3 Ios Apps For Recording Video From The Screen

3 Ios Apps For Recording From The Screen

On the network you can find many third-party applications for recording from the screen of Apple devices, but not all of them have the necessary functionality. Often, you need to connect to a Mac or Windows computer to make this possible. If you do not use the tools built into the system, then you can pay attention to products that are appreciated by users of the “apple” technology.

Record it: Screen Recorder

This application allows you to create tutorials, record games, design demonstrations. There are many features for editing content. In order to post the created masterpiece to your own YouTube channel, you will need to export the through the menu. Supports recording audio comments. The resulting file can be cut in the necessary places and change the playback speed.

You can also rotate the image clockwise, change the background image and transfer files to the computer via Wi-Fi. The application interface is very simple, but only English is available. Since there is no sensible instruction regarding the use of the application, some functions will have to be looked for by touch. Buying a license is inexpensive, and you will need it to gain access to the required recording quality.


To work with this program, you will need a computer with Windows or Mac OS installed on it. Capture is done by transferring the iPhone desktop image through the AirPlay function. The only requirement is to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, without which it is impossible to transfer.

It is enough to click on the “Record” button when a window appears and calmly continue to work with the smartphone. All user actions will be saved to a file that can be further manipulated. To use the application to the full you need to purchase a license. The quality of the content depends on the parameters of the network connection and its stability.

DU Recorder

Free application for recording the screen of a mobile device. You can broadcast content directly to popular Internet resources or create trainings. There are no cursive pop-up blocks with ads, and the recording time is limited by the internal memory of the smartphone. The benefits of the program are:

  • Good performance optimization and microphone recording;
  • Editing content;
  • Convenient management, support for streaming;
  • Multilingual interface and low weight of the program.

In the latest versions, the developers introduced the function of adding musical compositions to clips and text blocks to explain what is happening.

Optionally, you can set the shooting resolution, frame rate and recording quality. The only drawback of the application is its simplicity in view of the fact that there are no more convenient analogues regarding the screen capture of a mobile phone. Although the recording icon, which is constantly displayed during the shooting, is sometimes annoying.