A Bug With The Iphone 7 Headphones About Him And About Future Lightning Problems

A Bug With The Iphone 7 Headphones About Him And About Future Lightning Problems

Discussing the 3.5-mm headphone jack, which the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are completely devoid of, is already somehow indecent. And so everyone has already discussed, moreover, long before the release of new smartphones. Nevertheless, contrary to skeptics, Apple took this step, relying on the fully digital benefits of the Lightning port. But this step turned out to be a pancake, which is lumpy, because the controversy surrounding the notorious headphone jack in the iPhone has flared up with renewed vigor.

The happiness of the owners of the iPhone 7 was literally immediately overshadowed by unpleasant and incomprehensible glitches in the work of branded EarPods with Lightning-plugs, which are standard for all “seventh iPhones”.

Headphones play music, but managing the playback, answering phone calls and activating Siri using the remote control built into the cable does not always work.

Since it often does not work at all at all: the volume buttons and the central button simply stop responding to pressing.

As it turned out, the cause of the trouble is purely programmatic in nature.

Unlike the old analog “ears” with a 3.5-mm mini-jack, the new Lighting-headphones require normal software for normal operation. But he (and Apple has already confirmed this fact) versions of the mobile OS iOS 10 and iOS 10.0.1 had some kind of bug. The problem is supposedly already localized and working with it, so they plan to fix it with the next update (presumably it will be iOS 10.0.2 or iOS 10.1).

In the meantime, users have to deal with this unfortunate bug of headphones literally manually. That is, every time a failure occurs, the headphones must be disconnected from the iPhone 7 and then reconnected. Of course, this is inconvenient, especially if EarPods are still buggy and you have to reconnect them several times in a row, but have not yet come up with other options.

Therefore, skeptics have a very good reason once again to remind Apple why many potential users have so actively opposed the rejection of the 3.5 mm jack. After all, he would not have such a problem. In addition, the “mini-jack” is much less prone to mechanical damage and wear than the Lightning-connector.

And the troubles due to the inevitable wear and tear of the “too delicate” Lightning will not take long. And the owners of the iPhone 7 should from the first days as carefully as possible treat this connector. Since now you need to connect the charger to it every day, and the headphones several times a day, so with accelerated wear it will be just fine. If I may say so. By the way, about repairing Lightning and the iPhone 7 itself in more detail. here.

In general, it remains only to support all the same skeptics. Early removed the 3.5mm jack on the iPhone. Early. If the iPhone 7 were equipped with at least a wireless charging system, then there would be half as little doubt about the reliability of Lightning. Yes, and with promising “smart headphones”, which over time will completely abandon wired audio and really be able to expand the functionality of the Apple smartphone, too, as we see, not everything is so joyful. Software still needs to be finalized.

Therefore, it turns out that the “newest and best iPhone” has a digital Lightning connector. this is, of course, a step forward, but you can only count it when it works even with the reliability of the good old 3.5 mm “ mini-jack. “