After Updating Ios Quickly Discharges Iphone 8

If your iphone 5s starts to run out quickly, there are several ways to minimize this effect and increase battery life without recharging.

Clean the device

All unnecessary files and programs should be deleted. Most popular services such as WhatsApp or Instagram gradually clog your phone’s cache with unnecessary information; you need to delete it from time to time.

To check the cache you need:

  • go to settings / basic / statistics / storage;
  • there you will see that the application itself weighs a little, and the cache accumulated over a long time can take up 500 or more megabytes;
  • delete all unnecessary files.

After Updating Ios Quickly Discharges Iphone 8

There are special programs for clearing the cache; you can reinstall the program or use a special application, for example, PhoneClean.

Disable Services

If your iPhone 5s is still quickly discharging, you can try to block functions that you don’t need that are not used, or that you can easily refuse in favor of increasing the device’s uptime without additional charges.

You can manually disable all unnecessary services through the settings, below are described all the main functions that you can disable or reconfigure in such a way that they do not affect the battery.


  • the geolocation service of your phone determines its approximate location, it is necessary to detect you with various programs, for example, a navigator or 2GIS;
  • go to settings / privacy / geolocation services and you will see how many applications are trying to find out about your location;


It will be not only useful to get rid of unnecessary notifications for battery power, but also pleasant for you, as the endless stream of spam and advertising, which is distracting and annoying, will stop.

To disable notifications:

  • go to Settings;
  • Notifications

After such an operation, you will notice improvements in battery performance and you can take a break from annoying spam.


The reasons for the fast charge consumption can be hidden in constant updates of applications that are not visually visible to you. On your device, programs are updated in stealth, and often without sending requests for your consent.

To prohibit all unnecessary updates to minor programs, you need to:

    go to settings / basic / update content;

3G internet

3G and LTE, in our area are often unavailable, and when one of these options is turned on, the charging indicator creeps down rapidly. It turns out that you do not get the necessary increase in speed, and energy loss occurs in accelerated mode.

To disable 3G or LTE you should:

  • Go to settings / cellular.
  • turn off data transmission in parallel so that information is transmitted only through wi-fi.

Photo stream

This feature provides the transfer of photos that you take to the cloud via the Internet. If you do not use this feature, then the most correct solution is to disable it.

To neutralize the photo stream you need:

  • go to the iCloud / Photo menu;
  • move the switch to the off position;

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

The included Wi-Fi wireless data transfer mode significantly increases the energy consumption of your smartphone. Turn on Wi-Fi only when necessary, when you directly use the Internet or download content.

Also, the activated Bluetooth data transfer mode can reduce the time you use the device without recharging for thirty minutes. Make sure that both options are not active.

Program startup

Using ios 8, make sure that automatic downloads are turned off, as this greatly discharges your phone. Applications, books, music and much more can be loaded, pay attention to this feature to be inactive when you do not need it.

To turn off startup:

    go to settings / itunes store / AppStore;

Download mail

Another enemy of the long battery life of your iPhone can be called downloading mail, which you probably do not need.

To deactivate this function, you should:

    go to settings / mail, contacts, calendars;

Application background work

Very common among most smartphone users is the case when many programs are running at the same time, despite the fact that a person is using only one of them at a time. For example, you shoot a on the camera of your phone, and at the same time you have an Internet browser in the background.

Such use is violence against batteries, so it is best to avoid such moments. Just timely close applications unnecessary at a particular moment, make a habit of closing them immediately after use.

In order to disable the background operation of applications you need:

  • go to settings / general / background work of applications;
  • if you need to disable the operation of all applications in the background, then move the corresponding switch;
  • if you need to disable only some applications, then select from the list.

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Parallax effect

The parallax effect on your device makes control more convenient with a translucent background, which helps when navigating the smartphone menu. It creates a sense of bulkiness inside the screen.

This effect improves visual perception and makes managing the iPhone more fun, but at the same time it drastically consumes energy and reduces the battery life of the device without recharging.

To disable the parallax effect you need:

  • go to the settings menu / basic / universal access / decrease movement;
  • after disabling the effect, you will have a regular flat screen without the 3D effect.

ICloud Service

This service is to transfer data from your smartphone to the cloud, which is located on the Internet, for storage. Photos, documents, music and any other information are transferred.

With the help of this service, your information can simultaneously be available for several devices, for example, for iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Naturally, this service will actively discharge your battery.. Therefore, turning it off, you save energy for other operations.

To disable iCloud:

    go to the / iCloud menu;

Iphone 5s standby time quickly

If your device discharges quickly in standby mode, then you should to try the following


  1. block 3G and LTE on it;
  2. cancel startup programs;
  3. disable auto-update applications;
  4. block geolocation services.

If after all these operations the situation does not change for the better, then try updating the operating system. If after updating the problems remained the same, then you should seriously think about the fact that the battery of your phone is out of order or was defective from the very beginning.

In such situations, you should contact a service center where they can correct the shortcomings by replacing the battery or setting up the iPhone system.

Airdrop Included

AirDrop technology involves high-speed data exchange between i-devices without using the Internet. But constantly using this service, you must remember that in this case the battery charge will drop much faster. Therefore, do not forget to block this function when not using it.

You can enable and disable this function through the Control Center by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen or in the options.

Calibrate the battery

Another effective method to achieve our goal is to calibrate the battery.

To do this, you need:

  1. Download the corresponding application, for example, HDPro Battery;
  2. run this application and calibrate it.

Adjust screen brightness

Another obstacle to the charge, which holds for a long time, may be too high the brightness of the screen. Screen brightness decreases through screen options.

There is a way to set the brightness below the minimum level in order to yet greater energy savings, this requires:

  1. go to the iOS menu / basic / universal access / zoom;
  2. go to the “Zoom Area” and put a marker in front of the inscription “Full Screen”;
  3. return to the previous menu and turn on “Zoom” there;

Turn on airplane mode

When you find yourself in a situation where the phone is about to turn off, and you may need it at any time, you can go to the next trick.

Just turn on airplane mode for this you need:

  • go to the menu;
  • select the appropriate option;

So, there are many ways to increase the time that your iPhone can hold without recharging. Which of these methods is right for you, you can decide for yourself, having tried them in practice.

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Of course, they will be useless in the event of a battery malfunction or any system errors that you can eliminate by contacting specialists.