New iOS feature removes “soap” from photos taken on iPhone 11

New iOS feature removes “soap” from photos taken on iPhone 11

So, thanks to the use of machine learning, the technology is able to process images, optimizing textures, as well as reducing noise and “pulling up” the overall quality of images received on a new generation of iPhone. Deep Fusion works simply: even before the user presses the virtual shutter button, the Camera application already manages to take four pictures. After the user finishes taking pictures, the application will take four more photos. Next, artificial intelligence determines those photos that turned out better than the others, and then combines them into one photo of the highest possible quality in HDR.

Photo taken using Deep Fusion technology

Deep Fusion is currently unavailable on the latest generation iPhone, but according to the latest data, the technology will appear with an upgrade to iOS 13.2. Those who really want to try Apple’s new development can install the beta version of iOS for developers – there Deep Fusion is available now.

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