Android phone how to reset settings. The phone reset through the Android menu

How to reset Android smartphone to factory settings. Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor and others

Reset the smartphone to factory settings is an important action that must be done before the sale of your phone. It will completely zero the entire system to the state of the “out of the box”. all the installed additional applications, personal data and information about work will erase. Also resetting settings, or Hard Reset in the English version, will help return the device to work with the bead if you forgot the password and the smartphone is blocked. For Android, quite a lot of shells from different manufacturers. Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and T.D. Therefore, the menu items through which you can get to the division of settings can be slightly different in dependence on the brand and model. But the principle of all androids is the same.

There are several ways to drop a smartphone to factory settings. The easiest is through the Android menu, but it is suitable only if you remember the password and the phone screen is not unlocked.

Attention! Before reset, it is necessary to make a backup copy of Android settings and transfer contacts for subsequent recovery to

    You must go to the “Settings” section from the Android desktop

Some time after rebooting the smartphone settings will be reset to the factory, you can re.include it, enter another account and start the work.

Reset settings with buttons on a blocked smartphone through the recovery

If your phone is blocked and you cannot get into the main menu, then for its return to the factory state you can reset the settings by squeezing several buttons, or as they are also called “hardware”.

  • To do this, first of all, turn off the smartphone with the power button on the case.
  • After that, to enter the recovery (recovery), squeeze a combination of several keys for 15-20 seconds and wait for the appearance of the menu. In most brands (Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme), it coincides. you need to simultaneously squeeze and hold the buttons of the sound volume buttons. If the specified combination is not suitable for your model, then try to apply for information to the manufacturer of your phone.

Why is this being done

Reset of settings on Android is an operation during which absolutely all the data is erased: photos, cache, video recordings, RAM, exchange buffer, applications and various widgets downloaded by the owner independently after buying a smartphone.

When you may need a reset to the factory settings of the phone based on Android:

  • If the owner is going to sell the gadget. In this case, all confidential information will not be removed, which should not get to unauthorized persons.
  • When the device “hangs” and buggles on the simplest operations. This usually happens due to clogging of RAM, and it is easiest to clean it in this way.
  • A virus fell into the system, and the antivirus cannot independently remove it. Only Hard Reset or reset settings will help here to the memory provided by the plant with full formatting.

How to find Hard Reset on the phone

There are several ways to use the Reset function on Android:

  • Through a regular menu. To make the Hard factory reset in this way is the easiest way, moreover, the process will take a minimum of time and does not require special knowledge and skills.
  • Using service codes. In most cases, they are universal and suitable with an equal degree of success for both Samsung and HTC, LG, Sony and other manufacturers of smartphones and tablets.
  • By pressing hot keys in a certain combination. Suitable for apparatus of any brands.
  • Using a computer (suitable for hardware discharge only experienced users).

Before the procedure, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the instructions for each method: it will help to understand how best to return to the factory settings of the gadget on the Android platform and prevent fatal errors, because of them the whole system may stop working completely.

Several ways to delete data

A simple way to format the Android device is to reset to factory settings. Even an inexperienced user will cope with this task. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone will be used as an example, the model number is SM-G9350, the version of the operating system is Android To format the gadget, you need to perform the following steps:

  • open on the phone “Settings”;
  • press “backup and reset”, then scroll down the screen and select “Reset to the factory settings”;
  • Select the option “Reset the settings” to return Android to its original state.

Another way of formatting a smartphone is the recovery mode. This method will be needed when it hangs on the loading screen and cannot start the operating system. It will come in handy and those who forgot the password for unlocking the screen. In other words, android format through the recovery mode in cases where it is not possible to successfully enter the system and reset the settings in normal mode. The same Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone will be used as an example. The following actions need to be performed:

  • turn off the smartphone;
  • At the same time press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons;
  • release all the keys when the logo appears, and the recovery mode will appear;
  • Scroll down to select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option using the volume reduction key and use the power button to confirm the choice.

After the process is completed, all user information on the device will be deleted. The above leadership is only an example of the transition to the recovery mode. In fact, all kinds of phone models use different ways to include this function. Instructions for activating the recovery mode can usually be found in the documentation for a mobile device.

After formatting the phone, you can restore information using Android Backup Restore, you will need only pressing the mouse button. It is enough to connect the device to PC, select the necessary files and return the lost data. The Android Backup Restore program allows you to create backup copies for free. This application favorably differs in its simplicity and effectiveness.

How to format Android phone if it does not turn on? In this case, the classic formatting method will be ineffective. But, in this situation, there is a way out, so you should discard the panic. Even if the phone is hung and does not fall signs of life, you can complete the procedure bypassing the operating system using the Windows system, for example. This and other ways of formatting will be discussed further.

This method is universal and is suitable for those users who, when the Android is turned on, the logo burns, after which the screen goes out again. You can even format the phone using recovery if Android does not turn on at all. In order to enter the desired mode, the user should introduce one of the proposed combinations. The most popular android models are presented here and the effects necessary for introduction.

After performing these actions, the user goes into recovery mode, with which you can format. Moving along the mode menu is carried out using sensory driving with a finger on the screen or using volume keys. In order to select and confirm the action inside the mode, click on the power button.

In order to format the device, you need to select the corresponding item in the “Reboot System” menu. This is a traditional name, however, in some models of smartphones, the name can be modified. After pressing the key, your phone will be rebooted and fully formatted.

Disadvantages of the formatting method of Android through Recovery

The Recovery mode allows the formatting procedure quite quickly, and the actions are simple and understandable to the user. However, this method has a serious defect. Some Android models after formatting request an entrance to the Google account. For confirmation, you should enter a password and nickname. If you cannot recall the required information, then the smartphone will be blocked by turning into non.functional brick.

There is a way to bypass this problem. You can restore the account at the company’s office of the smartphone manufacturer. However, employees will be able to help only if you have a model purchase documents with you. Otherwise, the problem will not be solved, and Android will remain blocked.

“Old” method of formatting android

Some modern Android models have a special button in the case for data cleaning, which looks like a microscopic hole. As a rule, it is located at the bottom of the case or on the side of the smartphone. In order to start the formatting process, it is only necessary to press the secret key using a thin and sharp object.

As a lever of activation, you can use a banal toothpick, manicure scissors will also be effective. However, using this method, you must be careful, When formatting, all information and files will be irrevocably deleted. The recovery process will be impossible.

And do not mix the formatting button with a hole for the microphone. Be careful.

How to format Android phone in recovery mode

If you cannot perform the usual reset to the factory installations, as when your phone does not turn on properly, you can drop it through the recovery mode.

First, make sure that the device is completely closed. Press and hold the correct key combination to run the phone in recovery mode. It can be different from the device to the device.

Nexus: Volume Down Power

If the device does not respond to the above combinations only Google search for a combination for your phone.

Leave the buttons when the device is turned on.

Use up volume and reduce the volume of the navigation button for. And, scroll down until the recovery mode appears.

What format android format in which format

Android OS has the ability to format the adaptation in various file system formats. The most popular file systems:

Как сбросить андроид магнитолу на заводские установки

  • Fat 32. This format has most of the devices on the Android operating system. Differs in proper speed, power. Most files in FAT32 are quickly read by the peripheral player, so the phone can be used as a standard flash drive.
  • Practically, this format is the best copy of FAT32, which has no restrictions. File dimensions and their number in 1 folder do not play roles for such a format.
  • Modern file system supported by today by most PC. NTFS will better protect the data, and the dimensions of the downloaded files are not limited, as in FAT32.

The file system on the device completion will directly depend on the user. For these purposes, it is necessary to adhere to such an algorithm:

  • Enter the “Settings” section.
  • Open the Memory tab.
  • Find the section “Memory settings”.
  • Find and activate “format memory card”.
  • Change the format to the required.

How to reset Android to factory settings

Android mobile operating system is a convenient tool for performing everyday tasks using a smartphone. But even the most powerful and productive gadget eventually begins to give out unpleasant surprises: it works slower, “freezes” when the applications are opened or suddenly turns off spontaneously. One of the radical and correct ways to eliminate the problem is to reset the settings and the return of the Android to the factory parameters. And if you came here to find out how to drop Android to factory settings, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the ways described in our article.

The internal memory of the Android is divided into separate segments, each of which performs a certain set of tasks. For example, one part is responsible for system files, the other for storing and processing data, the third for temporary files, logs, and t.D. The reset of settings is called user data and programs, while the system registers remain untouched. From a technical point of view, this process involves the formatting of certain memory segments. At the same time, it is important to understand that when failing in the operating system or after unsuccessful flashing, restore the normal performance of the smartphone, the rollback to the factory state will not help.

Situations when the settings are required on the phone

It is recommended that the settings are resettled quite often, and for this there are special full.time funds and services. However, the most common indicators for the operation are the following cases.

  • Sale of a smartphone. The most relevant occasion to “roll back” the device, since before transferring it to the new owner needs to delete all the data. But here you need to choose the most reliable discharge option. For example, if you use the settings menu and the “restoration and reset” option, personal data may not be deleted completely. If you are going to buy a gadget, for example, from Apple, read: how to check the iPhone for originality.
  • Viral infection. The absence of antivirus increases the risks of picking up a spy program, or other malicious code. Reset of settings will be the best option. However, there are viruses that are not removed even after radical cleaning. In this case, service will help. Read more the article: how to check the phone for viruses.
  • ErrorsAndroid. They can accumulate due to the installation of third-party services or applications, optimizers, cleaners, etc. P. In addition, the influence of one program on another can cause a conflict and lead to a malfunction in the work of the gadget.
  • Decrease in performance, freezing when opening applications, spontaneous shutdown. If such procedures as cleaning the cache and rebooting do not allow to eliminate the problem, it is worth resorting to a radical method. rollback. You haven’t tried to clean the cache on Android yet? Be sure to try.

Ways to reset factory settings

Smart devices working under the control of a green man can be returned to the original state in several ways. However, do not forget that the reset completely deleys the information stored in the phone’s memory: contacts, photographs, notes, SMS messages. Therefore, before starting the process, it is necessary to create a backup copy. In addition to backups, then we recommend reading the article: how to restore remote messages on Android, how to restore remote videos on Android.

Through the Android menu

The simplest and most affordable even for inexperienced users way to return the device to the state will be reset of settings using the corresponding function built into the system. This option is relevant if the problems are not critical, and the user has not lost access to the menu items. In this case, you will need to perform the following:

After the process is completed, the device will correspond to the view that it had at the time of purchase.

The functionality of devices with the indicated versions of the operating system has undergone some changes. Therefore, the “Reset Settings” option can be found in the “Reset” tab, which is now in the “System” section.

The peculiarity of the product of Chinese developers is the equipment of the Flame OS operating system. Accordingly, the reset of settings on this platform occurs differently than on Android. To perform the operation, you will need to go to “Settings” → “On the phone” → “Memory” → “Reset of settings”.

Using keys on the phone

Depending on the type of problem and the current state of the smartphone, the first option may not always be effective. The most acceptable option is the reset of settings using physical buttons located on the device case. They resort to this method when when loading:

  • a logo appears in the form of a green man, tightly hanging on the screen;
  • Moving between menu options becomes problematic;
  • Error notifications pop up in the operation of the operating system;
  • There are problems in the display work.

The main conditions for using this option are: fully charged phone and serviceable external keys. To go to the recovery mode, you will need to complete the following:

  • Squeeze the “Nutrition” button and wait until the smartphone is completely disconnected;
  • Holding at the same time two, less often three keys, go to the main menu of the recovery mode;
  • Select the option “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, “Delete All User Data”, and then “Reboot System Now”.

To move between the menu items use a volume carriage, for selecting the option. the inclusion key. Depending on the manufacturer, the key combination that needs to be squeezed may differ.


On the devices of this South Korean brand, it will be enough to clamp the “power” and “volume increase” keys. When the phone starts to vibrate, the first button needs to be released, and continue to hold the second. When a list of options appears, go to the next stage.


On the smartphone, stick two keys: “volume carriage” (in the center) and “power”, and hold them for 10 seconds. When the logo is displayed, the second button release. After the “robot with gears” appears, the finger on the regulator carriage move the top from the center and wait until the green load status is displayed.

Xiaomi and Meizu

To reset the settings on these devices, the use of two keys is also provided: “inclusion” and “volume increase”. Release the first button as soon as the manufacturer’s logo appears.

Buttons “volume reduction” and “Power”. Here you need to be careful: after the manufacturer’s logo is displayed on the screen, let go of both buttons for exactly 1 second, and then squeeze them again and hold them until the system offers to enter the recovery mode mode.

The manufacturer decided to provide a rather original solution to the problem. The device must be connected to the power supply, and wait for the green indicator to light up. Find a hole with a drowned “Reset” key, and carefully press it with a special paper clip. Wait for the moment when the display lights up, and press the Power button several times in a row several times in a row. Having let it go, go to the carriage of the volume adjustment and also press it several times from the side of the sound increase.

Service code reset

Service codes are telephone numbers that are used to perform various operations, including removing data from the device. We brought one of these numbers above (for ZTE devices), but besides it there are universal ones-designed for different Android devices. Here they are:

  • ###. What will happen if you type: everything will be deleted except system applications and data on the memory card.
  • 27673855#. What will happen if you type: a complete return to the factory state.

Both options are suitable for use if the function of an emergency or ordinary call is available.

How to reset Android settings

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From this article you will learn how to reset the settings of Android devices to the factory using the usual reset or through the recovery mode (if more serious problems arise).

Open the “Settings” application. It has an icon in the form of a gear (⚙️) or in the form of several sliders.

Enter the code to unlock the screen. If the device is activated on the device, you will be invited to enter a graphic key, PIN code or access code.

  • Nexus: volume enlargement buttons, decrease in volume and power
  • Samsung: The volume buttons, “Home” and power
  • Moto X: Volume Reducing buttons, Home and Nutrition
  • In most other devices, click the volume increase button and the power button. On some devices with physical buttons, click the power button and the “home” button.

Scroll down and find the option to erase the data and reset the settings. To scroll, use the buttons to reduce and increase the volume.

Press the power button. The discharge process will start, as a result of which the settings of Android devices will be reset to the factory.

  • Create a backup copy of the device before dropping the settings to factory.
  • User intenses of different Android devices have small differences.

We carry out the hardware discharge of android (Recovery Android)

There are times when the phone does not load, and there is no ability to go to the menu. In this case, you need to start a phone or tablet in recovery mode. You can enter this mode by turning on the phone with a closed buttons combination. But the problem is that combinations differ depending on firms or even phones models, so we will give instructions in a general form, and then links to specific models of devices.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • At the same time, click the volume reduction button (or volume increase), the home button (usually a large button in the center under the screen) if it is on the device and the power button.
  • After the load starts, release the buttons.
  • In the menu that appears about the help of the volume buttons, select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item and confirm the choice of the home button (or the power button).
  • In the next menu, select the YES. Delete All User Data item, after which the first menu will be reset and the first menu will be displayed. In a similar way, select the Reboot System Now in it and after a few minutes the phone will turn on.

But before the full reset, it is recommended to make backup copies.


Manufacturers of almost all Android devices provides for a quick reset of factory settings using a special recovery menu and using volume keys and inclusion in certain sequences.

However, there are exceptions among them, where, due to the design of the case or the location of the keys, the reset of settings occurs in a completely different scenario. But these smartphones are a very great exception. If you have just such a device, then carefully read the documents attached to it and/or contact Support, which is provided by the manufacturer.

It is advisable to make a backup copy of all the necessary information before starting work, which is recorded on the smartphone.

The instructions for ordinary devices look approximately as follows (there may be minor differences depending on the model of the device):

  • Turn off the gadget.
  • At the same time, click the volume switch button and turn on the device. There is a great difficulty itself here, since, depending on the device’s model, you need to use either the volume increase button or decrease. Usually, find out which button to press, you can in the documentation for the phone. If one is not preserved, then try both options.
  • The buttons must be kept until you see the logo in the form of a disassembled green robot.
  • The device will load the mode with something similar to the BIOS that goes in stationary computers and laptops. In this mode, the sensor does not always work, so you need to switch between points using the volume shift buttons, and the choice is confirmed by pressing the power button. At this step, you need to select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. It is also worth understanding that, depending on the model, the name of this item can undergo some minor changes, but the meaning will remain.

Android menu

You can use the instructions from this method only if the phone turns on normally and you have full access to it. However, in some phones and versions of the operating system, it is impossible to discharge through standard settings. The instruction looks as follows:

3 METHODS. Reset Android to factory settings. Reset Hard Reset on Android.

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone.
  • Find a item or section (depends on the Android version), which will be called “Restoration and Reset”. Sometimes this item can be in the “Additionally” or “Expanded settings” section.

As you can see, the instruction relevant for most of the smartphones in the modern market is not different. If you decide to “demolish” the settings of your device to the factory, then carefully consider this solution, since it is very difficult to restore the remote data.