the uninstall button. Alternatively, you can visit its Application Settings and select the application you want to uninstall. After opening the application settings, click the “Delete” button and confirm your choice.

Clear cached data

Cache data consists of intermediate data that applications store for faster and more personalized experience. While this will improve the performance of your app, it can also affect device storage. Thus, you should get rid of your phone’s cache from time to time to free up more free space in its memory.

How to clean up Google Photos junk storage

To delete data from the Google Photos app, log into the app on Samsung from Android, select a photo or video, and then move it to the trash bin. Next, at the top right, click on the basket. If you are prompted to delete an object without restoring it, this indicates that the deleted file storage is full (up to 1.5 GB). To clear it, follow these steps:

  • sign in to the Google Photos app on Android;
  • go to your Google account;
  • click on the sign with three stripes;
  • go to the Cart section, and then ;
  • click Clear and Delete.
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After completing the work, you may wonder how to get back deleted files from recycle bin on Android Samsung phone. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Sign in to Google Photos on Android on your Samsung phone;
  • at the top left, click the three horizontal stripes;
  • enter the shopping cart;
  • select the object you are planning to restore;
  • at the bottom of the screen, click Restore.

The recovered data appears in the Android Gallery on Samsung, in the application library, or in the albums where it was located before being cleaned. If the object is missing in the deleted file vault, recovery is not possible.

How to empty trash on Samsung Android

Phone users often ask how to empty trash on Android Samsung. Note that Android smartphones do not provide such a tool as “Recycle Bin”. Nevertheless, there are several options for how to delete unnecessary files from the device, via Google Photos or from special applications.

Recycle bin

The ability to control individual folders and files was created for the free version as well. Works in conjunction with other active programs to view and move data.

how to delete photos from recycle bin in samsung phones | | Samsung M30s

  • restore
  • view content
  • permanently delete
  • see properties

Recycle bin settings.

From the main window of the program you need to go to “Settings”.

Select the necessary functions to track and control files, audio, video, images, documents, archives.

The important step is to add a folder that the application will monitor. In the item “Add folder”, select the desired one and save it.

Only add folders that contain important data.

Accordingly, in the “Controlled folders” section, all specified target files will be marked for control by the application.

Viewing deleted data is opened by tapping on the basket.

The Recycle Bin app has a function to auto-clear the contents of the basket.

In the settings there is a section with the same name, where you can disable and set a certain period of time.

The time range is set from 1 to 30 days.

All apps have been tested on Samsung and Xiaomi devices.

How to Empty Trash on Android Samsung

Is it possible to empty the trash on Android devices?

In our materials, we have already written about how to clear Android of unnecessary files.

Therefore, if you want to completely clear the device and be sure that all files are deleted, then read about it here.

Google drive

Using Google Drive on the device allows you to copy and store not only pictures, but also documents. The principle of operation is similar to the service presented above. Download or create a document, and a copy of it is saved in the cloud storage, which also has a recycle bin.

Unlike the previous cloud, copies of files are stored until the user deletes them himself.

  • launch the Google Drive app
  • open the main menu of the program
  • select the desired item

It is possible to restore any file in the recycle bin or empty it with one click.

Yandex Disk

Yandex’s service is no less convenient and competes with Google. Collecting all data from the device, carefully stores it in folders until the user deletes files.

Deleted documents, photos and videos go straight to the basket, where they continue to wait for their fate. In the future, all files must be either restored or deleted from the storage.

To search for a basket on Yandex Drive, you must:

  • launch the application
  • click on avatar
  • go to the item “Cart”

Using cloud services on an Android device, you inevitably become the owner of the missing function of the operating system “Recycle Bin”.

Google photos

Google Photo Cloud saves all the pictures and videos you take when syncing. In other words, you get copies of all the photos stored on your Android device.

android, samsung, deleted, files

By deleting them from the device, you part with it forever, but the copies are in Google photos. When you delete images from the cloud, they go to the trash, which is in the same place, where they continue to be stored for 60 days. During this period, it is possible to restore the photo to the main gallery.

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Android tablet, do you need a cleaning threshold like a cleaner? or something else you need? How to clean your tablet?

Good afternoon. Even for the weakest tablets, a simplified version for Android is available. wedge wizard Lite, here is a detailed instruction for tablets.

There is no such function on Android phones, by deleting a file, we delete it altogether. Restoring it is possible only using special software, and even then not always.

Mostly the main files of a smartphone are photos, videos. They are usually unique and of the greatest value. Next, let’s look at where to look and how to manage the cart and its contents.

Dumpster Recycle Bin App

Formation of a special folder will allow you to avoid the immediate deletion of information. To construct a repository, you need a utility called Dumpster. Benefits of the software:

  • multilingual;
  • auto-cleaning of any directory through the cache (the time period is configurable);
  • password-protected preview of “discarded” photographs;
  • lightning recovery;
  • connection with cloud storage (for this you will have to switch to the paid version).

First, you need to install the program on your tablet or smartphone, and only then figure out how to clean the basket on “Samsung“.

When you run the utility for the first time, agree to protect confidential information. Click “I Accept” and proceed.

To get to the cloud, you need to activate the paid version. For beginners, we advise you to pre-test the basic version.

After starting, you will be offered a tutorial. a training quest, which is supplied with almost all modern applications. If you have no desire to learn something, skip this step. Now go to the internal settings mode.

A dropdown menu will appear. Click on the desired item.

The main parameter is “Cart settings”. Here you can set the types of files placed by the program in the temporary storage. Go to this point.

  • Sorting files (name, size and other important parameters).
  • Upgrade (connecting paid version).
  • Automatically move garbage to the cloud (if available).
  • User manual (only English is available for now).
  • Cloud sync options (premium accounts only).

Now you know how to find settings. We will tell you how to empty the trash bin on Android “Samsung” in the next section. In the meantime, let’s figure out the types of files automatically placed in storage.

Auto cleaning can be set for a week, a month, or three. When this period of time is over, the files will cease to exist.