6 Ways To Turn On The Phone Without A Power Button

6 Ways To Turn On The Phone Without A Power Button

On Android OS devices, the “power” button performs two functions. turning the device on and off, as well as activating and unlocking it. The failed power button does not allow you to fully use the device, which is a direct road to the service center. If there is no workshop nearby or it is important to postpone the repair to a later date, in the article you will learn how to turn on the phone without a power button.

The phone is off, the power button does not work

First, consider the situation when the device is completely turned off, the power button does not work, and we need to start the OS.

Method 1: connect to the charger

When you connect the power cable, charging will start in the off state. However, some models load the system. If this does not happen, try connecting the device to the computer to turn on the phone.

Method 2: connect to the charger and hold down both sound control buttons

At the time of installing the power cable, hold down both volume buttons and hold until the boot menu appears. the phone will turn on, but then you will need to select the boot mode, while different phone models may offer different options.

The Motorola Razr M smartphone selected for verification loaded the Boot mode, where it is proposed to choose one of the following actions: Normal PowerUP, Recovery, AP Fastboot, Factoty and BP Tools. Disconnect the cable and select one of your preferred options, for example Normal PowerUP to turn on the phone.

In my case, the smartphone loaded the system only when the “Factoty” item was selected. And when you select “AP Fastboot”, the mode for firmware was launched, where instead of loading the system, you can issue a reboot command. In this case, you need a computer and RSD Lite program, and you also have to edit the file with the commands during the firmware, but this is only if you have a smartphone manufactured by Motorola. For smartphones from other manufacturers, appropriate programs are used.

If you managed to get into Recovery mode, then select the line. “Reboot system now”. To confirm the action, press the power button. And since the key is not available, it is hoped that the smartphone will perceive tactile pressing through the display. Third-party variations of Recovery support pressing through the touch screen; and from the basic recovery modes. only a few. If the display does not respond and the power button does not work, then this option disappears.

Method 3: Wait for the alarm to turn on

Typically, an alarm has the ability to turn on a device to activate a previously set action, even when the phone is turned off. If such an event occurs, take a moment to go to the menu.

Phone is on but locked

To unlock the screen, the device needs to be woken up, which is easy to make by an incoming call or by connecting to a charger. But what about on the street? Of course, it is inconvenient to connect a portable charger each time. In this case, the methods described below are suitable.

Method 1: Using a Biometric Authentication System

Most modern smartphones come with a built-in fingerprint sensor or allow you to customize the Face ID system. The latter, to remove the lock, uses the previously set picture of the owner’s face. If you set a biometric screen unlock, then you do not need to press the power button to unlock it. It is worth considering that some smartphones, in order to use biometric unlocking, first require you to wake the device with the power button.

Method 2: Turn on the phone with the MiKey button

The accessory installed in the headset jack contains a custom button. In the application settings, the parameter is indicated. the number and duration of pressing, to lock and unlock the screen. This method will be a good alternative if the device does not have a fingerprint scanner or if you need to wake up the smartphone to use the sensor. Also, the button will come down to wake up the device and then unlock it using internal means or biometrics.

Method 3: Turn on the phone using gestures

Some smartphones allow you to launch applications when you enter the gesture of the corresponding letter. C, V, W or M. After this program starts, for example, a calculator that easily collapses and does not interfere with the further use of the smartphone.


The power button withstands up to 100,000 clicks and rarely comes out before the moment the phone is changed. If the power button in your device is broken, then you can turn on the phone without the power button using any of the methods described above. If you know another way, how to turn on the phone, if the power button does not work, then please, describe your method in the comments to the article, do not forget to indicate the model of your smartphone.