Airdrop on the iPhone turn on how. How to open the received files on iOS

AirDrop: What is it on the iPhone

Apple ecosystem is well organized and thought out. This is especially felt by the example of AirDrop. Airdrop technology is probably one of those functions that pushes the owner of the Mac to buy an iPhone, the owner of the iPhone buy iPad and t.D. In this article we will tell you what AirDrop is, how to turn it on and how to use it.

Airdrop is a function that allows you to instantly exchange data between Apple devices nearby. over, in this case, “instantly” means really quickly, much faster than the same Bluetooth. When they talk about the Apple ecosystem and that you can work with the document on the Mac, then quickly transfer the file on the iPhone and continue to work on iOS, it implies precisely Airdrop. However, with the help of Airdrop you can exchange information not only between your gadgets, but also with other users.

How to enable Airdrop

Airdrop is necessary for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work. It is not at all necessary to be connected to the network, the main thing is that these items are activated on the iPhone. Also, the device should not be in modem mode.

To enable Airdrop on the iPhone, follow the following actions:

Choose in what mode it will work (regardless of the selected point, you can always send documents on Airdrop).

“For all”. your device will be displayed by everyone who is nearby and they will be able to transfer data to you. This option is most often used when you want to get information from your friends. Do not worry, without your consent to your iPhone, nothing superfluous will load.

How to enable Airdrop on iPhone or iPhone

Make sure that the device is activated by such wireless integrates as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can do this through the control point or the settings application.

Turn on the Airdrop from the control point, for which press and hold the button-block with wireless intenses, and then activate the switch of the same name.

This can be done both for all users, and only for their contacts.

If you are not included in the recipient’s contact list, ask him to indicate in the Airdrop settings option “for all”.

How to transmit photos or videos from iPhone to iPhone, iPad or Mac using AirDrop

Open the full.time application “Photo”, click the “Select” button and select the necessary photos or videos.

Open the “Share” menu.

Press the Airdrop icon and select the icon with the name of the device for sending content.

All that remains is to confirm the receipt of files on a conjugated device.

If you do not see an active device with AirDrop, make it unlocked, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrations are activated, as well as the Airdrop settings set up for all.

In the same way, you can transmit not only videos, but also notes, contacts, web pages, documents and other files.

What to do if Airdrop does not work

Often, Apple users complain about the unstable work of the Airrod or the complete absence of a response, frequent phenomenon. there is no icon in the control point. Airdrop can also be included, but other users will not be able to find you, or vice versa, your iPhone does not see users near. There are several solutions to such problems:

If there is no icon

The most common reason for such a “breakdown” is a new phone. When buying iPhone, the function may simply not be activated. You can enable Airdrop through the phone settings. There go to the “main”, then to the “restrictions”. There will be a small list of functions that can be activated. On the contrary, Airdrop activate a special toggle switch to the right.

After that, check the presence of the icon at the control point. If the function never appears, just reboot the device. Now Airdrop will work as it should.

airdrop, iphone, turn, open, files

Gadgets are not displayed on the screen

If you need to transfer information from the phone to the computer and vice versa, then first try to restart both devices. If this method does not fit, do it all further prescribed recommendations. Frequent cause of the failures lies in the Bluetooth connection, which is not automatically configured. In this case, it must be configured independently. To get started, turn on Bluetooth on Mac and iPhone. On the computer, open the “System Settings”, then go to the Bluetooth section, starting the search for devices within a radius of a meter. Find the desired iPhone and enter the code that will be shown on the Mac device. After that, try to transfer files via airdrop again.

How to convey photos, videos, music via Airdrop on iPhone in iOS?

Almost everything can be transmitted through Airdrop, including notes, reminders, contacts:

  • On the main menu of the phone, open the section “Photo”.
  • Select one or more photos or videos.
  • In the lower left corner, click on a square with an arrow, this is the “Share” button.
  • Next, the page for transferring files in various ways will open. Under the inscription: “tap for data exchange through Airdrop” Select the right user.
  • The user of another iPhone must agree to the transfer.

The same actions can be done with any files that are available on the phone. Open the required section with files and follow the instructions above.

Airdrop is not visible at the iOS control point. how to fix it

AirDrop data exchange is a great and simple way to transfer files, photos, contacts, etc.P. between Apple devices. There is only one problem: sometimes Airdrop is not displayed in the “curtain” iOS, so with all the desire to send content to another iPhone / iPad / Mac. What to do?

In this instructions, we proceed from the fact that your gadget works on the latest version of iOS. If not, go to the settings, select the main. POD update and install the proposed Apple software. It is worth it. sometimes in the new version of iOS, the company corrects the previous bugs and improves joint work with other devices. Ideally, the newest version of the software should be installed on the transmitting and on the receiving devices.

If the software update on your gadgets did not fix the problem with Airdrop, do the following:

Open iOS settings and go to the main section. 2. Go to the restrictions subsection, click on the restrictions and come up with a 4-digit code (or enter the existing one, if you used to use this option). 3. Find the AirDrop restrictions and make sure that the service is turned on (the slider burns green).

Go out of the settings and open the control point (lower “curtain”) again. Airdrop section will appear. Now everything should work without complaints.

How to enable Airdrop at the control point

Expand the control point from the bottom of the screen.

There will be a square with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others on the top left. If you have an iPhone 6s or a newer model, click on this widget using 3D Touch. If you have a more old model, just click the widget.

airdrop, iphone, turn, open, files

The widget will expand to the entire screen, and the AirDrop icon will appear on it.

Click the Airdrop icon, and the window with three options will pop up. the reception of., Only for contacts and for all. Select the right one, and you will return back to the screen of the control point.

How to enable Airdrop in settings

The AirDrop function is hidden at the control point, but on iOS 11 there is a separate section in the settings for it.

Open the settings.

Go to the main ones.

Select AirDrop. Here you will also be offered three settings options.

How to exchange Airdrop files with Mac and iOS device

The process consists of two steps. First you need to prepare Airdrop on a device that will receive files, t.e. iPhone or iPad. Then you will need to select the files that you want to transfer and gain access to Airdrop.

How to send files from Mac to iPhone or iPad

Albums and songs from the library Apple Music

Although this method is related only to users of the Apple Music service, it is again, the most direct, impudent and almost intrusive way to impose their musical addictions to your friend through its mobile device. The recommended album will make a friend’s smartphone go straight to the page of this album. Even cooler, if you recommend the song through the AirDrop protocol, and if consent is obtained, the device taken immediately begins to play the track. If you and your friend have fun, now you can control it/its IPhone smartphone almost like a real DJ right from your own device. It is unnecessary to talk about how cooler this method is than sending recommendations using the Imessage application!

No doubt there are other areas where the use of the AirDrop protocol overtakes in effectiveness other forms of exchange of files and data, simply because this function has so deeply rooted in iOS 10. With this in mind, if you have any of your thoughts in the sleeve regarding the use of “Airdrop”, then voice them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

What is Airdrop and how this function works?

Apple positions the Airdrop function as the simplest and does not require pre.tuning a way to send a file from one Apple device to another. This communication technology uses Bluetooth iPhone and the Wi-Fi module simultaneously to form a network with equal nodes. Within this network, files are transmitted in an encrypted form, so this method of exchange of information is also safe.

Data exchange through Airdrop requires compliance with the following conditions:

airdrop, iphone, turn, open, files

Search for an affordable Wi-Fi network and connect the devices to it there is no need.

The list of files that can be sent is limited: for example, it will not be possible to transfer music and ringtones through Airdropon. The function makes it possible to share the contents of the applications “Contacts”, “Photo”, “Maps”, Safari browser.

The owners of not all Apple devices are capable of using Airdrop. only the following:

Even if iOS 7 is installed on the iPhone of the 4th modification, the Airdrop function is not available to its owner. Also, MAC owners with OS X and Apple computers, released earlier than 2010, are forced to do without AirDrop.

How to enable Airdrop?

Users trying to find Airdrop in the iPhone settings are too “wise”: this function is activated through the “Control Center” (“Control Center”), which can be caused by a swipe from below-upward. Airdrop icon is located just below the volume of the musical player volume.

To enable Airdrop, click on the icon. There will be a menu offering three modes:

  • Turn off” (“off”). to fully deactivate the function.
  • “Contacts Only” (“Contacts only”). only those people whose numbers are present in the telephone reference book will be able to send files to the device. This item is chosen by default.
  • “For all” (“EVERYONE”). the iPhone will receive files from all devices supporting the AirDrop function.
airdrop, iphone, turn, open, files

It is recommended to choose the item “For all”. then you will definitely be sure that you will get the file. However, if you are in a public place, this regime is not the most suitable.

After you select the desired mode, the Airdrop icon will change the color from gray to white. At the same time, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules will be activated.

Airdrop needs to be enabled on all devices between which the data is exchanged.

How to transfer files via Airdrop

Call the process of transferring files through Airdrop something difficult and uncomfortable-the language does not turn too much intuitively and predictably. over, the data transmission procedure works equally everywhere. both when interacting with entertainment content, and when seoh on the Internet. You need to act like this:

    Select the contents for transmission, press the “Share” button, which appears, usually in the lower part of the screen (visually resembles a square with an arrow);

Possible problems and ways to solve them

Charges in interaction with Airdrop technology occur extremely rarely, and if the problem has nevertheless arose, it is worthwhile to figure out three things (others cannot be!):

How To Use Airdrop To SEND or RECEIVE Files on iPhone, iPad, and Mac FAST

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be included;
  • The recipient must be nearby, albeit not a few steps, but certainly no further than 20-25 meters;
  • If the program “only for contacts” is selected in the settings, but the addressee still does not appear in the list for transmission, then you should choose the parameter “for all” and try again.

If the listed methods have not come up, then the last two options remain. restart both devices or try to convert the systems to the “Airpower” mode and vice versa.

How to Use Airdrop iPhone