5 Effective Ways To Clear Phone Memory On Android

5 Effective Ways To Clear Phone Memory On Android

The problem of filling the internal memory of the device is often faced by all owners of gadgets on the Android operating system. How to clean it and get rid of ROM overflow problems. Let’s get it right.

All manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other mobile equipment, declare in its characteristics the amount of internal memory. But, acquiring such a gadget, you need to understand that part of this memory will already be occupied by the operating system and system programs. This poses certain problems when downloading the latest episodes of an interesting series or discography of your favorite band into the device. If you do not want to see the inscription “Android internal memory is full“, You have to compromise and upload one thing.

This can be avoided if, in addition to your own memory, you purchase a voluminous flash card for your device. But, not all modern devices support external drives. What do owners of such devices do, how to clear the phone‘s memory?

There are several solutions to this issue:

  • Transfer “heavy” files (pictures, audio and) to a computer
  • Clear memory from unnecessary (“junk”) files
  • Transfer files to the cloud

Transfer files to a flash card

But, let’s start by resolving this issue for those devices that support SD cards. Want to know how to move files on android? There is nothing easier. In order not to fill the memory, you can save all possible files to a flash card. To do this, specify this feature in the settings:

  • Cameras
  • Voice recorder
  • Browser
  • Messengers
  • File downloader

This list goes on and on. Particular attention should be paid to such applications that work with “heavy” files. For example, image editors, or audio. When saving files to a memory card, create there (if this is not done automatically) a folder for each application. Then the problems with the full memory of your device can be avoided.

The easiest way to transfer files from the device’s memory to the card is through the file manager. There are a lot of applications in this category in the Play Market. The most popular today is ES Explorer.

Many consider this manager the best for Android and it is not in vain. With it, you can simultaneously move several folders and files, it is possible to save apk-files of installed applications and much more.

How to transfer files on Android using ES Explorer:

  1. To do this, they need to be selected (long press on one file),
  2. call the menu (“” button)
  3. find the item “Move to”
  4. in the proposed list you need to select “SDCard”

How to transfer files on android using pc

Synchronizing your device with a computer has many advantages. You can exchange files and keep the amount of free memory at the required level. For example, you can “fill in” new chapters of an audiobook, music album, or clip before going to work. Such a procedure can be carried out every time you need to update to measure such files.

Connecting a smartphone or tablet on Android to a computer is very easy. It is enough to connect these devices using a USB cable. You do not need to download any programs or drivers for this. Modern computer operating systems will easily determine the type of device connected. You can enter his memory using standard conductors.

Today you can use a more modern solution. Airdroid. With it, you can share files with your PC remotely. While outside your home, you can download a music album or movie from your library and listen to it. No wires are needed for this. You need only a stable Internet. To which both a PC and a mobile device should be connected.

Setting up such synchronization using this service is very simple. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the program, even those who have never had the opportunity to exchange their files from a distance before can do this.

How to transfer applications to a memory card

Any application installed from Paly Market by default is installed in the device’s memory. And it takes unreasonably much space there. In order to transfer applications from the memory of a smartphone or tablet to a flash card, you need super administrator rights (Root) and the installation of special Link2sd software.

Some applications can be transferred from the device’s memory to a card without special rights and applications. To do this, go to “Settings” and select the “Applications” section. There you can find not rich tools for such a transfer.

There is another way to transfer applications to a memory card. a program Android Assistant. In fact, this is a whole package of small utilities that will help you carry out all the necessary actions with your Android system.

This app can be found on the Play Market. After you install and run it, you need to go to the “Toolbox” section. Among the lists of provided tools you need to find “App2Sd”. When you click on this item, a menu will appear. Where you need to select “Application Information”, and then “To SD Card” (if this item is active).

Using the Android Assistant, you can batch delete unnecessary applications. And thereby clear the memory of your device.

How to clean Android internal memory from garbage

A very large amount of memory of any device is garbage. In order to keep the amount of free space under your control, it is necessary to periodically clean the system from such files. The easiest way to do this is with special software. Clean master.

By “garbage” is meant a cache of Internet pages, running applications and their remnants after uninstallation. Over time, such garbage accumulates and not only becomes the reason for filling the internal memory of Android, but also negatively affects the performance of tablets and smartphones.

Clean Master is a very convenient and multi-functional tool for cleaning Android internal memory from debris and optimizing the device. To use it, you need to install this application and select the menu item. “Garbage”. Then click on the “Clear” button. The program algorithms will analyze the memory and find those files that can be deleted.

Cloud file storage

Thanks to high-speed Internet, today there is no need to upload the files you need to smartphones or tablets. They can be uploaded to special services (“clouds”) and used if necessary. Almost all leading companies provide the opportunity to use cloud services for free. And if the place provided for by such a tariff is not enough, then it can always be expanded for a separate cost.

The most popular cloud storage services are:

Each of these solutions has an application for easy file synchronization with a remote service. It is enough to install such an application (or several), mark the files that need to be placed on the server and, after their transfer, delete from the device. Then, when you need to use such a file, just go to the application and click on it.