Ad Blocking Youtube Ios 12

There are dozens of great blockers on iTunes, and each one works differently. The best ad blockers for the iPad and iPhone prevent intrusive ads and don’t take money from marketers so their ads are whitelisted. Some of the market leaders allow unobtrusive advertising for mobile devices, and this is more correct, since advertising is necessary for sites to make some money and continue to work. Usually, the user can decide for himself whether to add his favorite site to the exceptions, or if the advertisement on it is too intrusive.

Apple has implemented ad blocking technology in iOS 9, which has allowed developers to create many Mac-based ad blockers. iOS 11 further enhances ad blocking capabilities by providing the ability to block trackers that track what you do online and which ads you should show. But by default, this technology is not enabled.

It is possible to remove ads in iOS applications only through Safari and only for devices that support 64-bit architecture. However, there are still separate browsers, but they are not very popular.

How to enable ad blocker on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Install the lock app from the Apple App Store.
  2. Open and configure the functions if you need it.
  3. Go to iOS settings, go to Safari, click Content Blockers.
  4. Select your application and activate it.
  5. Enjoy: since Safari is the default browser, when you open any link from an e-mail, messenger or website, Safari will open and bored ads will be blocked there.

Some sites detect ad units and refuse to download their content unless you disable the blocker. In such cases, you can add the site to the exclusion list or allow the display of ads only once.

Best ad blockers for iOS

It is simply impossible to name one clearly the best and perfect. Because different brands offer their functions, capabilities, have some features. Nevertheless, you can advise three popular options that enjoy well-deserved respect from users of the Runet and the whole world.

AdBlock for iOS

AdBlock is slightly different from other ad blocking apps. It uses the proxy server of your iPhone or iPad to facilitate blocking ads on the entire device, including applications, other web browsers and games. In the Pro version for 1.99, you can use the DNS proxy to assign any IP address in the domain and block mobile trackers.

If you want to block all ads, including those that appear in your favorite free games, AdBlock will really help. By the way, you can synchronize ad blocking settings between all iOS devices via iCloud.

AdGuard for iOS

AdGuard blocks dozens of different types of ads to speed up Safari browsing on iPhone and iPad. You can configure rules for specific websites and manually block ads from sites as they visit or use predefined filter lists such as EasyList and EasyPrivacy. With the AdGuard Pro version for 1.99, you can add the ability to use a local DNS proxy to block ads outside Safari in other web browsers and applications.

It requires some understanding of the settings, but then it becomes very convenient.

Adblock Plus for iOS

Users have been waiting for this for a long time, but now this service is available for free use in the Apple App Store. This is an opportunity to remove ads in the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad. Effectively blocks all unnecessary, provides privacy and saves battery, and also helps to spend less traffic.

Offers its Adblock Browser with great functionality, which is worth a try. It is pretty fast and flexible. The service, of course, shows some “acceptable” ads, but this function can be disabled, although it does not interfere too much.

It is very difficult to describe all the services, since there are a lot of them. But if you are just going to try to remove ads on iOS 11, we recommend choosing one of these applications. guaranteed to be effective, safe and convenient.

It seems that the Internet has always been a flock of advertising. All kinds of banners, pop-ups, links. which advertisers just don’t come up with so that everyone knows about their product and services. However, this obsession has led to the fact that more and more users today began to resort to the help of ad blockers, who are the main enemy of the economic model that has developed on the Internet. Indeed, if no one will watch ads, many sites simply cannot exist, and therefore some of them came up with the idea of ​​blocking users with an active ad blocker. But if you can disable it on a computer without problems, then on an iPhone or iPad. much more complicated.

Ad Blocking Youtube Ios 12

If you encounter problems when displaying content when entering a website due to an ad blocker, it is completely optional to turn it off completely. Few people know, but the Safari mobile version has a special mechanism that allows you to suspend the action of a utility that blocks ads, in just two actions.

How to disable ad blocker

  • In order to disable the ad blocker on a specific site, click on the circular arrow in the address bar and hold it for one and a half to two seconds;

After that, a dialog box appears asking you to reload the site without blocking the content;

Few people know that in a similar way it is possible to activate the full version of a site if it opens by default in mobile. To do this, it is completely optional to go to the “Share” menu and scroll through the list of available actions to find the activation button for the desktop version. Just click and hold your finger on the arrow in the address bar, and then select “Full version of the site.”

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Although advertising is called the engine of progress, on some sites it is too much. Pop-up advertising messages that are trying their best to send the user to another tab or even to the application page in the App Store are especially annoying. Once and for all, Safari ads on iPhone and iPad can be sorted out by special ad blockers, the installation of which will be discussed in this manual.

Banners on the Web when surfing with the Safari mobile browser can be divided into three conditional types:

  • Acceptable. ordinary advertising banners that do not differ in any tricks. They simply look at the user from the side panels of the site, only the most intolerant of advertising people are indignant
  • Annoying. pop-up messages when you go to a site or page, which most often even when you close the user to the advertised page.
  • Malicious. Safari-blocking banners that require a certain amount of money to be transferred to an attacker to unlock. It’s not very easy to stumble upon such banners, but the address bar doesn’t get users anywhere.

After the release of iOS 9, special ad blockers help with any type of advertising banners. Consider the process of downloading and installing one of them.

How to block ads in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Go to the App Store and download one of the popular Safari ad blockers, for example, Adguarg
Step 2. Launch the application Settings

Step 3. Go to Safari. Content Blocking Rules

Step 4. Activate the ad blocker you downloaded from the App Store

In most cases, after that you will need to start the blocker application, which will activate and configure the necessary parameters. Once the installation is complete, you can try the blocker in action. launch Safari and go to the site, the advertisement on which previously irritated you.

Note: almost all ad blockers have options that users can manually change. You can configure a lot: white list, blocking rules, select available filters, etc.

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