OnePlus 7T tested in games and benchmarks

OnePlus 7T tested in games and benchmarks

Shortly after the release of the flagship smartphone OnePlus 7T, the network showed detailed results of the new product’s performance test. The device was tested not only in “synthetics”, but also in more realistic conditions of use, including demanding mobile games.

The smartphone is built on the 7nm Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform with a maximum processor clock speed of 2.96 GHz, equipped with 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and a 128 or 256 GB UFS 3.0 drive. Another feature of the new items is the Fluid AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Such iron provided the device with a smooth picture and a high fps counter even in the dynamic PUBG Mobile shooter. It is noteworthy that even in prolonged gaming sessions, the temperature of the device remained stable.

The gadget has demonstrated high results in synthetic benchmarks. In AnTuTu, OnePlus 7T scored 400,912 points, in single-core and multi-core tests when launching Geekbench – 3,682 and 11,465 points, respectively. Finally, in 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited, the Adreno 640 GPU scored 72,711 parrots.

The smartphone is already on sale in the Indian market at a price of 535.


535 bucks. Somehow cheap they value my kidney.

Damn, let’s test the alienwaer with intel core ay9 and 2080 in a pub?

4 cores, 4 gigs, a gaming video card. In beauty, so to speak

Some piglet of the Chernobyl piglet

Take an iPhone for an item)))

Pubg mobile and 15 is excellent.

on the Samsung S9 somehow not very (

This is because of Mali.

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It doesn’t seem to lag but it is wildly heated during the game

I hope the wireless charging will be in 7T Pro

The main thing is that wholesale. stub delivered. On xiaomi 9k and oneplus 7 it is impossible to shoot vidos at 60fps.

But is there no optostab in OP7? I have it in OP6.

At 6ke there. At 7 pro, it seems only at 7t.

If so, then sadness. Optostab when shooting is very helpful.

Astrologers have announced Vanplas week!

Was he recognized as the smartphone of the year?
For what? For the ugly design, both in front and (!) In the back?

they choose only in appearance.

Iron Man himself advertised it)

Smart is good, but damn, what kind of camera design. You could copy it from Mat 30. It even looks harmonious there. Vanplasu is not the first to lick the appearance of others

Copy of Nokia 1020

Damn, the design let us down of course, there is no zest. Either Samsa "A" series, or forgive Yumidigi, and iron can not be better, given the price.

I’m waiting for the firmware, for a long time I want to go to the van place, and here is an almost perfect phone, if the frames are even smaller than with 7pro, then I take 7t

Bad just SIM card alone

"It is noteworthy that even in prolonged gaming sessions, the temperature of the device remained stable."
Forgot to tell how things are with throttling.

At 6, everything is normal with this, the same pubg at maximum speeds under 4 hours of charging and played without lags, it can be heated but not critical

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And the point is to test it in games when there are no games heavy for modern smartphones

Did bloggers tell you this? Who is looking. will find))

These are some games on which you can test the phone?
Now all the flagship and not only this year and the previous one are pulling at maximum speed

If now gaming smartphones are sold for the sake of Pubg, then they can be called pubgophones. 🙂

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