0xc1900208 Windows 10 How to Fix

The Windows update process takes compatibility very seriously. They must be compatible with the hardware and installed applications, otherwise a Windows update may be stuck. One of the error messages Windows 10 error 0xC1900208. 0x4000C. If Windows 10 will not be updated due to Incompatible applications , this post can help you.

Error 0xC1900208. 0x4000C caused due application incompatibilities. This indicates that an incompatible application installed on the PC is blocking the update process from completing. You need to make sure that all applications are updated to the latest version, and then check compatibility. Otherwise, make sure that all incompatible applications are uninstalled and try updating again. Please note that this is one of the error codes among the many compatibility issues that the Windows Update shows.

Error 0xC1900208-0x4000C in Windows 10

Since the error is related to the compatibility typically displayed by the Windows Update Assistant, we have three options. Upgrade to the latest version of the application and software, or uninstall the application or trick Windows to make it compatible.

1] Software and application updates

Depending on where you installed, your steps will vary. If you installed directly from the website, follow these steps:

0xc1900208 Windows 10 How to Fix
  • Most applications have a built-in option for checking for updates. Look for it
  • You can also go to the software website and see if a new version is available. Download and update.

If you downloaded from the Microsoft Store:

2] Uninstall software or application

If you downloaded from a website, you will need to use the classic program and features to complete it.

  • Enter “control” in the search field and click “Control Panel” (PC application) when it appears.
  • Select a program and functions from the list.
  • This will list all the programs.
  • Select a program that may be incompatible and uninstall it.

If you downloaded the application from the Windows Store, you can right-click on it in the list of applications and select “Delete”.

3] Bypass Update Advisor

Often a software developer does not pass the compatibility test for their applications. They may be working in an updated version of Windows 10, but they did not pass the test. If you are 100% sure of this, read our detailed post on how to trick the upgrade consultant when it says, “Uninstall this application now because it is not compatible with Windows 10”.

4] Delete the file blocking the update

If the Windows installer reports that you have incompatible applications installed, but you are sure that you do not have them, you need to determine which file is causing the lock. To do this, follow these steps as suggested by Microsoft:

  1. Open Explorer and make sure the Show hidden and system files option is enabled.
  2. Enter _ APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml in the search field and find on the computer file names ending with this term.
  3. Right-click the file that ends with _APPRAISER_HumanReadable.xml , and open the file using Notepad.
  4. Press CTRL F and find DT_ANY_FMC_BlockingApplication. Look for meaning; that should be true.
  5. Then search by LowerCaseLongPathUnexpanded. The value contains the path to the program file that must be deleted or transferred to another disk.
  6. Record the file path specified in the value LowerCaseLongPathUnexpanded , and copy it to Notepad.
  7. Now open this file location in Explorer and delete the file.

In addition, you can also download run this batch file from Microsoft and automatically do it all.

Now try installing the feature update and see.

Let us know if this guide has solved the problem.