15 Useful Tricks For Iphone X

15 Useful Tricks For Iphone X

iPhone X received not only an advanced design, but also special functions, thanks to which it is much more convenient to use a smartphone. 9to5Mac has compiled a selection of 15 tips and tricks for Apple flagship owners.

Convenient access

The iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. However, due to the large diagonal, reaching the upper corners of the screen can be problematic if you use your smartphone with one hand.

However, the top icons can be pulled to a convenient height. To do this, you need:

  • Go to Settings = Basic = Universal access;
  • and allow Easy Access, which is turned off by default.

Now, you can pull the home or any other screen down and the top applications pull toward the center of the display.

When Easy Access is activated, the Control Point or the Notification Center can also be called from the middle of the screen. To do this, first pull down at the bottom of the display, and then drag down the left or right edge of the screen.

Battery level

There are several ways to find out the percentage of battery power. The fastest of them is to pull the upper right corner of the display and call up the Control Center.

Fast switching between applications

To switch between applications, just pull the bottom screen tap up and pause a little. The instructions say that the pause should be long, but, in fact, to switch between applications, a touch and a split second is enough.

Calling up the last application from the main screen

To call the last application that the user opened, just swipe right on the bottom edge of the screen. In a similar way, you can scroll through two recently opened applications and switch between them.

Virtual Home Button

Users accustomed to the physical Home button can create a virtual button and place it in any convenient place on the screen.

For this it follows:

  • go to Settings = Basic = Universal access;
  • activate the Assistive Touch option.

A virtual button will appear on the screen that can be moved around the entire display. Clicking on it allows you to access Siri, Control Center, Notification Center and set special user gestures.

The combination of “Hello, Siri“And Face ID

Using the combined features of “Hello Siri” and Face ID, you can quickly launch the desired application. To do this, just say: “Hi, Siri. Open [app name] ”and look at the iPhone X so that the smartphone can recognize the owner using Face ID.

Screen shots

In order to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, you must simultaneously press the side button on the right side of the smartphone and the volume up button located on the left side.

Off iPhone X

Turning off the flagship Apple smartphone is different than the rest of the iPhone. There are two ways to turn off iPhone X:

  • simultaneously hold the side button and one of the sound adjustment buttons until the “Turn off” slider appears;
  • go to Settings = Basic = Switch off.

Creature Animoji-longer than 10 seconds

In standard mode, you can record Animoji-video, lasting only 10 seconds. In order to increase the time of the you need:

  • Allow “Screen Recording”. open Settings = Control Point = Screen Recording;
  • select Animoji in iMessage;
  • call “Screen Record” from the Control Center and click on “Record”;
  • click on the red indicator in the upper left corner of the display to end the.

The record will be saved in the Photos application. It can be edited using iMovie or LumaFusion, which allows you to remove any unnecessary elements from the except Animoji itself.


Animojis can be used as a sticker. To do this, just drag the entry to the selected message in iMessage.

Views in full screen

By default, when the iPhone X is horizontal, the does not reach the edges of the screen so as not to crop the picture. However, if the user is not confused that part of the image will overlap with a protrusion under the camera, you can call the full-screen viewing mode with a double touch.

Brightness reduction

For a more comfortable use of the iPhone X in the dark, you can reduce the brightness of the screen and remove the sharpness of white.

To do this, you need:

  • go to Settings = Basic = Universal access = Display adaptation;
  • enable Lower white point;
  • set the slider to 100%;
  • call the control center;
  • lower the brightness.

After that, looking at the smartphone screen in a dark room will become much more comfortable. The display will become so dark that in daylight it will be difficult to see anything.

You can also lower the white point by triple pressing the side button. To do this, go to Settings = Basic = Universal access, find “Quick Commands” at the very bottom of the screen and select the “Decrease White Point” option.

Pseudo dark mode

You can change the white background color by going to Settings = Basic = Universal access = Display adaptation = Color inversion, and turning on the Smart Inversion mode.

This is not a real dark mode, but it looks good in some applications.

Disable Attention Requirement for Face ID

To do this, go to Settings = Face ID = Access code on and off “attention request”.

Disabling this option will reduce access security, but will help to unlock the iPhone X in the case of using sunglasses or other accessories.

Close all applications quickly

If you swipe up from the center of the bottom edge of the screen, you can call up the Application Switcher. You can close an unnecessary application by swiping up the display. In order to close several programs faster, just click on the red minus sign that appears in the upper left corner of each card.

This is not all the tips that simplify the use of the iPhone X. However, many of them work on any iPhone with iOS 11.1.1.

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