Allow the removal of applications on the iPhone. Method 1: Desktop

Forced application removal on the iPhone: several ways

The most popular methods of removing applications in the environment of the iOS operating system are considered. How to deactivate the restriction on the removal of extra information from the iPhone? What the gray icons mean, and why their demolition is impossible? All answers are in this material.

Despite the enormous efforts on the part of Apple’s engineers and testers to improve their own developments, users of “apple” gadgets very often face the question: how to delete a program that does not delete on the iPhone? The icon is gray, it does not respond to starting attempts, does not want to be updated, and, accordingly, refuses to leave in every possible way? You need not to hide the application (hide), but forever say goodbye to it? Take a closer look, there is probably a bunch of unnecessary utilities on your device.

Several effective ways

First, try to reload your device, a little free its memory, removing unnecessary content or other software on the iPhone, which can be completely erased. Next, go to the AppStore, find an unreleased program by name, start it re.installation. In 90% of cases, this helps to move the case from a dead point and solve a difficult problem.

Looking for an answer to the question: “How to delete pre.installed applications?”Removing standard or system iOS applications by default is impossible. And then what applications can be removed? Those that are installed by the user independently (loaded from the AppStore, clouds, classmates or from somewhere else). You can do this at once in several ways, about which. then.

Method No1. from the desktop

Squeeze the necessary shortcut for a couple of seconds (for example, if you need to delete “in contact” or the Sberbank online application) until the icons start shaking. Click the cross, confirm the removal. This option provides not only the erasing of the games from the desktop, but also allows you to get rid of programs from folders. If you have an old firmware, perhaps on the screen there will be a request for evaluating the removable on a 5-ballast scale. If you want, you can answer the request by making pleasant to the developers.

Method No2. in settings

This option is applicable if you have iOS 5, 6 firmware, or later. Go to “Settings”, then. to “Basic”, then visit the statistics tab, where the list of installed utilities will be displayed. It is convenient that the weight of each of them is shown. you can demolish the most “bulky”, quickly freeing the internal memory of the device.

You may need to click “show all the programs” if the initial list does not have the right. After double pressing, “delete the program” is not the result? We proceed to the third answer to the question: “How to remove unremarkable utilities completely and irrevocably?””.

Method no3. in iTunes

Use the official iTunes downloaded to the computer. Be sure to download from the official site, otherwise you can run into a virus distributed under the guise of a useful function.

Connect your mobile device to the computer using the USB cable, and as soon as the program is launched, in the left side panel (caused by a combination of the Ctrl S keys), find the icon IPhone icon. Next, go into the program tab (located at the top), turn over the slave. Tables, we find unnecessary software, which is not removed by the first two methods (for example, if you need to get rid of Sberbank online).

Pull the cursor on it and act as in the first method. click on the cross. Accidentally pressed him, and we must return back as it was? In iTunes, it will easily restore its original state using the “Return” button.

Press the application button so that after synchronization, finally get rid of unnecessary utilities. In five to ten minutes, synchronization will be completed, the removal process will be completely completed.

How to delete the application on the iPhone and iPad

Delete the application from the main screen iPhone/iPad

This is the most convenient way for any iPhone or iPad user to completely delete applications from your device if the application is present on the main screen.

However, you can delete applications from the main screen in two ways. It depends on which method is convenient for you and which IOS version is available on your device.

Delete the application on the main screen with a long press

For those who use iOS 14 (or iPados 14) and higher, the applications can be easily deleted by holding the application that you want to delete and following the key combinations.

Here you can find out how to delete iPhone applications with a long press:

  • Go to the main screen.
  • Tape and hold the application that you want to delete until the context menu appears.
  • Select remove the application from the menu.
  • In the menu that appears, click on delete the application (by clicking on delete from the main screen will make the application available only in the application library)
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the subsequent pop.up window.

Delete the application on the iPhone or iPad in swaying mode

This method also requires long.term clicks, but your applications should go to the swaying mode before you can remove them.

The swaying mode allows you to massively delete applications from the main screen without repeating the first methods several times in each application. This method is simple, so perform the following actions to delete applications on the iPhone one at a time or at once:

  • Go to the main screen iPhone
  • Press and hold the application icon that you want to delete.
  • Then select Change the main screen for entering the swaying mode (in iOS 13 and earlier versions you will need to touch and keep one of the icons of your application for some time to enter the swaying mode)

Delete iPhone/iPad application from applications library

In addition, you can delete applications on your iPhone by viewing your application library, since this function was integrated into iOS 14. Using this function, you can streamline and divide applications on your devices so that they do not clutter up your home screen.

In the application library you will find all applications, including those that you deleted from the main screen, and the applications can also be removed from here. Remove the applications on the iPhone and iPad, performing the following actions:

  • Spend your finger to the right on the main screen until you reach the section of the application library.
  • Click on the application category that you want to delete, and press and hold the application from there.
  • Click and hold the application you want to delete.
  • Select remove the application in the emerging menu.
  • Then click on the delete to confirm the action.

Delete applications on iPhone/iPad through settings

Another method that you can use if you want to delete the application on your iPhone or iPad is to go through the phone settings. Through the iPhone settings, you can get access to all applications on your device at any time to control them and remove them from your device.

allow, removal, applications, iphone, method

In fact, you can use this method to completely delete the application or delete only the application, leaving all its data, if you need it later.

How to delete the application on the iPhone and all its data

If you want to completely delete the application on the iPhone, including its data, through “Settings”, this is how you can do it:

  • Go to your iPhone or iPad settings.
  • Scroll down and select the general.
  • Then click on the iPhone vault (it will be an iPad memory on iPad)

How to delete the application and leave its data on the iPhone

For any reason, you may need to delete applications such as WhatsApp from your iPhone. However, you may need to save its data on your device in case the application contains any important files or images.

In addition, you may need to reinstall the application and you will want to pick up all the data where you left them. Here, unloading enters the game, another method of removing applications on the iPhone. Here’s how you can do it on your iPhone:

  • Go to settings on your device
  • Scroll down and click on the general
  • Select the iPhone vault for iPhone and iPad memory for iPad.

Frequently asked questions about the removal of iPhone and iPad applications

What applications can be removed on iPhone and iPad?

Applications that can be removed on your iPhone are loaded applications ( applications). It is important to note that most applications cannot be removed from your device. However, some applications can also be removed on the iPhone.

allow, removal, applications, iphone, method

How to delete applications that are not on the main screen?

If you are looking for how to delete the application that is absent on the main screen, you can view the application library or settings. The procedure for each of these methods has already been discussed earlier.

How to delete applications on Android?

If you want to remove applications from your Android, the procedure is very simple. Here’s how to do it:

  • Tape and hold the application you want to delete.
  • Click on remove from a quick menu.
  • Then click OK to confirm the action.

Why I can no longer delete applications on my iPhone?

Despite the fact that the removal of iPhone applications should be simple, sometimes something may go wrong. If the usual methods that we explained in the article do not work, this may be associated with restrictions on content and confidentiality.

The restrictions are part of the “screen time” in the “Settings” application, the section that allows you to limit the time that you spend on your iPhone. Although the restrictions on content and confidentiality are especially useful as parental control, they can limit your actions on the iPhone if you are not careful.

Go to the “Settings” and click on “Expand time” “Content and confidentiality restrictions”. To delete the application, click “Buying on iTunes and App Store”. “Removing applications”. Make sure you have been chosen to resolve. You cannot delete applications on your iPhone if the parameter is not allowed to allow ”.

It can also happen that you received your iPhone from school or from working with a pre.installed profile prohibiting the removal of applications.

How to forever delete the application from the App Store?

You can delete applications from your purchase list in the App Store. Go to the App Store and click the “Update” tab at the bottom of the screen. Touch the “Buying” tabs at the bottom. You can delete the application by clicking on it, and then by pressing the “Delete” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Touch and Hold the App You Wish to Delete. Click on Uninstall from the Quick Menu. The Tap Ok to Confirm the Action.””. @Type: “Question”, “Name”: “Who Can’T I Delete Apps on My iPhone Anymore?”,” AcCeptedanswer “: @Type:” Answer “,” Text “:” EVEN THUGH DeLETING IPHONE OPPS ShOULD Be EASY, ThINGS Can Go Wrong Sometimes. IF the Regular Methods We have Explained in the Article Don’t work, it may beCause of concent and private reconstruction.

Restricts are Part of Screen Time in the Settings App, A Section that Allows You to Limit The You Spend On Your iPhone. Althrow Content and Privacy Restricts are Particularly Useful as Parental Controls, They Canstrict What You Can Do You’re Not Careful.

Go to Settings and Tap Screen Time Content Privacy Restrications. To Delete an App, Tap iTunes App Store Purchasses. Deleting Apps. Verify that allow is Selected. You canb uninstall Apps on your iPhone howline is Selected.

It might also that you have read your iPhone from School Orplace with a preinstalled Profile that development of apps.””. @Type: “Question”, “NAME”: “HOW DO I PERMANENENTLY DeLETE an App from the App Store?”,” AcCeptedanswer “: @Type:” Answer “,” Text “:” It is Possible to Remove Appshased List on the App Store. Navigate to the App Store and Click The Updates Tab at the Bottom of the Screen. Tap the Purchassed Tab at the Bottom. You can delete an app by tapping on it and the delete Button in the Upper-Right Corner of the Screen.

Is it possible to completely delete the program with the iPhone and how to do it?

As soon as you use any of the methods indicated above, you completely delete the program. However, it will still be displayed in the “purchase” section in the form of a cloud with an arrow. What does it mean that it is available for loading at any time from your account.

Unfortunately, you cannot completely delete applications from this list. Since this contradicts the very essence of this list. to allow the user to download applications without forcing him to pay for them again. However, they can be hidden and not shown in the list of previously loaded.

allow, removal, applications, iphone, method

How to hide a game or an application from the iPhone or iPad

To do this, you need a computer connection and installed iTunes.

Updated! recently, Apple “Complete Psychel” and now there are no App Store on the computer on the computer. So. just took and removed. But we need him! What to do? Do not despair. I have an instruction on how to return the game store and applications in iTunes.

Downloaded and installed the “correct” version? Now we are going to business:

  • Launch iTunes and go under our account (Apple ID).
  • Click in your name. By the way, in the new versions of iTunes there is no this item, but there is a “account”. press on it.
  • In a pop.up window, choose. purchases.
  • From the whole variety of what you purchased at one time choosing what you need to hide.
  • Press the cross.

In this way, the application is completely “deleted” from the device and it is not visible in the purchase list. It turns out that you seem to have never loaded this program or a game. it does not exist on the device, and it is not displayed in the iCloud cloud. However, everything can be returned back.

How to display all programs in the purchase list

To display all those applications that we have hidden with you in the previous paragraph, we also need iTunes.

  • Open iTunes and enter under our Apple id.
  • Again, click in the name and in the list select the item. “Information about the account”.
  • They may require a password repeatedly. do it.
  • In the window that opens, we find the item. “iTunes in the cloud”. There will be an inscription under it. “hidden purchases”, and on the right. “manage”.
  • You will see all hidden content. It is enough to choose the necessary and click “Show”.

But sometimes these manipulations are not enough for complete removal, because there is also information that accumulates in the process of interaction with the program or game. We will find out how to get rid of her.

How to delete all these games in iPhone and iPad?

As any game passes, the so.called game progress, achievements and other merits that you earn in the process are accumulated. And it’s great. But sometimes I want to start the game “again”, without all these preservations, however, when reinstalling the game, you have to start not again, but from the level of which you finished.

What to do in this case? How to erase everything and start “from scratch”? There are two solutions and it all depends on where these data are stored:

  • All progress is preserved on the servers of the game developers and is attached to the account. There is only one way out. create a new account. This is usually the entrance to the game on the start screen.
  • All these games are stored in iCloud. Then they need to be removed on your own. You can do this by going into the settings. iCloud. storage. We find the necessary application and wash everything 🙂

Here is just that this data is, it can be said that the application or game is deleted with the iPhone or iPad completely. But sometimes problems arise.

How to leave the App Store account?

In order to download and download applications, you need an account in the App Store, the role of which is played by Apple ID. And if you make out of it, then it becomes impossible to download games and applications. Which also helps us solve the problem voiced in the heading of the article.

Do this simply through the settings of the device. We find in them the item “Itunes Store and App Store”, go into it, click on the account, then. “Exit”. You will need to enter a password if we forgot it. we read here.

True, in this case, it turns out that the application icon itself remains on the screen of the device (which, frankly, is not always convenient). Therefore, if you are deeply hatred for the program of programs from Apple and want it to completely disappear “out of sight”, it is better to take advantage of the very first removal way. through restrictions.

P.S. Why did you need to erase the App Store? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! And, of course, ask questions. I will try to answer everyone!

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Full removal of content

The iPhone does not provide for the possibility of removing all applications, but if it is precisely what you need to do, you will need to execute content and settings, that is, a complete reset of the device. And since this issue has previously been considered on the site, we will not dwell on it.

Unfortunately, the possibility of managing applications was removed from iTunes. But ITOOLS, an analogue of iTunes, but with a much wider range of opportunities, will perfectly cope with the removal of programs through the computer.

At least occasionally delete applications with the iPhone in any way proposed in the article and then you will not face a lack of free space.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13178 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

How to delete a program from iPhone is a way

Touch the icon of any application or game and hold it until the main iPhone screen goes into the mode of deleting and moving applications.

Click on a cross located in the upper left corner of the application or game that needs to be removed.

In the window that opens, confirm the removal by clicking “delete”.

Note that if your iPhone or iPod Touch has iOS 10 or later version, then most standard applications can be removed from the main screen. You can download remote standard applications, if necessary, it will be possible to directly via the App Store.

How to delete an application from the iPhone is a way

This method of removing programs from the iPhone is more informative. before deleting the desired application, you can find out how much space it takes in the memory of the smarton.

Go to the “Settings” menu → “Basic” → “Using the Storage and ICLOUD”.

In the storage section, click “Management”.

Select the application you want to delete. On this screen, you immediately see how much memory the application takes in the memory of the device, which allows you to easily think over the organization of the storage.

Click “Delete the program” and confirm the removal in the opening window.

If the list does not have the right application, but you are sure that it is installed in the iPhone, after the transition to the “Settings” menu → “Basic” → “Using the Rep thatter and iCloud” scroll the list a little lower and click “Show all the programs”.

How to delete the application on the iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 and newer

Method 1

Click and hold your finger on anyway of the main screen iPhone or iPad. After that, “Minusiks” will appear in the upper right corner of the icons (in older versions of the “crosses”) and the icons themselves will begin to sway habitually. Click on the Minusik (cross) for removal and confirm the action.

This removal method may not seem as simple as it seems, due to the fact that the pile must be performed at a certain moment.

  • On Apple smartphones equipped with a Touch ID sensor, after removal, click the “Home” button.
  • On the Apple smartphones equipped with the Face ID sensor, after removal, click “Ready” in the upper right corner of the screen or make a swipe in the lower part of the display.

LG Smart TV: How to Install & Uninstall Apps

Method 2

Press and hold the icon of any application until a pop.up menu appears. Select “Change the screen home”.

After that, all the icons of your programs will begin to sway. At the same time, small “minuses” (crosses) will appear at the top of all the applications available to removal.

Click on the “minus” (cross). The menu will open with a request to confirm that you really want to delete the application. Click “Delete the application” to clean the device from this program.

  • On Apple smartphones equipped with a Touch ID sensor, after removal, click the “Home” button.
  • On the Apple smartphones equipped with the Face ID sensor, after removal, click “Ready” in the upper right corner of the screen or make a swipe in the lower part of the display.

Method 3

Not as obvious as previous methods, but also quite affordable. This method works on all iPhone and iPad with installed iOS 5 and older.

Follow the way: Settings → Main → IPhone (iPad) storage. Wait a few seconds while iOS downloads the application list indicating the size occupied.

When a list of applications appears, select a candidate for deletion, click on a line with the name, then delete the program.

Applications are sorted by the number of places occupied and a list of the most voluminous applications is displayed by default.

This method is convenient when you need to make room on your gadget, so you can easily find and delete large applications.

If you want to save the data from the application before deleting, this can be done using the “Unload application” function (in detail).

In this case, the program will be deleted, but its data will still be stored on the device. Near the name of the unloaded application will appear a cloud icon with an arrow. To re.install the application, you only need to touch the program label.

How to delete the application on the iPhone and iPad from the installed iOS 12 or earlier IOS version

Perhaps the easiest and most convenient way used by most owners of iOS devices.

It is enough to clamp any shortcut on the desktop with your finger and hold a couple of seconds until the icons start to move. Now a cross appeared in the upper left corner of the icon, after clicking on which there will be a warning that the removal of the application will erase all its data.

How to Remove/ Change Payment Method on iPhone! [EASY]

After pressing the “Delete” button, the label will disappear, as well as the application itself.

It is worth noting that the cross does not appear on some standard applications that cannot be removed from iOS devices, and applications in folders are removed in the same way, just go into the folder. The folders themselves disappear when there are no labels left in them.

It is not possible to delete applications on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15? How to fix it!

Usually deleting applications on iPhone or iPad is quite simple. However, sometimes you may encounter unexpected problems, and this can be very upset. To help you, we have several proven solutions that you can try. So, if you cannot delete applications on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15, iOS 14 or iOS 13, this is how to fix it.

  • Non.removable applications. you can delete almost all applications and several Apple applications. However, you cannot delete the main system applications, such as “Phone”, “Messages”, “Settings”, “Photos”, “Camera”, “Safari”, “Applications store”, “Clock”, “Find me”, “ Health “and” wallet “.

If you really want to get rid of one of them, you can hide them out of sight.

If this is a scenario, you cannot delete applications if you do not have administrator rights. So hide and reconcile with it.

You cannot delete the apps on the iPhone? Try these corrections!

Disconnect the restrictions on the iPhone.

  • Open the “Settings” application and click on the “screen time”.
  • Click on content and confidentiality restrictions. Note. Here, if you see, turn on the screen time, this means that this function is inactive. Skip the steps below and move on to the next solution.

Now return to the main iPhone screen and try to delete the application. Now there should be no problems.

Remove awaiting applications with iPhone.

Waiting for the applications, otherwise the application stuck with the text “Waiting” under the gray application icon. To fix this, that is, let the application load, make sure that your iPhone is enough free space and it is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular network.

After the installation is completed, you can delete the application in the usual way. To interrupt this awaiting installation of the application and delete the application, press and hold the application icon and select “Cancel loading” in a pop.up window.

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If you do not see this parameter, continue to press the application icon until the swaying mode is active.

  • In iOS 15 or 14, click the “minus” icon of the waiting application (if you see it), and then “delete the application” → “Delete”.
  • In iOS 13, tap the cross icon in the appendix, and then “delete”.

Reload the iPhone.

This is an almost correct solution for a successful solution to this problem. If you cannot delete applications, reboot the iPhone.

You can use the buttons (as usual) or open the “Settings” application → “Basic” → “turn off” to turn off the device.

In a minute, turn on the iPhone and try to remove the application. You should not have problems with this action.

Reset all the settings.

Well, we resort to the last instance; If nothing helps, drop all the settings in the “Settings” application → “Basic” → “Reset” → “Reset all the settings”. After completing the process, try to remove the application.

However, this trick will also erase all your saved Wi-Fi networks, settings and passwords. So remember this before continuing.

The tablecloth is the road, my friend, the tablecloth is. I hope these hacks will help you delete applications from your iPhone. If not, please contact us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below section.

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The application on the iPhone is not removed. gray (white) icon!

Hi all! Oh, these “gray and white icons” to me then they will climb into the iCloud, then Wi-Fi will break, and now they got to the practically the most important thing that is on the iPhone-games and applications.

over, it would be good if the application icon simply became gray (white) and that would be the only problem. So no! An additional “headache” is added to the changed shortcut- the application often becomes nameless (the name disappears or changes to a set of letters and numbers), it cannot be opened, launched, removed, a “cross” does not appear on it In short, the program behaves “as- as- then not so “and categorically ignores all your attempts to get rid of this disgrace.

Some strange labels of applications, sometimes there is no name, you can’t delete-you must agree, there is little pleasant.

When I first collided with this, I almost ran to restore iOS firmware through iTunes. No, but what? Serious problems require tough and cardinal solutions!

Fortunately, flashing in most cases is not required. there are much simpler ways to remove unstressing games and applications.

  • Reload the device. Please do not ignore this as simple as possible, but, at the same time, a very useful action. It is best to make a hard reboot. it is it that helps in most cases.
  • Check free memory. Perhaps the application hung and turned into a “ghost” precisely because of such a banal thing-insufficient amount of memory on the iPhone. Try to free up a little free space. the program will be installed and after that you can get rid of it.
  • Try alternative methods of removal. We know that there is a classic version of erasing programs (pressed, held, a cross appeared, deleted). But we don’t have a cross! What to do? Open “Settings. basic. iphone storage”, find the desired program, click “Delete”.
  • Check the restrictions. iOS has a special setting, when activating which there is a ban on removing absolutely all applications (including “gray and white icons”). Check “Settings. screen time. content and confidentiality. purchases on iTunes and App Store. Removing applications”. True, the problem is possible here-the iPhone will ask the code of the screen time. What to do? Here is a detailed instruction on how to find out this very password.
  • Enjoy the App Store. You can try to cope with hung programs through the App Store. Find the non.removable application and perform update, installation or deletion (it all depends on which option will be proposed). Plus, do not forget that such an operation can be done from the computer using the “correct” iTunes sometimes helps.
  • Delete the configuration profile. Settings. basic. device management.

By the way, it is the last point that is the most common reason for the appearance of such “gray or white icons” and unexpected failures of the work of programs.

Because many people use alternative App Store. download programs through links in Telegram, activate all kinds of Chinese stores, etc.D.

And how are these programs? Correctly, using device management certificates.

Certificates are obsolete. applications break. phantom gray or white icons remain. the owner of the iPhone suffers.

Therefore, if this is exactly your case: feel free to delete the certificate, reboot the device and, most likely, the incomprehensible icon will disappear. Hooray!

Updated! I completely forgot about another way to combat the “gray or white icons” of unsettling applications. 3utools.

Or not? We tried absolutely everything from the above, but nothing works-applications are still not removed and strained with their incomprehensible icons? Write your story in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. we will try to figure it out and, perhaps, together we can solve your problem!

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