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How to find Android phone. determine the location

The loss or theft of a smartphone is a fairly unpleasant situation. However, the difference in these two cases is quite large. When stealing the device, the device is immediately dropped by “experienced people” and its search becomes an almost unsolvable problem.

In the case of a regular phone loss, there are several options that will help the owner to return the apparatus. However, they all depend on the settings of the device that were obviously registered in the lost Android. In this article we will describe all options and tools for finding Android devices.

We will immediately reject the banal advice. to call the lost device in order to get through to the found. I think this action was performed immediately.

Determining the location through Google Find My Device

First of all, you need to use the “Google” service “. This service through a general Google account is synchronized with the phone and shows its location. In most cases, this is the only real option to determine the location of the lost device. This is done like this:

  • In the browser, run the www service
  • Important! You need to register under the same Google account, which is active on the lost device.

Google lost phone notifications

If the search does not lead you to success, think about the safety of your data. While the device is online, you can run the “Cleaning device” option in this service, which will erase all the data and leave the account on the phone.

Separately, I recommend using two more options from Google: tracking actions and checking chronology. For them you can determine the latest points of fixation of your device with a Google account on the map.

Review of proven ways to find an Android phone

The Android system was developed by Google, which cared for its reputation, so I created several service applications to find the lost phone. But in order to use them, registration in the system is needed, it is simply necessary to do this, only having an activated account you should try to find your Android device.

It is also necessary to connect to the GPS module from Google, which determines the location of the lost gadget.

In addition to service applications from Google, there are applications that are also used to find it by location, number or other data.

But if you find your device, then there is no guarantee that the mobile phone will be immediately returned. it can be dangerous, so it is better to contact the law enforcement agencies for help in the return of the lost device. Please do not try to confront fraudsters.

How to find a smartphone using the Internet

The very first when the gadget is lost or theft, open the Google account and go to the “Security” section.

If you forgot data from the Google account, login and password, these methods will not help you.

Find the section “Your devices” and follow any link:

When moving to “phone management”, select the one that has lost.

It is possible to turn off the Google account on the mobile phone, and thus protect part of the data.

Then follow the link-question “Lost the phone” and once again, confirming the account, get to the management.

  • To analyze the latest actions
  • block the phone
  • Call him
  • Leave the account
  • Contact the operator
  • block data

If you lose the smartphone nearby, activate the “call” function. The device will call for 5 minutes at the maximum volume, with a sound different from the other signal. You will have enough time to find your phone.

If there is no mobile phone nearby, use the “Find” function.

Tip: with the help of remote control, the best option will be complete blocking. So, at least the attacker will not be able to blackmail you, knowing your personal data.

This function is especially useful for owners of corporate numbers, since confidential information that is not intended for unauthorized persons can be stored in memory.

But if it is turned off and there is no Internet, then using this service it is not possible to detect a mobile phone, so any manipulations with it will not help.

Android Device Manager. How to find a phone from a computer

Android Device Manager is a tool that users who regularly lose their smartphones on OS Android must be familiarized with. The utility is designed to search for lost devices, increase the overall confidentiality and obtain an expanded set of data on the phone. At its core, this utility is a remote access tool, with which the owner can connect to the lost device.

We also attach a video instruction in which the process of interaction with the service considered in the article is detailed in detail.

Working with the Adm service

Android Device Manager is not a program in its usual sense. ADM is an online service that helps to find lost gadgets by entering the Google account, into which the user entered the smartphone.

We are looking for a device

So, to find a smartphone or tablet, you need to enter that Google account, which is tied to the smartphone on Android (used to install applications from Google Play and T. D.). At the same time, the user will need to agree that Google will receive location data.

Android Device Manager offers 4 main functions:

  • Display of the location of the smartphone in accordance with the latest data obtained from it.
  • Making an incoming call to the phone. The gadget will call loudly even if a silent mode is turned on on it.
  • Blocking the screen of the device in one click.
  • Removing all data stored on a lost smartphone.

Information about the last known location will not be 100% accurate-the possible scatter is 700-800 meters. Nevertheless, with the help of this function, you can roughly understand in which place the phone fell out or was stolen.

Obtain the user’s phone number in Android Studio

We force the phone to call

Web programming specialist and computer systems. PHP/HTML/CSS editor

To call, you just need to click on the “call” icon on the site. There will be a notification that the phone will make a sound signal within five minutes, even if the sound is disconnected on it. This function allows you to look for a gadget that was lost at home (fell into a corner or was forgotten in a jacket).

We block the device

If the call did not help (the gadget is not lost at home), you can try to block the phone so that third parties could not get access to data. To do this, click on the “block the device” button. The site notifies that you can continue to receive information about the location after blocking.

The service will require you to fill out the following data:

As a result, you not only block the device, but also give information to communicate to the person who found your phone. This function must be used immediately after loss. thanks to the lock, an outsider will not be able to “crawl” in your smartphone, but at the same time he will receive information for the connection and return of the found gadget.

We delete the data

If no one contacted you within a few days after loss, you need to think about deleting all the information and returning the smartphone to factory settings. This step is especially important if logins and passwords from various accounts were stored in the memory.

To clean the memory, you need to click on the corresponding button on the site. The service warns that after cleaning you will no longer be able to determine its location. Use this function only in extreme cases, and after cleaning just in case, change passwords from all open accounts.

How to configure Android Device Manager

Google is a company that refers to the confidentiality of personal data quite scrupulous. In this regard, you will have to independently perform the utility activation procedure and provide it with all the necessary permits. To do this, we perform the following actions.

In the main menu, open “Settings” and move to the “Safety” section, there we select “Device Administrators”:

We put a checkmark in the “Remote Management Android” field, get acquainted with the capabilities provided by the program and click the “activate” button:

Now we return back and close the settings.

How to find a phone via Android Device Manager

If your phone was stolen or it was simply lost, then with a high degree of probability, using the capabilities of the Adm service, you can find its real location. True, if the smartphone is in the hands of the attackers who immediately turned off the gadget or dropped the installations, then your chances of finding a phone strive for zero. However, if you quickly discovered the loss, the ability to find it still persists.

android, device, manager, find, phone
  • We start with the page “Remote control Android”. There, in the drop.down list, select our device (if you have not one)
  • Click the button “Determine the location of the device”.

We are waiting for a few seconds, and a marker and data on the last connection to the network will appear on the opened card:

It is important to know that detection accuracy directly depends on the activation of the GPS system on your gadget. However, although approximately, the area for the search will be determined.

If you are sure that the phone is somewhere nearby, it is justified to use the call function (the “call” button) to make the smartphone call for five minutes at the maximum volume:

You should not think badly about people. the world is full of good and, most importantly, honest people. It is possible that exactly such a person found your Android and is ready to make you happy. Help him by sending a special message that will be displayed on a blocked display. To do this, use the “Block” button, which is located in the “Remote control Android” item (see. above):

Now, in the window that opens, you need to enter the lock password, message text and phone number. These data will be displayed at the time of turning on the device, which will help you find your apparatus quickly to call you back without the need to open your notes or

Note: This procedure will not affect the contents of the ES card, so you should not store personal information on it.

Android Device Manager

Like all the other Google services, Android Device Manager has a convenient web integer. It is located at https: // www.Google.COM/Android/Devicemanager

Separate registration in it is not required, it is enough to enter the login and password from the Google account for entrance.

Google will immediately try to contact your device and display its location on the map. If you could not find the phone on the first attempt, you can try to start the search a little later by clicking on the icon “Determination of the location”.

If you are the owner of several Android devices, then the right device can be selected by clicking on a gray arrow. And in order to avoid confusion with the names of smartphones in the future, it is better to immediately change them to options more understandable to you. For example, “main”, “worker” or “family tablet”.

So, thanks to Android Device Manager, I learned that my phone is somewhere in the apartment. But, as you know, this did not make my task very easier. The fact that the phone could not run away from home on my own, I did not doubt it very much.

The situation was saved by a button with the inscription “call”. When you press it, the selected smartphone will ring at maximum volume even if it is in sound mode. Call duration. 5 minutes. You can turn it off earlier by clicking on the phone key.

In my case, the search for the phone on this successfully ended. But what to do to those who forgot their smartphone in a minibus or cafe?

It is for such cases that Android Device Manager allows you to remotely block the smartphone screen or delete all personal data from it. There is only one point. you need to turn on these functions on your smartphone in advance. It is easy to do this. It is enough to press the button “Configure the lock and delete data”, and then select the option “Send”.

A special icon will have to appear in the notification panel of your smartphone, after clicking on which the settings menu will open. It remains only to click on the “Activate” button and make sure that both checks are worth.

Now in Android Device Manager two additional buttons have appeared next to the “call” button. “block” and “clean”.

The “Block” button allows you to remotely block the smartphone screen by installing a digital password on it. In addition, you can enter an additional message that will be displayed on the phone screen, and enter the number that you can call without even unlocking the device.

Using the “Clean” button, you can completely delete all data from your phone. After that, he will return to the state in which you first got it out of the box.

For remote control of your Google smartphone allows you to use not only the Android Device Manager web integration, but also a special application. I will not dwell on it in detail, in fact, it is no different from the web of the Inte Web.

Android Device Manager is a simple but very useful tool that can once save you a lot of time, money and effort. Remember its availability is worth the owner of the Android smartphone. Of course, in the case of the theft of a chance to successfully return the phone in any case, not very much. Although such cases were also. Murtazin wrote about one of Eldar Murtazin not so long ago in “Biryulki”.

But even in this case, you can block the phone screen or delete all personal data from it, which can save you from many additional problems. For example, from calls from your number to friends and colleagues, asking you to transfer money to an account or hacking an account on a social network.

But in the case of loss of the phone, the chances of returning it will noticeably increase. Firstly, you can quickly find out where exactly you forgot it. Secondly, from sin to close the screen, writing for a remuneration report and indicating the contact phone number. It will be easier to help you, and the temptation to leave the phone is still less.

It is also worth noting that some manufacturers of Android smartphones offer similar services for their devices, often with wider capabilities. For example, with a review of SamsungDive’s company service from Samsung, you can familiarize yourself with the link below.

imei number check | how to check IMEI number on Android #imei #shorts

In addition, in Google Play there are many programs with similar functions. As an example, I will give the Norton Mobile Security service, the review of which is also on our website.

Whatever service and whatever program you choose, remember that you need to think about a possible loss or theft of a smartphone in any case. You will not be able to block the screen of the lost phone or delete confidential data from it if you have not activated these possibilities in its settings. And even more so, you will not be able to use some kind of third-party application if it was not installed in advance on your phone.

How to find a phone on Android using Android Device Manager

The standard tool from Google consists of two interconnected parts. A small utility called “Remote Management Android” is installed on your gadget, and the commands are given to it through the web-intese. Many manufacturers install this utility on their default devices, but if you have no one, then you can download it in Google Play.

Google is scrupulously referring to the confidentiality of personal information, so you must independently activate the “remote management of Android” and give it the necessary permits. To do this, follow the following actions.

Open the settings of the device. Go to the “Security” section.

Select “Device Administrators”.

Mark with a flag item “Remote control Android”. Check out the capabilities of the program and agree to press the “Activate” button.

Return back and close the settings.

How to find where your Android is located

If your gadget was stolen or simply lost somewhere, then using the Android Device Manager service you have the possibility of detecting its current location. Of course, the capabilities of this service are limited, especially if the attackers quickly turned off the device or dumped the installations. However, there are still some chances, especially if the search for the device is made in hot pursuit or it fell into the hands of inexperienced users.

To search for your smartphone or tablet, go to the page “Remote control Android”. Select your device in the drop.down list, if you have several of them, and click the button with the target icon “Determine the location of the device”. After a short expectation, you will see a marker on the map, as well as information about the time of the last connection to the network in the floating panel on the left.

Please note that the discovery accuracy is very dependent on whether the GPS system is activated on your device. But in any case, you can at least approximately determine the area to search for a smartphone.

In a situation where the phone is somewhere near you, but you can’t find it in any way, you will come in handy. Click on the “call” button, and the smartphone will begin to call at maximum volume within five minutes. Thus, it is easy to find a gadget flooded under the bed or beyond the wardrobe in the boundaries of your house.

Not always a person who has found your smartphone wants to assign it or sell it. There are also honest people who will be happy to return your favorite gadget. And to help them do it faster, you can send a special message that will be displayed on a blocked screen. To do this, use the “Block” button in the Web-Integeis “Remote Management Android”.

In the emerging window that appears, you should set the lock password, message and phone number that will be displayed when your device is turned on. Thus, you will help the new owner to call you faster and avoid the temptation to dig into your personal records and photos.

In the most sad set of circumstances, when there is no hope for the return of the device, you need to at least minimize the possible damage from the leakage of personal data. In this case, you should use the “Clean” button on the “Remote control Android” page. After pressing and confirming its choice, a complete reset of the device to factory installations and data destruction will be completely reset. Please note that this will not affect the contents of the SD card, so you should not use it to store personal photographs, documents or other confidential information.

What functions does Android Device Manager perform?

Remote tracking of location.

When an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or a data transfer network actively on the device, Android Device Manager will be able to remotely track the whereabouts of such a device. Note that the accuracy of the location is limited in this case (it depends on the network and the quality of the GPS). Android Device Manager is also capable of displaying information about when the device was online for the last time.

Activation of the device call.

This function is useful not only for stolen devices, but also for those people who know for sure that their device is in the house, but cannot find it. Using Android Device Manager, the user can call his device, and the device will give a signal for 5 minutes until you find your electronic friend and turn it off.

In our opinion, remote locking is very convenient when a person who stole or found your device has limited knowledge and tries to find a way to restart the device or delete your information. Using remote locks, you will receive a new lock screen, and your current lock screen is replaced by a password lock.

You can also set a recovery message on your phone, and he, being in the hands of a person who seized him, will begin to give a signal, so such a person can return the phone back to you.

Remote data removal.

This function on your device may be discharged to factory settings. All data will be deleted. applications, photos, music and settings. Our advice to you: think carefully before, before, if the data is deleted, Android Device Manager will no longer function.

If any information is not on the phone, but on the SD card, then it will remain, since Device Manager is able to delete data only from the internal memory of the device.

We remind you: so that you can do everything that is indicated above, your phone should be connected to the Internet and your Google account.

Not so long ago, the editor of one of the major editions on technical topics has lost its iPhone smartphone, in which the Find My iPhone function works in a similar way. While this woman was trying to find out the location of her phone, she also began to call him to check if there is a device near someone nearby. In the end, she found her device. By the way, Android Device Manager works very much.

Android Device Manager is that it does not lead the history of the location of the phone. only the last location of the device is displayed. Location data are deleted when you close Android Device Manager.

How to configure Android Device Manager?

Using the Google account, which you use on Google Play, enter the Device Manager website. Select “Blocking and Data Deleting”. Next, you must select the “Send” item so that the manager sends notifications to smartphones that are associated with your Google account. This account will notify you and ask you to enable Device Manager.

If you have several devices, you can set the name to each of them by selecting the phone and then by clicking on the icon “Edit”.

How to find a phone via Google

You can find a mobile phone using the “remote control of Android” indicating on the map its approximate location. When the satellite determines where the search object is, the smartphone will receive a notification.

To use this function, you need to register a smartphone for your Google account and open access to geodan. “Remote control Android” will help only if the mobile phone is included, and is also in the Wi-Fi and mobile network area. In addition, you need to activate this service in Android security settings. To do this, select the “Device Administrators” and start remote control.

Search should start as early as possible, then more likely to return the smartphone until the battery is discharged or the attackers have left your account.

To do this, you need to follow the leadership:

  • On the computer, enter the Google link on the browser address.COM/Android/Devicemanager
  • Enter the Google account, on which your gadget is authorized.
  • Press the arrow next to the name of the device and select the right.
  • After a few seconds, the location of the search object will be indicated on the map.

Immediately opens a window with the functions of “call”, “block” and “clean”.

It is very convenient to use the “call” function when the smartphone is not far. According to the sound signal, it will be easily detected. The call lasts 5 minutes even with the sound mode on.

If the device is stolen, so it cannot be returned, then turn on the lock or delete all data.

You should know that the remote control function of Android does not maintain the location of the gadget. The system requests from the satellite its approximate coordinates at the entrance to the account, and after leaving it, these geodana are removed.

In case of theft, the data on the phone is blocked

How to find a phone on GPS through a computer

Monitoring of mobile networks allows you to determine the current location of a mobile communication device by the method of identifying the interaction of the GPS signal with a subsequent assessment of the speed signal of the nearest cellular tower of the cellular communication.

To find the phone by number via a satellite for free from the computer, it must have a built-in or connected GPS-compliance. It is important that GPS is activated in Android settings. To turn it on, you need to go to the “Location” tab.

It is recommended to use it to search for verified services. Maps-Info allows you to connect to satellite monitoring. To familiarize yourself with the service, you can (freely limited number of times) determine the location of the smartphone using GPS. There is also a free and proven GPS GLONASS Monitoring Service.

To use this service, you need:

  • Connect to satellite monitoring in the “Free Monitoring” section.
  • Register on the site, fill out the request form, providing the necessary information.
  • After authorization, a field will appear for entering the number of a lost mobile phone. The system will immediately begin monitoring and information about the location of the device will appear on the screen.

Why find the phone fails?

Samsung cell phone search will not bring results if there is no Internet connection in the following methods:

  • through the TeamViewer program;
  • using Google Photo;
  • using special mobile applications from Play Market;
  • Thanks to the “Searching devices” service from Samsung.

The search for a mobile phone by IMEI is impossible without confirming documents for the right to own the device that will be required to submit to the police when submitting an application for the theft.

Using Google Services to search for a binding to a mobile device account and it is made to go to the Google Account.

How to block a remote device?

The main condition for blocking the detected device is the ability to control it remotely. To do this, include this option in advance:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the “Security” section.
  • Click on the point “Device Administrators”.
  • Find the option “Remote Management” and activate it, putting a tick opposite it.

Reference! The spare option, which allows you to remotely block the found cell phone, is the Google service, which should stand in front of the options “Remote search for the device”, “Remote blocking and reset of settings”.

Samsung’s mobile phone loss will not cause trouble if you worry about the possible loss in advance and make the necessary settings. When performing preliminary actions, you can remotely delete data, block the device, and also determine the location.

android, device, manager, find, phone

A number of ways requires connecting a lost cell phone to the Internet, for other methods. the availability of confirming documents on the device, and others. the active use of the attacker of the device functions (photo, calls, SMS, data transfer).