Add Smart Chain network to metamask. How to add a new network to Metamask wallet?

Installing and connecting Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain network and manual adding tokens

Dear user! To get the Marsdao token on the exchange, you need to register and attach Metamask wallet to your personal account and connect Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain network. If you already have a Metamask wallet, but you do not know how to connect the Binance Smart Chain network to it, go to paragraph 12.

1 to download Metamask go to the official website https: // Metamask.Io and click “Download Now”. Be vigilant and download Metamask only through the site provided above. All other (non.official) sites can be related to fraud and can cause personal data theft and loss of funds.

2 Metamask connects to a browser as an extension. Therefore, after pressing the “Download Now” button, the menu will open in which you can choose which browser to attach the wallet to. As an example, we install Metamask for the Chrome browser. Choose a browser and click on the “Install Metamask for Chrome” button:

3 Further in the browser a new page will open and you will be transferred to the Chrome online store. You must click on the “Install” button:

4 Confirm the installation of the wallet by clicking on the “install expansion”:

5 After the successful installation, the next window will open, in which you need to click on the “Start work” button:

6 In the next window, click on “Create a wallet”:

7 next step. agree with the conditions of use:

8 further create a reliable password and confirm it:

How To Add USDT To Binance Smart Chain Network On Metamask

9 attention! The most crucial moment of creating the wallet has come, please take it carefully to it! Prepare a sheet of paper and a handle or any other way to preserve the SEED-FRASE to you. Click on “open secret words”, copy the phrase and store it carefully. do not lose, since you can restore access to Metamask wallet only with its help! No service has the right to request this phrase from you, it is needed only to restore access to the account.

10 You will be invited to confirm the secret backup phrase. This is the final step in creating the Metamask wallet:

11 Congratulations! You registered Metamask wallet!

12 default Metamask wallet is connected to the Ethereum network. In order to display Marsdao you will need a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. It is added to Metamask very easy. To connect BSC, click on a round element in the upper right corner:

13 The menu will open, it is necessary to select the “Settings” section in it:

14 in the left menu find the “Network” item and click on it:

15 is excellent! Now click on the “Add network” button:

16 Enter all the necessary information in accordance with our instructions in the opened window and click the “Save” button. Please note that extra gaps can cause an error while maintaining:

17 After you save the new network, you must return to the main menu. Metamask will be automatically connected to Binance Smart Chain. The display of the main asset from ETH on BNB will also change. this means that your wallet is ready for further steps.

18 Further it is necessary to add the Mars token to the list of displayed tokens in the Metamask wallet. To do this, make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain network and click on the “Add Token” button:

19 In the window that opens, select the “User token” section:

20 To fill out the line “Token Address Address” you should enter the Marsdao SMART contract address. Please note that any user can create a token with an identical name, but it is the specific address of the Marsdao Smart contract, which belongs to the Marsdao Defi platform will be the only true. Any transactions with crypto assets are associated with high risk, which is liable for only by the user who performs operations with them. Use the address of the Marsdao Smart contract only from official instructions!

SMART control address Marsdao:


21 copied address insert into the line “Token Address” in your Metamask wallet (the data of the rest of the lines will be pulled automatically) and click “Next”. The screenshot below indicates the incomplete address of the Marsdao Smart contract token. When inserting the address of the Smart contract, you see an incomplete display, but if you get the address, you will make sure that you put the address correctly:

22 Next, click on the “Add tokens” button:

23 is ready! The token is attached! Now in your Metamask wallet, Marsdao is displayed on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) network.

24 After receiving the Marsdao on the exchange, you will see the number of your Marsdao tokens in Metamask wallet, which will be available to send a personal account on the Marsdao platform.

Claim Testnet Tokens from Faucet

Now That You Are Connected to the BSC Testnet Network, You Need Some Funds for Your Wallet. Go to the Following Link to Start the Process: https: //

Bring Up Your Metamask Extension and Click on Your Wallet Address/Account Name. This Will Copy Wallet Address to the Clipboard for You to Paste Into the Box on the Faucet Screen.

Make Sure You Claim Some Bnb and Also Busd in ‘Peggy Tokens’ SO that You have a Range of tokens to Play Around with in the Testnet. Keep in Mind Each Wallet Can Claim from the Faucet Once Period Which Increases Each Time It. SOU Might Want to Come Back A Few Times If You Woold Like All the Tokens. When Finished, Click on the Metamask Extense to confirm you have recited the funds.

You Will Notice BNB Shows Up Here But Some Other Tokens May Not. IF the Do Not YouD to Click “Add token”

You Will then to Click On the Custom Token Tab and Enter the Token’s Contract Details, The Click “Next” followed by “Add tokens”.

Busd Token Contract Details are as Follows:

Token Contract Address: Check Transaction in Explorer. Look for the symbol name, Ie Busd. Click it and the Copy the Contract Address.

Decimals of Precision: 18

You can find the Details for OTERANS AT BSC Scan Testnet, Reach Out You Would Like Assistance Location Them

How to add and transfer USDT to a metamascus wallet?

There is a lot of information on the Internet about how the USDT is translated into Ethereum, and is practically absent about how to translate token in other networks. After all, not everyone can afford to carry out transfers to Ethereum due to high cost, while others simply make diversification on networks.

Before replenishing metamask by USDT coins, you need to decide on the network. You can see in which networks the translation and storage of a certain coin is possible on the Coinmarketcap

  • You need to go to this site, on the right in the search bar Find the Stablecoin USDT.
  • Having clicking on it, a page will open with all the data of the coin desired. We need to find the section “Contracts”, it is below the name.
  • By clicking on the “” “button (more), you can familiarize yourself with the full list of networks. Opposite some addresses will be the Metamask logo (fox head). This means that these networks are supported by a hot wallet and they can be added to work.

From this list, you should choose a network more suitable for you: Ethereum, Heco, BNB Smart Chain, XDAI or Polygon. An example is the Binance Smart Chain.

Replenishment of Metamask USDT tokens on the BSC (BEP20) network

Initially, you need to connect the selected network to metamask. If you have a network required when translating the coins, the next step can be missed. As we wrote earlier, for example, we will add a BSC network, how to add other networks can be read here.

The process of adding a new network to metamask by steps:

New URL address-https: // BSC-Dataseed2.Defibit.Io/

URLs of the conductor of blocks-leave empty

The subsequent action will be authorization on that exchange or in the wallet from where you will send coins. We have it. Binance. Exchanges can be different, the main thing is to understand the essence of the process itself.

  • In the window that opens, it is necessary to apply for the withdrawal of funds: insert the account address in Metamask (how to make it shown in the image below), select the network (we have BSC), write down the amount for the transfer, taking into account the commission and click on the “conclusion”.

note! The amount of commissions varies and depends directly on the selected network.

After the successful completion of the withdrawal, returning to the Metamask wallet, we can find that there are no sent coins on the account. In fact, they must be “imported” or added by using special programs.

For example, on the CoinmarketCap website, tokens can be imported into 1 click.

  • For this case, on the informative page Tether, you need to find the section “Contracts”.
  • From the proposed list of networks, select the right one and on the contrary press the metamask logo.
  • On the right, the extension will open and ask for add token with an already replenished balance.

By confirming the actions by pressing the “Add Token” button, in the list of “Assets” you can see the Baninas sent from Binance 9.71 USDT.

If you do not want the site of the coinmarket to connect to your wallet, you can add tokens manually:

How to add nets to Metamask wallet?

After creating the Metamask wallet, you should think about adding new networks, since the Ethereum Mainnet network charges too high the commission, and for those who are not a large budget. This is not suitable, and in general, the token may simply not support the Ethereum network. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact that this wallet does not support all available networks.

Metamask does not work with all networks, for example, it will not be possible to meet in the wallet: Tron, Solana, Terra, Flow, Algorand, Internet Computer and some others.

The networks that can be connected to the metamask and the data that is appropriate is indicated in the table:

You can add a new network in two ways:

Method 1️⃣ Automatic adding a network to Metamask

There are various sites to automatically add networks to Metamask, they help users connect to networks quickly and without filling out any data. One of them is the Chainlist project, so we will show a phased connection of additional networks by its example.

  • First of all, you need to connect the wallet to the site. To do this, go to the Chainlist website.Org, in the upper right corner, press the Connect Wallet block;
  • Next, for connection, in the metamaisk you need to select one or more available accounts (accounts) and confirm. Most will have only 1 account, so you only need to confirm it.
  • Subsequently, you can see a successfully connected Metamask wallet, it is displayed instead of the “Connect your wallet” button.
  • The next step will be the search for the desired network, after which you need to click on the “Add to Metamask”.
  • In the new window, the addition of the selected network should be approved and allow the change of networks inside the wallet. In our case, Ethereum Mainnet on Avalanche C-chain.

Method 2️⃣ Adding a new network to Metamask manually

For manual adding networks, you should adhere to the next algorithm:

The name of the network is how the network will be called in the wallet after adding.

The new RPC URL address is the address of the transaction review in this network.

ID champs-the number of unique blocks containing information about the blockchain.

Currency symbol. a brief designation of the main network token.

All networks, Ethereum Proof-OF-WORK is no exception, are added to the wallet according to the same principle and will differ only in the entered data.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple and does not take a lot of time.

How to connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

Metamask is an open source Eterum wallet. It allows you to connect to decentralized applications, as well as trade without intermediaries. He has a convenient and understandable intensity, a high level of transparency and security.

It is installed in the form of expansion in the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave. The application is also available for Android and iOS.

The wallet is not a caste. This means that only you have access to a private key and your means.

Detailed instructions for installing Metamask will help you correctly configure and protect it from hacks.

Now you can work with decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Etherum blockchain.

But what to do if you are dealing with the application on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and you need a wallet that supports the BEP-20 tokens?

You can easily connect your Metamask to the BSC network. To do this, we will perform a number of simple settings.

Connection of Metamask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network

Click in the upper panel on the avatar, select “Settings” in the drop.down list:

How To Add Binance Smartchain Network Into Metamask and change default Ethereum Network

Find the “Network” item, go to the menu. Here, click on the blue button “Add the Network” (it will be below):

On the page you have opened, you need to manually add BSC parameters.

There are two options: test (for testing new functions) and basic (for work). It is recommended to install both.

Below are the parameters that need to be specified for each of them (taken from the Academy

Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: https: // 56 Symbol: BNB URL Block-Explorer: https: //

Network name: Smart Chain-Testnet New RPC URL: https: // DATA-SEED-PREBSC-1-S1.Binance.Org: 8545/ID: 97 Symbol: BNB URL block-explorer: https: //

Now in the upper panel near the avatar expand the list of networks. you will see the main and test. And token face value has changed from ETH on BNB.

To check the work of Metamask in BSC and make sure that the settings are made correctly, connect to “Smart Chain. Testnet”.

Copy the address of the wallet into the exchange buffer (bring the mouse on the account 1).

Go to the BSC crane page (https: // and insert a copied address into an empty field of shape:

Click in the drop.down menu “Give Me BNB” and select 1 BNB. After a couple of minutes, the token should appear on your Metamask in the test BSC.

Remember that the network “Smart Chain. Testnet” is designed only for testing transactions. With its help, you can test new functions. All tokens in Testnet are also testing, not with monetary cost.

Do not send real assets (BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. D.) from the main to test. Otherwise they will be lost forever.

Before making transactions, make sure that the address for the translation supports the corresponding network:

Ethereum. ERC20 BSC. BEP20 TRON. TRC20 Matic. Polygon Solana.

That’s all, now you can use the Metamask wallet to work with decentralized applications on the BSC blockchain.

How to connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

Metamask. reliable means of creating and storing cloud wallets in the Ethereum network. But with minimal efforts, anyone can configure it to use Binance Smart Chain.

Metamask can be downloaded to Chrome and Firefox, as well as from the phone on iOS and Android. In this manual, we will use the Chrome version, but the instructions will be approximately the same for each platform.

First go to Metamask loading page. Next, follow the installation instructions. It’s simple!

Then follow the instructions for the configuration given in the application. Click on “Create a wallet”. Write down Seed-Fraz in a safe place (preferably on a device not connected to the Internet). Without this phrase, it will be impossible to return the money if you damage or lose your device. On the next page, confirm that you recorded and saved the SEED-Fraz in a safe place.

Now you can access your wallet to send and receive funds.

Press the “Add the Network” in the upper right corner to add Binance Smart Chain manually, since it is not connected to Metamask by default. It is important to note that here we can use two networks: test or main. Below are the parameters that must be indicated for each of them.

The main network (the one that is needed when working with valuable crypto assets)

Network name: Smart Chain. Testnet

After you save the network and return to the main window, you will notice that two more networks appeared in the network selection field. And now the network is automatically configured to the one that you just added, and the units of measurements are not expressed in ETH, but in BNB.

It is important to remember when translating valuable crypto assets, it is necessary to choose a network network that supports you selected for the transaction of the crypto asset. Otherwise, you may lose money by sending it to the wrong addresses.

Adding new tokens to the Trust Wallet list

After installing the Trust Wallet wallet, you will see that there are quite few tokens and cryptocurrencies on your list. Suppose you want to add CAKE there so that it is displayed in Trust Wallet.

1️⃣ Open the [wallet] tab and click on the icon in the upper right corner.

2️⃣ Find a token that you want to add to the list and click the switch to make it green. In this example, we add CAKE (BEP-20), which is the Pancakeswap token to Binance Smart Chain.

3️⃣ Ready! Now the CAKE token will appear in the tab [wallet] with your balance.

We hope that now you will not have the question “How to find the address of the token contract?”, good luck!

Setting Binance Smart Chain on Metamask wallet

Metamask is one of the most popular crypto-wallets in the world, today the number of installations by users of more than 7 million. A detailed review of Metamask wallet with instructions for installing and setting up here. In this article I will tell you how to add a BSC network (Binance Smart Chain) to the Metamask wallet in order to get the opportunity to use tokens working in the BEP-20 standard, including the native Binance exchanger token-BNB coins.

Today, many applications have been built on the BSC: the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange, the exchange and the NFT BakerySwap platform, the Venus decentralized finance market, the Biswap exchange and many others. Metamask with BSC added is great for working with these platforms.

1️⃣ To add a BSC network, you need to unlock the metamascus wallet and click on the account logo in the upper right corner.

2️⃣ Next, select the “Settings” item in the menu

3️⃣ Step down to the section “Network” and click on it.

4️ after that we will see a list of all added networks, click on the “Add network” button.

5️⃣ Before us is a form to add a network with empty fields, fill out according to the model.

  • Network name: Binance Smart Chain Bep-20
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 56
  • Currency Symbol: BNB
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

6️⃣ After filling out all the fields, click “Save”.

Congratulations, you added Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask and now in it you can store the BEP-20 standard tokens.

How to replenish Metamask Binance tokens (BNB)

You can replenish the wallet with BNB coins in several ways:

The easiest and safest way is to buy BNB on the official website of the Binance Exchange, and then make a transfer to your metamask. On the exchange, the purchase can be made using credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard) or in P2P (from user to user) platform in which the exchange acts as the guarantor of the transaction.

smart, chain, network, metamask, wallet

Metamask wallet for a long time was a reliable means of access to the extensive capabilities of the Ethereum network. But with minimal efforts, anyone can configure it in such a way as to use Binance Smart Chain. Thanks to this, users gain access to the advantages of many years of development of Metamask technologies as an indispensable tool for working with decentralized applications.

List of main networks for metamask

Binance Smart Chain (BSC, BEP-20)

  • Network name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 56
  • Currency symbol: BNB
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

Check relevance here, instructions here.

Polygon Mainnet

  • Network name: Polygon Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 137
  • Currency symbol: Matic
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

Avalanche Mainnet

  • Network name: Avalanche Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // API.AVAX.Network/Ext/BC/C/RPC
  • Chain identifier: 43114
  • Currency symbol: AVAX
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // cchain.Explorer.AVAX.Network/

Klaytn Mainnet Cypress

  • Network name: Klaytn Mainnet Cypress
  • New URL RPC: https: // kaikas.CyPress.Klaytn.Net: 8651
  • Chain identifier: 8217
  • Currency symbol: Klay
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

Optimistic Ethereum

  • Network name: Optimistic Ethereum
  • New URL RPC: https: // Mainnet.Optimism.Io //
  • Chain identifier: ten
  • Currency symbol: Oeth
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // optimism.Io

Arbitrum One

  • Network name: Arbitrum One
  • New URL RPC: https: // arb1.arbitrum.IO/RPC
  • Chain identifier: 42161
  • Currency symbol: Aeth
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // arbiscan.Io

Fantom Opera

  • Network name: Fantom Opera
  • New URL RPC: https: // rpc.FTM.Tools/
  • Chain identifier: 250
  • Currency symbol: FTM
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

Polis Mainnet

  • Network name: Polis Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // rpc.Polis.Tech
  • Chain identifier: 333999
  • Currency symbol: Polis
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // polis.Tech


  • Network name: Aquachain
  • New URL RPC: https: // c.onical.Org
  • Chain identifier: 61717561
  • Currency symbol: Aqua
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // aquachain.github.Io

Celo Mainnet

  • Network name: Celo Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // forno.Celo.Org
  • Chain identifier: 42220
  • Currency symbol: Celo
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // Explorer.Celo.Org

Expanse Network

  • Network name: Expanse Network
  • New URL RPC: https: // node.Expanse.Tech
  • Chain identifier: 2
  • Currency symbol: Exp
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // expanse.Tech

Metadium Mainnet

  • Network name: Metadium Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // API.Metadium.COM/Prod
  • Chain identifier: eleven
  • Currency symbol: Meta
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

Aurora Mainnet

  • Network name: Aurora Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // Mainnet.Aurora.DEV
  • Chain identifier: 1313161554
  • Currency symbol: Aeth
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // aurora.DEV

Primuschain Mainnet

  • Network name: Primuschain Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // ethnode.Primusmoney.COM/Mainnet
  • Chain identifier: 78
  • Currency symbol: Peth
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //


  • Network name: Tomochain
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 88
  • Currency symbol: Tomo
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // tomocoin.Io


  • Network name: Moonriver
  • New URL RPC: https: // rpc.Moonriver.MoonBeam.Network
  • Chain identifier: 1285
  • Currency symbol: Movr
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // Blockscout.Moonriver.MoonBeam.Network/

Theta Mainnet

  • Network name: Theta Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 361
  • Currency symbol: Tfuel
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // Explorer.Thetatken.Org

Callisto Mainnet

  • Network name: Callisto Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 820
  • Currency symbol: Clo
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // callisto.Network


  • Network name: Wanchain
  • New URL RPC: https: // gwan-ssl.Wandevs.Org: 56891/
  • Chain identifier: 888
  • Currency symbol: Wan
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: // www.Wanscan.Org

Velas Evm Mainnet

  • Network name: Velas Evm Mainnet
  • New URL RPC: https: // Evmexplorer.Velas.COM/RPC
  • Chain identifier: 106
  • Currency symbol: VLX
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

Evrice Network

  • Network name: Evrice Network
  • New URL RPC: https: //
  • Chain identifier: 1010
  • Currency symbol: EVC
  • URL-address of the conductor of the block: https: //

How to automatically add a new network to Metamask?

Now the easiest and fastest way for the Metamask wallet. it allows you to add a new network in just two presses. You just need to find the right network and click on the “Add to Metamask” button (add to metamask).

1️⃣ Go to Chainlist.Org and connect our wallet with the “Connect Wallet” button

2️ ⃣ Wed ourselves the screen and look for the network we need, after click the “Add to Metamask” button. The wallet will open with confirmation, click in it “approve” and immediately after that in it, the “Switch network” button

Everything is ready, now you have added a network to your wallet metamask and you have it turned on.

IMPORTANT! I constantly see that people who want to add networks such as TRON (TRX) with TRC-10/20 tokens, SOLANA (SOL) with SPL tokens or any third-party network that is not compatible with EVM tokens. They cannot be added precisely because they are not compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine!

A list of all available networks that Metamask supports can see at Chainlist (link just above).