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Methods for installing parental control on Android devices

Modern children have the opportunity to use the benefits of technological progress in the form of tablets and smartphones that provide access to the World Wide Web. The Internet opens the doors to any existing information that is not always useful and also capable of harm, especially the child.

To protect your child from unwanted content from the network, cash embezzlement, downloading malicious software, as well as malicious actions of Internet meshs and limit the time of interaction with the device, every parent wishes.Special services and applications that have appropriate functionality are designed to ensure parental control.

Typically, children use mobile devices based on Android OS, they are most common among adults, so we will talk about setting function on the devices working on this platform. Consider the methods of connection for various means of monitoring minors. functions of parental control Android

Android mobile operating system, like integrated Google applications, cannot boast of a variety of parental control functions, but the service still works. Limit access to content is the possibility of available devices without installing software, while the option can be located in different settings of settings, depending on it uses a device with a clean Android or a branded launcher. So, you can find a children’s regime, for example, in the section “Special Opportunities” or “Additionally”.

Let this method not propose to ensure full parental control with numerous options, but it will still be possible to limit the access and functionality of applications.

How to establish parental control on the phone of a minor, setting the PIN code for the application:

android, parental, control, restrictions
  • We go to the device settings.
  • We go to the “Appendix Protection Protection” section (the path may vary depending on the device model and the system version).
  • Choose software and translate the toggler in front of its name into an active position.
  • The setting of parental control lies in the appointment of a password for the opportunity to use a specific application (or several). A more reliable way to protect. the use of fingerprint.

Google Family Link

No one better than Google knows what sites the child enters. The Google Family Link monitors the activity of children through the phones of parents, controls the child’s expenses so that he does not lower the money released from the family budget in a few days. At the same time, you can control applications through Google Play.

It is possible to establish limits of time to stay on the Internet, there is a remote locking of the device, determining the location on the map. There is no advertising in Google Family Link, it has wide functionality, therefore it is now considered one of the best.

Screen Time

Screen Time clearly shows the child’s stay on the network. over, parents can remotely block the screen according to the schedule, for example, while his owner is at school, before bedtime or for poor behavior. there are many possibilities.

These include blocking individual applications and managing any other device on the Apple iOS or Android platform. In real time, a notification comes when the child tries to download something from the network. In addition, parents can see: the history of site visits, search queries, information about the most commonly used applications.

In addition to the options considered, there are many other applications on Google Play Market, each of which is suitable for blocking specific functions or content on the Internet. In almost all cases, similar software has restrictions in the free version, while we tried to consider funds, for the most part, do not require the acquisition of additional subscription. In general, the final choice depends on many circumstances.

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Types of parental control

Many parents put special protection on computers and mobile devices to limit Internet access. Children will not be able to enter dubious sites, watch forbidden videos or exceed the time of use of the phone.

Several types of parental control can be distinguished:

At the network level The prohibitions are installed for a particular router and apply to all devices connected to it.
At the level of the device Settings are made on the phone itself or computer. Prohibitions will act regardless of the location of the device.
Program level Settings are made in the operating system or a specific application. For example, limit the list of requests in Yandex or allowed video on YouTube. Only the settings should be made on all devices that the child uses.

Parental control opportunities

Parental control on the phone helps to see the history of requests on the phone and the location of the child at the moment. In addition, the service opens a whole range of opportunities:

  • The limit to use the gadget. helps to control the use of the phone even in the absence of parents. For example, after returning from school, the child will be forced to do homework, because the phone has a ban on accessing the Internet before the arrival of the parents.
  • The ban on the use of individual applications. parents can limit access to games or other entertainment content. In addition, parental control will not allow the child to establish new programs, make online buying, make bets or perform other financial transactions.
  • Tracking the location. the program helps to determine the child’s being at the moment and see the history of his movements for a certain period. For example, some services notify parents that the child is outside the permitted location or approaches the forbidden territories (construction, route, slot machines, etc.
  • Communication Control-parental control on the child’s phone allows you to listen to phone calls, read SMS messages, and also track the correspondence on social networks.
  • SOS signal. a child can quickly report the emergence of a dangerous situation. Parents will immediately see the location of the incident.

Some adults believe that such total control infringes the rights of a minor citizen. However, in our troubled time it will not hurt to know where the child is, and what he is doing.

Google Play opportunities

The simplest means of parental control is present in Android by default. this is one of the functions of Google Play. With it, you can prohibit the installation of applications that are not suitable for the child by age.

There are 3 sections in the list of “Configuring Contain Filtration”: “Applications and Games”, “Films” and “Music”. As for music with frank texts, access to it can either be completely resolved or banned.

In the other two sections there is a gradation by age (rating). from 0 to 18 years. Choose what corresponds to your child’s age.

Unfortunately, the version of parental control Google Play is filtered not by all the content that is in the store. For example, it will not prevent the child from downloading a comic book or a book that contains non.childish information. In addition, this option is ineffective if the child knows how to use the browser, so it is better for parents of children over 7-8 years old to install a separate protective application-one of those that I will talk about next.

Parental control of antivirus vendors

Parental control on Android can be organized by antivirus means, which may already be installed on your child’s phone or tablet. Such products include, for example, F-Secure Safe and Quick Heal Total Security.

There are also individual programs of this class from antivirus manufacturers. They can be used both as an addition to the main product, and on their own. Consider some of them closer.

Android. Разрешения (Permissions)

android, parental, control, restrictions

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Safe Kids is available in paid and free versions.

  • Web content filtering.
  • Search filtration (allows us to exclude sites with undesirable contents from the search results).
  • Blocking the device at the set time (with the exception of calls).
  • Determination of the geographical location (the parent can find out where the child is located).
  • Monitoring the use of the device and reporting reports on the phone or e.mail of the parent.

The application is easy to configure and just use. All the main ways to protect children’s security in it are present. It is suitable for both the control of a teenager and a young child. But you can use it only by mutual agreement, since there is no protection against the deinstal in it: if the child objects to restrictions, it will remove the program without problems.

Norton Family Parental Control (Symantec)

Norton Family has almost the same set of opportunities as the product of Kaspersky. And also produced in paid and free options.

  • The function of monitoring visiting websites (jurisdiction).
  • Web content filtering.
  • Immediate warning of parents about the unwanted actions of the child.

The paid additions are additionally present in selectively control access to applications, create a report on the use of the device in 90 days, receive weekly or monthly reports about the time spent by the child behind the device, and on the actions on it.

Unlike Safekids, Norton Family has protection against removal, but some particularly cunning teenagers still manage to disconnect it.

Bitdefender Parental Control

A set of capabilities of Bitdefender Parental Control is somewhat wider. The free version is available:

  • Monitoring the use of the device (what sites the child visited, which applications launched).
  • Control of calls and SMS messages.
  • Search queries monitoring.
  • Program protection from removal.

Restrictive functions are present only in the Premium version (paid). However, what is in free is enough to control older children. Information security experts believe that it is impractical to block access to the content of interest. This annoys them and provokes to look for ways to circumvent blocking, while observation is perceived by them calmly.

The premium version of the Parental Control’a from Bitdefender includes:

  • Observation of the child’s account in the social network
  • Tracking the geographical location.
  • Blocking unwanted calls and SMS.
  • Blocking web content and applications.
  • Limiting the use of the device.

Additional functionality is more suitable for parents of younger students who have been outside the house for a long time.

We talked about the disconnection of parental control on the example of all the relevant applications today. If for some reason you can’t deactivate restrictions, you can use the reset of the device to the factory state. In addition, you can always connect the smartphone to PC and remove the unnecessary program.

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kaspersky safe kids | kaspersky parental control

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Review of the best applications for parental control

Although the range of functions supported by parental control software is impressive, no system is perfect. If your children want to circumvent the restrictions that you impose, they will probably be able to do this either with the help of uncontrolled devices, or find ways to erase their devices. Thus, first of all, you should talk with your child about why you installed software for monitoring. In the end, digital security is an important topic for all.


  • Cross-platform support;
  • The content filter independent of the browser processes HTTPS traffic;
  • time planner for using the Internet, devices and applications;
  • Tracking the location.

Qustodio. a very customizable, tool to track your child’s activity on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Review

  • accessible;
  • There are no restrictions on devices or subsidiaries;
  • flexible control of the use of devices and applications;
  • web filtration;
  • Geofencing;
  • An extensive notification system.
  • several restrictions for iOS;
  • The filtering of the contents is limited by specific browsers;
  • Social media monitoring applies only to and VK
  • Primitive web-intake.

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a full.functional, affordable parental monitoring system for desktop and mobile platforms, which does not impose restrictions on the number of controlled devices.

Symantec Norton Family Premier

  • accessible;
  • excellent web panel;
  • settings are applied to all devices;
  • There are no restrictions on the number of computers, phones, tablets or children;
  • monitors the location of the child.
  • does not work on Mac;
  • no free version;
  • does not block HTTPS sites in unsupported browsers;
  • The extension of the website is easily turned off;
  • functions depend on the platform;
  • Small tracking of social networks.

The first-class Norton Family Web Intections and many functions allow parents to easily track and manage the activities of their children on many of their devices, although this does not work on the Mac.

Net Nanny

  • support Windows, Mac, Android;
  • configuration and reporting on the Internet;
  • powerful filtration;
  • Applications Management for Android.
  • There are no new updates;
  • Price;
  • no tracking of the location;
  • lack of expanded time management;
  • limited iOS functions.

The web-oriented and multi-platform approach to parental control makes Net Nanny a useful option for the modern world, but for a long time there have not been significant applications.


  • good management of applications and devices;
  • Useful web filters;
  • Support for geopolition;
  • calls control and SMS on Android.
  • price;
  • only on smartphones;
  • some restrictions on iOS;
  • each device must be adjusted separately;
  • A special browser is required;
  • No tracking on social networks.

Boomerang is a reliable solution for parental control for Android and iOS, which helps parents track the activity of their children on the Internet, applications and mobile devices. But, since it is intended only for mobile devices, you cannot use it to monitor Mac or PC computers.


  • Great design;
  • accurate location tracking;
  • Application and use blocking graphs;
  • Free version is available.
  • There is no support for Mac and PC;
  • Not enough call blocking and SMS;
  • There is no monitoring of social networks;
  • Web filtration works only in certain browsers.

Locategy monitors your child’s actions and location, but some design elements can use the update, and only a few browsers work with the Internet filtration capabilities.

Familytime Premium

  • simple installation and setting;
  • Application lock;
  • SOS and Pick Me Up;
  • tracking calls and SMS;
  • geopolition.
  • price;
  • It is impossible to control Mac or PC;
  • no web content filtration;
  • easily removed;
  • Not all functions work as expected;
  • On different platforms, functions may differ.

Practical result: Familytime Premium performs a decent job of tracking the locations of your children on Android and iOS, but this is a solution for parental control only for mobile devices, and the absence of web filtration and inconsistency are serious disadvantages.

Parental control capabilities are regularly updated, especially for smartphones. If you use the parental control application, which is not on the list, and it has special functions or simply conveniently and efficiently, do not forget to leave a comment under the article. Your proposal may appear the next time updating the list.

android, parental, control, restrictions

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The application from the developer “Kaspersky Laboratory” has all the necessary functionality to control the child’s Internet activity: you can set filters to issue results in the search, block access to sites whose contents should not be shown to minors, limit the time of use of the device and monitor the whereabouts. Of course, there are disadvantages, the most unpleasant of which is the lack of protection against deinstal even in the premium application of the application. In addition, the free version of the Kaspersky safe KIDS has restrictions on the number of notifications and connected devices.

Parental control from the Symantec mobile unit. According to opportunities, this decision resembles an analogue from the Kaspersky Lab, but is already protected from removal, so it requires administrator permits. It also allows the application to monitor the time of using the device on which it is established and form reports that go to parental e.mail. The disadvantages of Norton Family are more significant-albeit the application for free, but requires premium subscription after 30 days of testing. Users also report that the program can fail, especially on highly modified firmware.

Kids Place

Autonomous application, which works by the Samsung Knox type, creates a separate environment on the phone or tablet, with which it becomes possible to control the activity of the child. From the declared functional, the most interesting are filtration of the installed applications, a ban on access to Google Play, as well as restriction of reproducible videos (you need to improve the plugin). Of the minuses, we note the restrictions on the free version (the timer and some possibilities of customization of the intese), as well as high energy consumption are not available. In general, a great option for parents of both preschoolers and adolescents.

One of the most functional solutions among those presented in the market. The main difference between this product and competitors is a change in the rules of use on the fly. Of the more ordinary capabilities, we note automatic settings at the levels of the desired safety, reports on the use of the child of the device, as well as maintaining “black” and “white” lists for sites and applications. The main disadvantage of the Seyfkkido is a paid subscription. without it it will not even be possible to enter the application. In addition, no protection against deinstal is provided, so this product is not suitable for monitoring older children.

Games for (parent) control: Safe Kids

Even if the child’s games on the phone are quite children, this is not a reason to calm down. children can sit with veterinarians, minecraft and angry birds all day. It is problematic to limit the time that the child spends behind games, with the standard Android means, so special programs such as Kaspersky Safe Kids come to the rescue.

In general, Safe Kids has many functions, including control of location and social networks, but we will still be interested in the main restriction of applications and safe Internet. So, we install Safe Kids on parent and children’s smartphones. The children’s need to activate the “child’s regime”, and on your own parental. This is important, otherwise there will be confusion, who controls whom.

There are practically no settings in the children’s application. you need to install the application according to the instructions, giving it the rights of the administrator.

In parental work, more-you need to install a PIN code and go through all the settings, including the necessary options. The most critical filter of safe websites, as well as restrictions on applications by categories and ages are subsections of the Internet and programs, respectively.

Well, for sweet. limiting the time spent at the screen. You can distinguish at least 15 minutes, at least an hour, at least two. how to agree with the children. After the exhaustion of this limit, the phone will only be able to make and receive calls, almost all applications will be blocked, and the phone will remind you that it is time to do something else.

If the child is not inclined to spend too much time on the photo and SMS, you can go a different way. to limit the time of use of specific applications, that is, games. At the same time, you can completely disable access to unnecessary applications like the same Gmail, as well as any browsers except Google Chrome and the Android browser. These two will be protected by the Safe Kids content filter, but with other browsers it is possible to access unwanted sites, so it is better to exclude them immediately.

Additional protection

Safe Kids provides multilateral parental control, and recently another important function has appeared in the application. restricting access to the smartphone settings. This is done so that the child does not be able to knock down the system time, add an unnecessary Wi-Fi network or do something else in that spirit. In general, it is better to block sin from sin. I used to recommend using a separate application for this. Smart Applock, but now, perhaps, I won’t, since Safe Kids can and this too.

In order for the phone to be protected from playful handles of classmates, it is necessary to turn on the lock screen and set the pin code or graphic key. This is done through settings → Safety. In case of loss of a smartphone, it will be useful to display information about the owner on the lock screen. It is better to fill it in a practical way: “Vanya Petrova’s phone. If you found it, call parents 212-8506 (conditionally) “.

Here, in general, and that’s all-the phone can be given to the young owner. True, it is important to understand that all programs and settings do not cancel living conversations with the child. Children are inventive and grow very quickly, so that shortcomings will probably be found in the built system, moreover, in any case, it will have to be changed in any case, adapting to the trends of time, class fashion and new needs of their child. It is better to do this with the child, reviewing the rules at least once a year and explaining what, why and how you are setting up.