The best on “Igromir 2019”: freebie, new items, cool iron

The best on "Igromir 2019": freebie, new items, cool iron

IgroMir is fun. And still noisy, fussy, expensive and overly large. Going around all the stands and participating in the main events is difficult even in 4 days, not to mention one or two. But without panic: we trampled the exhibition along and across and chose the main one for you. Where to play, find a freebie and, what the hell is not joking, personally meet Kojima – in our guide.

I want to play. Where are the games here?

Required: If you want to knock on the keys or squeeze the gamepad to sweaty palms, immediately move to the third room. On the right, CD Projekt Red employees built a pavilion you know what kind of game. Would anyone miss the opportunity to evaluate it personally? Just a warning: the long lines at Cyberpunk 2077 were lined up on a business day, and on Saturday and Sunday they are likely to reach horrific proportions.

If you are too lazy to wait, wrap up to M. Video: here they let run in DOOM Eternal, the main shooter of this season. However, you still have to lose an hour or two – the militant is not for nothing called popular, the demand for it is great.

In addition to CD Projekt Red and M. Video, Blizzard got a large platform. All releases of the company are already on sale, there are no sudden announcements, but you will not get bored at a meeting with voice actors and a Hearthstone and Overwatch showmate. The Xbox booth is next door: wrap it there for the sake of Gears 5 and all kinds of contests on the vast stage. A little further and to the left, Take-Two Interactive gives you the opportunity to check out the recent Borderlands 3 – traditionally loud and colorful. A great option for those who have not yet decided whether to take a new product or not.

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Recommended: Tired of blockbusters? Not a problem: the Buki show Bloodlines 2 promo – the continuation of the great RPG about vampires. This is a potential hit next year. And in the neighborhood they demonstrate the no less interesting Wasteland 3: if you are still lamenting over the unreleased Fallout Van Buren, run there with all your might.

The best on "Igromir 2019": freebie, new items, cool iron

Unusual releases from THQ Nordic and Daedalic Entertainment. The first brought a promising Biomutant and a remake of Destroy All Humans! – the same banter and politically incorrect as 14 years ago. The second studio allows Iratus: Lord of the Dead to profit (the main character is voiced by the same Dmitry Goblin Puchkov). Or rate The Suicide of Rachel Foster, a mystery crime investigation game in an abandoned hotel.

There are also newcomers: a young, but promising Kojima Production studio arrived at IgroMir. Moreover, together with its founder – an elderly, but promising Hideo Kojima.

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