5 Ways To Run Android Games And Applications On Pc

5 Ways To Run Android Games And Applications On Pc

Often, you want to test your favorite games on a mobile device on the big screen of your laptop or computer, but how to run android games on a PC, if they are designed to work on another operating system?

There are a lot of options for solving this problem, and even the most finicky application will succumb and you will have the chance to play android games on your PC at any time.

The specific option depends on which features you want to use on your computer.

How to use applications and play android games on pc

The android program on your computer will cope with the conflict of operating systems and will give you the opportunity to play enough of your favorite toys.

The developers presented a fairly large number of such programs:

1. The most popular way that makes it possible to run an android game on a computer is BlueStacks. Its use is designed exclusively for running games and operates on the most popular PC operating systems (Windows 7.8, XP and Mac OS X).

Installation will end with opening a list of available games. You can optionally use BlueStacks Cloud Connect. It will make it possible to synchronize the PC with the gadget.

2. For greater capabilities, it is worth giving preference to the Genymotion application. an excellent PC emulator for android and other applications.

Like the program described in the previous paragraph, it runs on the most common operating systems.

You can download both paid and free, but in the first and in the second case, you will need to register, as it will come in handy during operation. The downloaded program must be installed, and then proceed according to the following algorithm:

  1. open.
  2. create a new virtual device.
  3. wait for the download.
  4. click “play”.

3. A worthy alternative to the method number 2 is the idea of ​​Chinese developers. PC games ported to android. Choosing this method involves using Windows.

The principle of operation as a matter of fact of a virtual system is extremely simple. Just download and install.

The program does not even require additional settings, everything happens automatically and in the shortest possible time, you will have access to all the functions of a full-fledged device, and everything that you did with your fingers on the displays can be easily performed with the mouse cursor.

4. It is possible to create emulators in Android Virtual Device Manager. The advantage of this emulator is the ability to constantly and quickly update the platform.

So installing the emulator will take a matter of seconds, you only need to download the archive file, which is then unpacked and installed. And then for various versions of the android there are minor features to complete the installation.