3 Ways To Install Play Market On A Meise Smartphone

3 Ways To Install Play Market On A Meise Smartphone

Let’s look at a few ways how you can install Play Market on your Meise phone. As you know, these smartphones use not pure Android, but its factory modification. Flyme OS.

In addition to the convenient design and interesting functions, new users of the system are faced with problems in finding standard programs familiar to everyone.

Why is there no Play Market in Meizu?

Meizu decided not only to release a line of smartphones with its own version of Android, but also to promote its application package.

Now users are invited to download their favorite applications using the built-in utilities.

According to Jack Wong (CEO of the company), the refusal is dictated solely by the desire to create a universal environment for installing programs that will work without errors in any model of Meizu phone.

Developer Alternative

So that Meizu users would never again encounter outdated native applications from Google, the developers decided to create their own utility Google Installer.

Its task is to download the latest versions of all services and applications from the server.

Thus, we can say that the Play Market has not disappeared anywhere and it is still supported by all smartphone models, but in order to receive it, the user must start the installation on his own.

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Download official google play. Standard Hot Apps Service

Hot Apps is a standard service from the developer, which selects the most popular applications and games for users.

All official software can be installed using a standard application, and if you want, you can use only Hot Apps.

To get the latest copy of the Play Market, follow the instructions:

  • On one of the desktops, find Hot Apps Utility Icon and click on it (in some versions of smartphones the application may be called as “Best”);
  • On the first page of the list of popular programs find the Google Aps Installer utility. service for installing standard software from Google. Install this program on your smartphone;

Figure 4. Installing Google Apps Installer

  • Immediately after installation, the icons of all new applications will appear on the desktop screen. Open Google Play and log in with your existing Google account or create a new page.

There will be no restrictions on downloading programs.

This installation method is official and absolutely safe for your phone, since you will receive the latest version of the software received from the Google server.

App Center Utility

In fact, this is the same Hot Apps mentioned above, but an older version.

Follow the instructions:

  • Among the standard system software, find the App Center program and open it;
  • In the main window of the program, find the line for search and enter “Google”. Next, press Enter and wait for the search results;
  • A list of found programs will open in a new window, only their names will be displayed in the form of hieroglyphs, not Cyrillic / Latin letters. You need to click on the first element with the Google icon, as shown in the figure below:

Fig. 5. list of found programs

  • In a new window, click on the installation start button;
  • Next, the installation process will begin.. You’ll be able to watch how all Google tools are installed in turn on your smartphone.

To start using it, log in to your Google Account. If you have any difficulties in the process of searching and installing applications, repeat all the steps again or use the help.

Installing the APK File

If your smartphone does not have Hot Apps or App Center utilities, you can still install the official Play Market.

To do this, you will need to complete the installation manually.

What is needed for this?

  • Find a reliable source that allows you to download the APK file. Verified sources. a site or user forum (prior registration is required);
  • Download the executable file of the program to a computer, and then transfer it to a smartphone. Also, you can download the APK via the phone’s browser and install it right away;
  • Make sure that you checked “Install from unknown sources” in the phone’s settings. After installation, it is recommended that you prohibit this method of installing programs again, as this can cause virus damage to the system.

To install programs, just find the desired APK in the phone’s memory and click on it. Next, the software installation service will open.

Confirm the action and wait for the installation to complete.