How to set up automatic tab closing in Safari on iOS5

Even if you, like me, do not tolerate the extra tabs in the browser that are open at the same time, for sure from time to time you will accumulate two or three web pages that you just left just in case. Do not close them for at least a week and their number will grow exponentially, interfering with the comfortable use of the browser. But if you close the tabs manually, you are sorry, let someone do it instead of you. To do this, it is not even necessary to allow someone outside to your device, but just set up automatic closing of open tabs.

How to set up automatic tab closing in Safari on iOS5

Tired of constantly open tabs in Safari? Set them to auto-close

The function of automatically closing launched tabs appeared for the first time in iOS 13 and has several operating modes. Each of them allows you to select a specific time period. It can be one day, one week or one month. After this time, Safari will automatically close open web pages, thereby making the browser cleaner. How to configure this feature? Simply and easily.

How to enable auto-closing tabs in Safari

  • Open “Settings”, and then find and go to the Safari tab;
  • In the window that opens, scroll through the list of available sections to the “Tabs” section;
  • Here, open “Close tabs” and select the time period convenient for you, after which the tabs will close;

Automatically close tabs in Safari

  • If you want to close them yourself, select the “Manual” option.

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Unfortunately, automatic closing of tabs only works in Safari, which is a full-time browser for iOS. Either Apple decided not to interfere with the functional features of third-party applications, or, on the contrary, decided that auto-closing of tabs should become an exclusive feature of its own design, but in Google Chrome, in Yandex Browser, or in Firefox, it’s already possible to set up self-cleaning in the same way will fail.

Should I close tabs in Safari

However, there is no particular need for automatic tab closing. The fact is that iOS is so effectively managing the device’s resources that it will not allow the browser to use up too much battery or RAM. As a result, even if you have 50 heavy tabs open at the same time, the only reason they should be closed is your convenience, as navigating in such a number of pages is simply uncomfortable.

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