Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair

Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair

Acer laptop keyboard repair is primarily a matter of difficulty because the keyboard and the device itself are a single unit. Without removing the keyboard from the laptop, most types of repairs cannot be made, and the Apple MacBook Air MD711 laptop and the Apple MacBook Pro 15 laptop are an example of this.

1 Types of keyboard breakdowns

Typically, the following are common among injuries:

  • a split and a key out;
  • splitting and punching the keyboard itself as a result of hitting it with a heavy object;
  • contact failure under the keys due to liquid.

If the damage is serious. the keyboard is pushed inside and even the filling of the laptop is damaged, a complete replacement of the damaged elements will be required. You will also need to replace the split key. But with the departure of the key, replacing the contact element under it, it is quite possible to cope.
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2 How to clean your Acer laptop keyboard?

You can clean the keyboard from dust, dirt from your fingers and just crumbs and drops of liquid both at home and in a specialized service.

As a rule, several types of materials are used:

  • soft brushes and rags for laptop ASUS G55VW;
  • non-aggressive cleaning fluid without acetone or alcohol (you can damage not only the paint of the characters, but also the contacts under the panel);
  • special small vacuum cleaner that is powered by USB. It does not have a lot of power, it works on blowing. Just be careful with the force of the air flow, otherwise you can knock the key;
  • cartridges with compressed air for the ASUS K55VM laptop.

To clean the laptop keyboard does not use water or liquid with solvent properties. Isopropylene alcohol may be used. Also, do not try to pick up dirt with sharp objects. And just wipe it and use soft brushes is recommended regularly.
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2.1 Acer laptop key repair

“Flying” keys, which for some reason leaves its place in the keyboard quite easily. The reasons may be:

  • deterioration due to constant and strong blows during printing (wear of the “rocker” under the key);
  • using a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard from dust with too much power (the key simply knocks out with a stream of air).

Acer laptop key repair is carried out as follows:

  • if the “rocker” (two fastened spring elements, due to which pressing and contact with the electronics takes place) is intact, then the flown key is cleaned, and two grooves for the latches and two grooves for the ears of the “rocker” are carefully connected to the corresponding elements of the latter. For convenience, you can use a needle;
  • if the key flew out with the “rocker”, then first we carefully separate it from the key and attach it back to the hinge. There are grooves for this. Then we do the work described in the previous paragraph.

2.2 Service Order

After the laptop got into the service, the wizard will surely diagnose its condition: are there any burnt parts from overvoltage, internal damage from hitting the keyboard. Also, the laptop is checked for corrosion of parts.

If there is a visible breakdown of the keyboard, it is dismantled. Only when it is separated, the ability of the contacts to close is checked, the keys that fly out are returned. After that, it is put in place. Additionally, it can be cleaned.

In such types of work. cleaning the keyboard, replacing keys. the cost of the work will be from 10 to 50 cu It depends on the complexity of the repair. But repairing an ASUS K95VJ laptop is even cheaper.