Samsung revealed how Galaxy Note 10 outperforms flagship iPhone

Despite the fact that iOS is a direct competitor to Android, Apple’s ideological confrontation is still not with Google, but with Samsung. Or, to be exact, Samsung is trying to counter Apple. Because of this, it seems that the Koreans are releasing their new products not at all for users, but only in order to prick their opponents. All comparisons, comparisons and contrasts Samsung conducts only with Apple products. And when all the tricks come to an end, the famous humorous advertisement of Koreans comes into play.

Samsung revealed how Galaxy Note 10 outperforms flagship iPhone

Compare iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 10 cameras

Following a long tradition, Samsung introduced another commercial in which the company compares the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 10 and one of the flagship iPhone models. This time, the reason for the mockery of Koreans over Apple smartphones was the bokeh effect, the use and configuration of which, in their opinion, in the competitor’s devices was very limited.

Whose camera is better: iPhone or Samsung

In the story, two photographers are shooting on the Galaxy Note 10 and, probably, the iPhone XS, as a guy proposes to his girlfriend. In the first seconds, the owner of the iPhone pays attention to the flagship smartphone Samsung and peers at its screen. There, he sees that the regular application of the phablet camera allows not only to adjust the background blur effect, but also does it right during shooting without the need to use special post-processing tools. At the same time, the owner of the iPhone loses interest in his device and focuses on the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 10.

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Apple really does not offer the background blur feature when shooting movies, even on new smartphones, so Samsung just couldn’t afford to get past. Apparently, the Koreans really decided that shoving the bokeh effect everywhere and everywhere is the height of creative thought. It’s not a night mode with the function of brightening the frame and not even the autofocus speed, but the bokeh effect during video shooting, which the user will turn on two to three times and forget about it safely.

Streisand Effect – Example

Streisand effect. a social phenomenon, the essence of which is that an attempt to remove certain information from public access leads to its wider dissemination. For example, an attempt to restrict access to a photo, file, text or number leads to duplication of this information on other servers, its appearance in file hosting or other replication.

However, this is Samsung. The same Samsung, which criticized yesterday and ruthlessly mocked the lack of a mini-jack in the flagship iPhone models, and today, without a twinge of conscience, allowed itself to launch the Galaxy Note 10 without a headphone jack. Well, so that users do not suspect the company of double standards, it just deleted the ad in which Apple makes fun of it. Needless to say, that event became almost the main information guide of the month, fully confirming the work of the Streisand effect.

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