Acer Laptop Doesn’t See Wifi Windows 10

Unfortunately, many of us faced a problem when a laptop stops finding a wireless network, which creates tangible inconvenience. Given that the laptop can be used outside the home, the user can be left without the Internet at all. The reasons for this little pleasant moment can be very many. But, as a rule, the problem is technical, or the software is not working properly. To understand how to deal with the problem, we will analyze it in more detail.

In order to understand the causes of the problem and to understand why the laptop does not find a WiFi router or a home WiFi network, you need to know what WiFi is and understand how this wireless communication system works.

Acer Laptop Doesn't See Wifi Windows 10

WiFi is the same local area network, but without the need for cabling. Connection to the network occurs through a signal that is transmitted through radio waves. Such a system has gained popularity not so long ago. Even a dozen years ago, no one knew about it, and the signal distance was much less. To be precise, the signal can be sent over a distance equal to 100 km.

In addition, WiFi is a registered brand that is developing very actively. In 2014, the speed of data transmission via WiFi should increase to several Gbps.

Simply put, now this method of connecting to a network is very popular. Almost every laptop has a built-in sensor that allows you to use a wireless network. At stops, in cafes or any other public places, owners install free access points, which increases the level of comfort of the institution or public place.

The main reasons for the lack of WiFi

As mentioned above, the main reasons can be divided into technical and software. In the case of the technical ones, the owner of the laptop will most likely have to contact the service center and spend money on its repair. In the best case, deal with the cause of poor router performance.

The presence of WiFi on a laptop and router

It’s worth starting with the very basics that you can forget because of rush or carelessness.

Make sure that the receiving antenna is on. If the WiFi button does not work, then the problem is obvious. Not on all laptop models, this switch is present, but some still have it. It looks, most often, not in the form of a button, but in the form of a latch. In other matters, it depends on the manufacturer. With the switch can be a signature or image of the antenna, which means WiFi.

If there is no such button on the laptop model, then you need to pay attention to the bottom panel of the operating system, to the icon, next to the time. The image should show if the wireless connection is currently active.

It is possible that this icon on the panel is not near the time.

To check the activity without using this icon, you must:

    go to “Control Panel. Network and Sharing Center. Changes to adapter settings”;

Photo control panel

Checking Available Networks

The next thing to do is check the available networks. Perhaps the router simply does not reach the antenna of the laptop and for this reason it is impossible to connect to the network.

To do this, you must:

  1. Click on the network icon in the lower right corner, in the lower panel, next to the time.
  2. select “Connect to the network” and select the desired access point. Most likely, there will be more than one access point, since you can see neighboring or any other routers. But, in most cases, they put a password on the access point, thus protecting them from unauthorized users.

The laptop does not see the WiFi network: the main reasons

Why does the laptop not see the WiFi network? Perhaps the solution to the problem is right in front of you and takes only five seconds of time. But there are more severe cases. Consider the most common options.


Make sure that the router is turned on. Its work can be easily determined by the light indicators. After connecting, look at the corresponding icons in the instructions for the router and determine if the wireless connection is active.

If the router does not respond at all, then the problem is purely technical. In this situation, it is worth looking for a problem in the wires, power supply or carry the router for repair. As a rule, it is easier to replace the router with a new one than to give it to service centers for inspection.


As you know, any equipment requires software that guarantees stable operation. If the laptop does not detect WiFi, then you should check the drivers. Even if they are installed, it is recommended that they be updated.

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Driver verification can be done through the control panel. In the “Device Manager” section there is a line “network adapters”, which should be the name of the router, if the problem is in the drivers. Right-click on it and see the driver version. Compare it with the current version, which can be found on the Internet.

If the version is out of date, then download a new one and install. It is best to download from official sources. Drivers for equipment are distributed by developers free of charge, and there is no reason to risk the “health” of your operating system in vain.

Signal distance

If after searching the network the answer appears: “There are no connections available”. think about the signal. In apartments, this option is not very relevant, since modern routers have a strong signal and spread it far enough. But in private homes or other places where the distance can be quite large, the signal simply may not reach the laptop. Therefore, do not be surprised if the Internet suddenly disappeared when you walked around the house or yard.

Mac address

There are situations when it was possible to connect, but the router does not see the Internet through my WiFi or has stopped seeing. When using services by some providers, the user cannot just change the network adapter, as the Mac address changes.

The Mac address is written on each router and the user just needs to call the operator to bind the new address to replace the old one. You may be asked to dictate it in full or to clarify only the last few values ​​of the entire number.

Antivirus or third-party programs

Third-party programs installed on the laptop may conflict with drivers or interfere correctly with establishing an Internet connection, which often happens when the device sees wifi but does not connect. In addition, sometimes antiviruses interfere with creating a connection. If possible, it is best to try to first connect the Internet without a router. If all is well, then the program is not to blame.

In addition to these, there can be many reasons. Basically, a variety of reasons is due to malfunctions in the operating system. Therefore, if all else fails, try reinstalling your operating system. Perhaps all the problems come from here.

The laptop does not see the WIFI network on Windows7 / on Windows 8 / on WindowsXP

Those who are wondering why the laptop does not see wifi Windows 7, first of all, you need to try manually turning on the wireless network.

To do this, you must:

    go to “Control Panel. Network and Sharing Center. changing adapter settings”;

In Windows 8, activity is checked through the “PC Settings” item. Next, select the line “wireless” and move the slider on the right side of the menu to the “On” state.

The wireless network when using Windows XP does not require manual activation and, as a rule, connects like Windows 7. It is enough to activate it through the control panel or through the wireless icon through the bottom panel of the system.

How to set up a wireless network

For comfortable use of the network, some users resort to the settings. Usually, there are enough standard settings, but if you want, you can dig into your personal account. It is through the personal account that the parameters are changed.

The router manufacturers indicate the login and password, and you can find this data in the instructions. It also contains the address that will lead you to your personal account. It’s best to replace the standard data so that no one can use it.

All other settings are made on the laptop itself, and they are set using the network control center.

WiFi without internet because of Windows

There are rare cases when the operating system itself does not want to determine the wireless connection and shows that there is no external network at all. This option may be when using non-licensed OS. Some people prefer to use amateur assemblies that do not load the system so much and allow them to squeeze more out of iron.

Another reason could be a clogged system. System folders, over time, become clogged with unnecessary files and if you do not defragment, the processor will load more and more. Antiviruses also cannot forever keep a laptop clean.

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In any case, all problems with the OS are solved by a simple reinstallation. After reinstalling Windows, everything should work. Thus, the solution to the problem lies only in the health of the router, WiFi on on the laptop, or in the presence of the necessary software. Subject to these points, WiFi will not provide difficulties, and will please the user with stable operation.